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Playstation Controller for Xbox (You Know You Want It)

Playstation Controller for Xbox (You Know You Want It)

Did you know there is a Playstation controller for your Xbox? There’s been a surge in the peripheral markets to be able to cross platforms with opposing consoles. This brings a bit of uniformity to gaming arenas and throws gas on a decades-long debate about which system has the better controller. A PS controller for your Xbox? You know you want it!

One of the most significant gripes from fans of both consoles has been how one controller is more sensitive to movement than the other. Others have stated that certain buttons on the controllers don’t function as well as the others; isn’t that a mess? Read on and learn all about the Playstation controller for your Xbox!

How to Get a Playstation Controller for Your Xbox

What you are going to be getting isn’t another controller. Instead, you make your PS controller work on the Xbox platform using an adapter. These adapters are either wired or USB models that allow you to plug in or connect via Bluetooth. You should choose whichever fits your playing style the best but know that some USB models have unique modes.

Knowing Your Console Type is the Place to Start

There aren’t just adapters for the newest models of PS and Xbox. They can go back a few models to PS3 and Xbox360. If you have a Series X or S model Xbox, you could need a different adapter because the inputs on the machines are different. There are a few things to look for when knowing which console you have.

A few ways to distinguish which type of Xbox you have:

  • Disc Drive – Some newer models of Xbox One will not have a disc drive on the front. They operate with games and software loaded from the Xbox Live storefront. The front of the machine will have a solid piece instead of the distinctive slot we all know and love.
  • Power Button – An Xbox could have a peripheral or toggle power button. Older models, especially the Xbox360, have a peripheral control that allows you to pass your finger over the opening to start up your machine.
  • USB Inputs – The USB ports will be located on the back of the machine if you have an Xbox One. On the 360, they are on the device’s far right, or bottom. Pay close attention as some models of 360 could have a tiny swinging door that covers the ports when they aren’t in use.

Once you have your model type pinned down, you can move on to the next step. Before moving on, you should make sure that there aren’t any software updates for the machine. When powering on, it should run through the updates if it does not, go to settings and click on system updates.

Picking Your Controller Adapter is the Next Step

Going from Playstation to Xbox is going to be a snap; as long as you pick the appropriate adapter, you should be back in the game in no time. There are several adapters out there, make sure you have the correct equipment.

The best options for a Playstation to Xbox controller adapter are:

  • Brook – One of the best-reviewed USB-operated adapters is made by Brook. They have a large Amazon store full of adapters for all types of controllers. It is easy to use and has several modes that give your controller things like auto or rapid fire.
  • Cronus Zen – Cronus Zen is a great adapter that has a few drawbacks. The biggest problem is wiring. There has to be a wired connection between the box and the controller. Other than that, the box-like adapter will have all the premium bells and whistles of a macro controller.
  • ConsoleTuner – One of the originators of PS on Xbox was ConsoleTuner. They have a USB adapter system that sets the tone for the rest of the adapters. It also has the best macros out of any of its competitors. Some modes can store over ten different types of macro for your controller.

The market for PS/Xbox swap adapters isn’t very deep, but the companies that have risen to the top make some excellent quality items. Be sure when working with macros that you control your settings, as some of the adapters will come with no prefilled settings.


Using a PS controller on Xbox is a genuine option these days. A few companies on the market make USB-driven models that allow the technology to be used on its main competitor. It is a boon for gamers and could even be an advantage if you take advantage of macro software.

Be sure that you have the correct model type for the components you are using. Having the wrong adapter for the wrong machine can be a huge bummer. Do your homework and know which model works best for you.