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Nintendo Switch Skins, Wraps, and Covers (worth every penny)

Nintendo Switch Skins, Wraps, and Covers (worth every penny)

Having an item that looks just like everyone else’s is never any fun. This is why it can be so fun to spend a little money to personalize your Nintendo Switch, by adding a skin, wrap, or cover. 

Adding a skin, wrap, or cover to your Nintendo switch is a fun way to set your device apart from others in the household. Not to mention that it can help protect your Nintendo switch from scratches and other forms of damage. 

But before you start spending a bunch of money, read this article to find out with Nintendo Switch skins, wraps, and covers are truly worth the money. 

The Benefits of a Nintendo Switch Skin, Wrap, or Cover

Buying a new gaming device is already quite pricey, and this can leave you wondering why you should shell out the extra cash to get something extra to cover your device. 

The truth is, the Nintendo Switch is highly portable, which also makes it very easy to drop. And if you drop your device in the wrong spot, this could damage it. Save yourself from the heartache of protecting your new device by purchasing a cover for it. 

Of course a wrap or skin isn’t going to protect your device to the same degree as a cover, but having a skin or wrap on your device can help prevent scratches, as well as ensure that is no mix up at a party where multiple devices are present. This way, you can be sure you will always go home with your device. 

Nintendo Switch Skins, Wraps, and Covers That Are Worth Every Penny

HEYSTOP Switch Case

How many times have you dropped a device and cracked the screen? Chances are the answer is at least once. This Nintendo Switch case by HEYSTOP protects every aspect of your device. It provides tempered glass protection for the screen, back of your device, and even the controllers. 

It’s easy to install and remove, making it easy to keep clean when needed and you simply can’t beat the lightweight design—you will barely notice it is there! 

Mumba Dockable Case

Looking for something a little more heavy duty than the HEYSTOP case? Then this ultra-durable case by Mumba is for you. This case is shock absorbent, meaning you don’t have to worry at all if you ever drop it on the floor. It also protects from scratches, dust, and those pesky fingerprints. 

The Mumba case makes it easier for small hands to grip the Nintendo Switch, and you won’t need to remove the case to charge the device. This case combines convenience and protection all in one package so you can rest easy knowing no damage will come to your Nintendo Switch. 

ZUMQXID Rick and Morty Case

Are you a huge fan of the TV show Rick and Morty? Then you absolutely must get this fun Nintendo Switch skin from ZUMQXID. It is cool, colorful, and features sweet pictures of the characters from the show. 

Plus, it will protect your device from scratches and finger prints. And if you decide to switch it up later on, no worries, you can just peel this skin off and put on another one! 

BelugaDesign Nintendo Switch Wrap

Wraps are very similar to skins, and they protect the same aspects of your device. The only difference is, wraps tend to cover your device almost completely. If you think you would prefer a wrap to a skin, check out this great design from BelugaDesign.

It’s a beautiful Japanese design that lines up no matter what part of the device you have attached! There is no screen protector with this wrap however, so you will need to be careful not to drop your device. 

Taifond The Dazzling Galaxy Skin

Of course if Rick and Morty isn’t your thing, that isn’t the only skin you can use to personalize your device. Just check out this awesome skin from Taifond that features a beautiful look at the galaxy. Not only is it pretty, but the design is split making it easy to tell the two remotes apart. 

Besides just giving you the decals for the controllers and back of the device, this skin comes with a screen protector to guard your screen from those accidental drops. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to go with a case, wrap, or skin for your Nintendo Switch, you won’t regret investing your money in any of the products on this list. They will protect your device from accidents, as well as the damage of everyday use. And there’s no doubt you’ll get a few compliments from your friends—which is always a plus!