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Quick Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

Do you have an abundance of cucumbers?  Try this healthy and quick pickled cucumbers recipe.

Have you tried lacto-fermented foods?  Long ago…people knew how to preserve food without freezing or canning.  Lactic acid is a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of bacteria.  Starches and sugars in fruits and vegetables are converted into lactic acid.  This is called lactobacilli.  This lactobacilli enhances digestion and increases vitamin levels.  These helpful enzymes promote the growth of healthy gut flora and they are anti carcinogenic.  Lacto-fermented fruits and veggies are easy to make and last for months.  You’ll enjoy this quick pickled cucumbers recipe.
quick pickled cucumbers
Here’s the recipe for quick pickled cucumbers.
1-2 cucumbers (pesticide free)
1 tbsp mustard seed
1 tbsp sea salt
4 tbsp whey (if not available use an additional 1 tbsp salt)
1 cup filtered water
1-2 drops dill essential oil (or 2 tbsp fresh dill)
Wash and cut up cucumbers.  Place in quart size mason jar.  Combine remaining ingredients and pour over cucumbers.  Leave a 1 inch head space. Cover tightly and leave at room temp for 3 days.  Transfer to fridge or cool, dry and dark place.   Will hold for several months. These pickles are crisp and fresh tasting!
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