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Permanent Makeup Lips, How Long Do They Last?

Permanent Makeup Lips, How Long Do They Last?

A lot of women know the struggle: applying a lipstick or lip color only to have it crack and fade throughout the day, rub off on surfaces, and get on teeth. But what if you didn’t have to worry about your lip color cracking, rubbing off or fading throughout the day? A lot of people have decided to get permanent lip makeup applied because of its look and convenience. With permanent lip makeup, no one has to worry about reapplying their lip color or getting lip color stains on things throughout the day!

So, permanent makeup lips, how long do they last? Permanent lip makeup is done by using small needles to apply micro-pigments to the outer layer of the skin. It can last anywhere from a year to ten years, although touch ups are recommended every year or so.

To ensure you’re informed on everything important there is to know about permanent lip makeup and how long it lasts, we’ll walk you through different permanent lip makeup styles, how long it takes to get permanent lip makeup applied, how long permanent lip makeup lasts, and other in-depth points.

Permanent Makeup on Lips

Knowing what permanent makeup is can help you better understand what permanent lip makeup is. Permanent makeup is applied by trained and licensed permanent makeup artists. These artists use machines or hand tools, and similar to the art of body tattooing, will deposit micro-pigments into the skin to recreate the look of day-to-day makeup.

Permanent makeup can be applied just about anywhere, but generally it’s applied to the face in areas like the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and (of course) the lips. Permanent makeup is also commonly applied to camouflage scars, repigment areolas, and to hide stretch marks.

Applying permanent makeup to the lips can be a little different than applying permanent makeup to other areas of the body since lips are a muscle, unlike the skin. Lips are also very vascular, which can make them more tender than other places on the body when getting permanent makeup applied. Because of this, it’s important to research permanent makeup practitioners and be sure to work with one who is licensed and experienced.

The Different Permanent Lip Makeup Procedures and Styles

Like with most permanent makeup procedures, permanent lip makeup can differ in style. Some people may choose to get permanent lip makeup as lip liner only, or just around the outline of the lips. Some may also choose to get lip shading for an all over lip color. Additionally, there’s the option to get both lip shading and lip liner applied with permanent lip pigment.

So, the main permanent makeup lip procedures and styles are:

  • Lip Liner (Outline of the lips)
  • Lip Shading (All over color on the lips)
  • Lip Liner and Lip Shading (All over color on the lips with color on the outline too)

When choosing to get lip liner, there may additionally be the option to get the lip liner in a darker or different color for a more obvious look, or in the same shade but more concentrated for a more blended, soft look. Permanent makeup artists will always work with their clients to see what their desired look is and to come up with what will get the best results.

How Long it Takes to Get Permanent Lip Makeup Done

The time it takes to get permanent lip makeup applied varies depending on the type of procedure being done, but it generally takes anywhere from one and a half to three hours. This includes time for any numbing cream or gel to set in, which takes about twenty to thirty minutes.

It’s important to keep in mind that additional appointments may be needed, such as consultations and touch-ups. This could add to the total time it takes to get permanent lip makeup done. Consultations and touch-ups tend to take less time to complete than the initial procedure of getting permanent makeup on lips.

How Long Permanent Lip Makeup Lasts

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to permanent makeup is how long it lasts. While permanent makeup is permanent, and it’s frequently compared to traditional tattoos, permanent makeup actually does have a tendency to fade.

Permanent makeup fades due to the pigment that is used. The pigment used in permanent makeup application is more concentrated than normal tattoo ink, which allows for the results of permanent makeup to have a powdery, more natural looking finish. The pigment fades out of the skin due to its consistency, and due to the fact that it isn’t placed as deeply in the skin as normal body tattoo ink.

Everyone is different, and therefore the rate at which permanent makeup fades will differ from person to person.That being said, permanent lip makeup can last anywhere from one year to ten years from the initial procedure before it starts to fade, although it’s recommended to get touch-ups on the color every year or two.

Touch-ups are recommended every year or two to keep the pigment of the permanent lip makeup looking fresh and as desired, although anyone can theoretically get as many touch-ups as they desire to maintain the look they like.

A Closer Look at Permanent Lip Makeup

There are other factors that are important to know about permanent lip makeup, like how much it costs to get done, how to prepare for a permanent makeup procedure, permanent lip makeup aftercare, and all there is to know about getting touch-ups.

How Much Permanent Lip Makeup Costs

The cost of getting permanent lip makeup varies from place to place and depends on how much color is being applied. Permanent lip makeup can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 for the initial procedure. One touch-up or follow up appointment may be included in the cost of the initial procedure, but it may also be an additional cost.

Any touch up appointments needed are typically an additional cost, but generally cost less than the initial procedure. Touch-ups for permanent lip makeup may cost anywhere from $100 to $400, and tend to go up in price for every year that has gone by since the initial procedure or last touch-up.

Preparations for Permanent Lip Makeup Procedures

Permanent lip makeup procedures may require some preparations before they can be done. The most common is for anyone who may be prone to cold sores. Those who are prone to cold sores will need to speak with their doctor or medical practitioner in order to get an antiviral medication before the permanent lip makeup procedure to ensure no cold sores develop before, during or after.

Some permanent makeup artists have also been known to ask clients to exfoliate their lips before their procedure to ensure any extra or dead skin is off the lips.

Healing of Permanent Lip Makeup

While most permanent makeup procedures don’t have any down time, meaning clients can generally get right back to normal life immediately after, there’s still a healing process. Permanent lip makeup heals about a week to ten days after the initial procedure.

After getting permanent lip makeup applied, the lips may feel tender and be swollen. Those who get permanent lip makeup can also expect some flaking and peeling of the pigment and skin on the lips for a while after the initial procedure. These are all common in the healing process of permanent lip makeup.

Immediately after the permanent lip makeup procedure, the pigment will be a much brighter color than the desired color, so don’t fret if your lips are a vibrant red or pink! After seven to ten days, the pigment will fade out to the color it’s supposed to be.

Permanent Lip Makeup Aftercare

Aftercare is extremely important for permanent lip makeup, as it can affect how long the color lasts and how good the results look. Aftercare tips for permanent lip makeup include:

  • Avoiding eating overly salty or spicy foods
  • Avoiding drinking alcohol
  • Drinking everything with a straw
  • Avoiding picking at or peeling off anything on or around the lips
  • Avoiding scrubbing the lips
  • Avoid long amounts of exposure to the sun if possible

Aftercare tips should be followed until the lips heal, which is generally a week to ten days. However, it is safe to practice aftercare tips for up to two weeks from the initial procedure. Your permanent makeup practitioner will have specific aftercare tips and products to ensure your permanent makeup turns out and stays the best it can be.

Getting Touch Ups on Permanent Lip Makeup

Like talked about previously, touch-ups are typically required and/or recommended when it comes to permanent lip makeup. Often, permanent makeup artists will invite clients back for a four to six week touch up after their initial procedure to see if there are any spots that need more pigment.

In addition to a four to six week touch-up, touch-ups are recommended every year or two to keep the permanent lip color looking fresh and even. Touch-ups don’t take as long as the initial procedure, and generally cost less as well.

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