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Nerf vs Airsoft: Why Nerf is the Better Hobby & Differences Between Both

Nerf vs Airsoft: Why Nerf is the Better Hobby & Differences Between Both
  • Both Nerf and Airsoft guns are very popular hobbies
  • Airsoft guns look and operate more like an actual gun
  • Nerf guns fire safer, softer darts and ammunition
  • Nerf can be used by kids of all ages
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Do you love testing your aim at target shooting or other shooting games? If yes, then you will most likely find yourself trying to decide whether nerf or airsoft is the right option for you.

Before you make your decision for which type of gun is best for you, be sure to do thorough research!

Looking to learn about the differences between the two shooting styles? Then you have come to the right place! Below you will find out exactly what airsoft and nerf are and ultimately why Nerf guns are the better choice!

So let’s get started!

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft guns look extremely similar to a regular firearm; however, their internal mechanisms are different.

An airsoft gun is loaded with small bb’s and can be either manually operated or automatic. An automatic airsoft gun has an electronic system that fires the bb’s. You will most likely only come across automatic firing systems.

Airsoft bb’s are made of a plastic mix rather than metal. This makes the bb’s lighter and less dangerous.

The bb’s are propelled by a spring system that is pulled back and then released when the trigger is pulled. When the spring is released it pushes a piston forward creating air pressure. This air pressure then sends the bb’s down the barrel and towards the target.

When firing an airsoft gun, because it has more power than a Nerf gun, you should take great caution as to the direction in which you point the gun.

This means that if you are looking to find a hobby for both you and your young children, you should wait until they are old enough to exercise proper gun safety before introducing them to the sport.

Be sure if you are playing a game where you will be aiming at people, that every player has appropriate eye protection and padding.

What is Nerf?

Nerf guns are modeled to look like real guns but are much more colorful. This means there is absolutely no way a real gun could be mistaken for a Nerf gun.

Nerf guns come in pistols, rifles, and light machine guns. Meaning there is a different gun that will work best for each situation or game you find yourself in!

Nerf guns operate with a similar system to that of an airsoft gun. What is the main difference you may ask?

Well, the most important factors are that the Nerf gun uses a slightly weaker spring to propel the piston forward as well as the chamber rotating function.

Can’t quite imagine how your Nerf gun works still? Well, then take an inside look to see exactly what goes on inside your Nerf gun in the video below!

Nerf guns fire foam darts or bullets with a soft plastic tip. Each gun can hold a different amount of darts and holds these darts in a different way (chamber, cartridge, or single shot).

Because Nerf guns fire soft darts and do not fire darts with a lot of power it is extremely unlikely that it will cause any harm and can, therefore, be used by children of all ages.

Not only do you not have to worry as much about what you are pointing the gun at, but you do not have to wear any protective gear when using it!

How are Nerf and Airsoft Similar?

While Nerf guns and Airsoft guns are very different, there are still a couple of similarities.

The first similarity being the spring powered piston mechanisms to propel the ammo through the chamber. While slightly different, both systems operate in a similar fashion.

If you are looking for a type of shooting that you can use for competition shooting or interactive gameplay, then both Nerf and Airsoft offer this aspect to you!

Watch this fun video to see the differences between Nerf and Airsoft guns when in action!

The greatest similarity between Nerf and Airsoft guns is that when operated correctly, they can both lead to lots of fun with family or friends!

How are Nerf and Airsoft Different?

Now that you know the few similarities between airsoft and Nerf, you can start to assess the many differences between the two types of sports.

Because of the greater force in an Airsoft gun, there are fewer places in which you can fire one. Nerf guns can be used virtually anywhere (indoors or outdoors) without causing any damage. However, airsoft guns should only be used outdoors where no unintended targets can be it.

The greatest difference between Nerf guns and Airsoft guns is the price. Nerf guns tend to be much more affordable than typical Airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns can range anywhere between 40 and several thousand dollars. However, the most common price for an airsoft gun is around 100 to 200 dollars.

Nerf guns, on the other hand, start around 5 dollars and go upwards of 60 dollars. Which is a lot cheaper than any quality airsoft gun you will find.

Another difference between Nerf and Airsoft is their range and accuracy.

Airsoft guns can fire over 100 yards and still hit their targets with great accuracy. On the other hand, Nerf guns, because they are made more inexpensive, can fire only at shorter ranges and tend to have higher inaccuracy. However, when playing a close range game, Nerf guns are the perfect tool for your arsenal.

Why Nerf is the Better Choice

So now that we know the basics of both Nerf and Airsoft guns we can start to answer the question, “which really is better?”

This is a simple answer to find. Nerf is the obvious choice in this comparison! But what exactly makes Nerf better than Airsoft?

As we discussed, airsoft guns can only be fired outdoors in an area where no unintended targets will be hit. This greatly limits the area in which one can use their guns.

On the contrary, Nerf guns can be used indoors and outdoors without causing any damage. So no matter what time of year it is, your kids (or you) can use your Nerf guns for some worry free fun indoors or outdoors!

While it may sound like a disadvantage to have a gun that shoots at a shorter range, this actually results in a much greater benefit.

Because the darts only travel so far from the gun, you and your target need to be in closer proximity. This leads to more chases and movement. Meaning, all players are getting more exercise and can therefore be healthier!

Nerf darts are much easier to see than an airsoft bb. This means that when you fire at your opponent it will be much easier for them to dodge the dart.

Once again this may sound like a disadvantage, but in reality, it is a benefit!

Because simply shooting your opponent will not be easy, all players are forced to think critically and creatively. No one strategy will be useful for all types of gameplay, meaning that every game will be unique as each player creates a different technique to try.

The final thing that makes Nerf much better than airsoft is the price!

While you may literally get more bang with an airsoft gun, it will require more of your bucks to do so.

Nerf guns are the perfect gun for any type of gameplay whether it is with your family, your friends, or in a competition situation. Even if you are on a budget you can still enjoy the sport of shooting with Nerf guns!

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