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Nintendo Switch or iPad? Our Top Pick

Nintendo Switch or iPad? Our Top Pick

The Nintendo Switch is an established choice for gaming, but many argue that they want a more flexible platform that they can use. In comes the iPad, a device you can use to play games and do many other things. So, how do the two measure up, and what would we choose as our top pick?

When it comes to gaming devices, our top pick between the iPad and the Switch has to be the latter – the Switch is a platform that dedicates all attention to gaming. It allows you to explore gaming in a much more expansive way and offers better gaming controls and processing power. While the iPad has diverse entertainment functions, if it is enhanced gaming you are looking for, our pick is the Nintendo Switch. 

So how exactly do these two compare? Keep reading our article where we explore the two options and compare them based on certain factors. These include the design, the price, gaming controls, the display, processing power, and much more!

Comparing The Nintendo Switch to the Apple iPad

Are you considering purchasing a Nintendo Switch? In that case, you may be looking at other options as well. So why not consider the Apple iPad? After all, it’s one of the most popular Apple devices out there, and it gives you a lot of options when it comes to games, watching entertainment media, using social media, and even creating art.

So, in order to get to the bottom of what exactly is the best choice, let’s look at each option and see how the two compare!

Comparing Design

So, when comparing design, it can feel a little strange. After all, how do you compare an iPad to a Switch? But if you take the Joy-Con out, the Switch is in itself similar in design to the iPad. The two have a tablet design, but of course, the iPad is much more effective. It has a sleek design and features a high-quality metal casing that stands out.

Instead, the Switch is much thicker, and the materials used to create the Switch are notoriously less stringent in quality. In fact, the Switch casing is made mainly of plastic. However, both are pretty heavy in terms of weight, with the iPad being much heavier than the Switch. So, it is not going to be easy to carry either of these around. 

Verdict: While the two weigh similarly and have a tablet design, the iPad stands out in the design department with its metal casing and sleek structure.

Comparing Gaming Controls

You can’t compare your Switch and iPad without talking about gaming controllers. The Switch comes with Joy-Con controllers that can help you play your games, and this is one of the defining features that the Switch offers you. The controllers from the Nintendo Switch give you the feeling of using a traditional gaming console, with all of the main sticks, buttons, and even the shape replicating the feeling. This is one of the most significant ways it differs from the iPad. 

On the iPad, however, control comes from the touchscreen. Although you can use external third-party controllers, the ultimate feature of the screen is that it is sensitive to touch. However, this can take away from the experience of playing games, primarily if you are used to a traditional gaming set. And, not to mention, the Switch also comes with a touchscreen, although the iPad’s screen is more sensitive.

Verdict: Although the iPad comes with a practical and sensitive screen, the Switch stands out because of its superior Joy-Con controllers. 

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Comparing The Display

There is an interesting comparison to note when it comes to comparing displays. The iPad is all about display, and all of the models in the series are heavily focused on providing users with excellent sharp, contrasting images. The screens are generally more prominent than the Switch’s relatively tiny 6.2-inch screen. 

While the Switch does have an excellent display system, it simply cannot measure up to one of the highest quality displays in the world. One significant edge that the Nintendo Switch has for the display is the 16:9 ratio, which can help you have a widescreen viewing experience. You can use the iPad in portrait and landscape mode and have a 4:3 ratio.

Verdict: The iPad’s display formula has been brewed to perfection and can give sharper and more satisfactory results than the Nintendo Switch.

Comparing Processing Power

Across different iPad versions, there are different kinds of processing power. These devices all use an Apple chip, whereas the Nintendo Switch uses a custom Tegra chip. According to the experts, the Tegra chip stands out regarding graphical performance, but the Apple chip still winds in overall processing management. This is understandable when you think bout the work that these different devices do. The Nintendo Switch is a product just for gaming purposes and thus needs a chip that can handle high-quality graphics. However, the Apple iPad is a device you can use for communication, entertainment, productivity, etc. Therefore, while the iPad wins in general processing power, the Switch wins in processing and playing games. 

Verdict: The Apple iPhone has excellent processing power, and the Nintendo Switch has better processing when it comes to gaming, particularly in graphical representation. 

Comparing Battery

With the Apple iPad, you get (an average of) ten hours of use, watching media, with a single charge. The range of batteries offered by Apple is between 5,124 mAh to 10,307 mAh. The iPad is a device that Apple wants its users to utilize throughout the day. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch battery is at 4,310 mAh, but that also makes sense considering its use. The Switch enables people to play games in short bursts for about four to five hours.

Verdict: Although the uses of the devices are different, the Apple iPad has far better batteries and can allow you to play games for up to ten hours.  

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Comparing The Price

There is a range of prices across the Apple iPad devices, which start at a whopping $499 for the iPad Mini. However, newer versions of the iPad are available for a much higher price. The Nintendo Switch is available for a far lower cost of $299. Whether or not you are looking for other features, there is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch is a far better bargain. 

However, the cost of the Switch doesn’t end with purchasing the device. You will still need to purchase games, which can cost a lot of money. On the other hand, you can play games on the Apple iPad by downloading them from the App Store. However, even the most expensive of these are much cheaper than the ones available through the Switch. These games do not typically pack the punch that Nintendo Switch brings to the table.

Verdict: While the Nintendo Switch is far cheaper than an Apple iPad, the cost of the games can add up. However, in terms of price and availability of games, the Switch still wins.  

Who Wins – The Nintendo Switch And The iPad

There is no doubt that there is much more to the iPad than just gaming. With the iPad, you can use social media, connect with other people, watch videos and movies, etc. However, what we are thinking about in this article is gaming. While you can use the iPad for gaming, you will get a more extensive experience with the Nintendo Switch. This device is the perfect choice for portable gaming, and it has the cost, the processing power, and the gaming controls to back it up


So there you have it! We hope this article was helpful! We think the Nintendo Switch is your best bet when it comes to gaming.