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Polycom Phone Won’t Connect to the Network

Polycom Phone Won’t Connect to the Network

Polycom phones take landlines to a whole new level. Instead of being limited to transferring calls, taking calls, and leaving voicemails, the Polycom phone works with your smartphone to complete various tasks. However, since it operates with your smartphone and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, it requires the internet. So what happens if your Polycom phone won’t connect to a network?

If your Polycom phone doesn’t connect to a network, you can always use an ethernet cable and the OBiWifi USB adapter to gain access to internet.

Continue reading to learn more about setting up your Polycom phone on your network. Keep in mind that it may not be compatible with certain network speeds. So, for instance, if your office building uses gigabit speed, your Polycom VVX 300 or Polycom VVX 400 may not work.  

Troubleshooting Your Polycom Phone’s Connectivity Issue

Your Polycom phone is set up for both wired and wireless internet connections. The following will give you guidance on how to troubleshoot issues with both.

You Might Not Have the OBiWifi USB Adapter Inserted

As is, your Polycom phone will not immediately connect to the internet. You will need to use the adapter that came with your purchase. It should look like a small, black thumb drive.

Before doing anything, make sure that your phone has the latest firmware version. Firmware is what allows the phone’s software to “talk” to its hardware. If you are not on the latest version, you may have trouble connecting your phone to the internet. You can learn more about setting up your phone’s firmware by clicking here.

With that being said, you can set up your OBiWiFi adapter by:

  1. Plug in the adapter to the USB port on the back of the device.
  2. Select “Start” on the screen.
  3. Choose “Wi-Fi” then “On.”
  4. Choose “Yes” to reboot the phone.

Once the wireless adapter is connected, then:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Choose the network that you want to connect to.
  3. Enter your Wi-Fi credentials (if prompted).
  4. Choose “Connect.”

If you still have questions about setting up your Wi-Fi and using your OBiWifi adapter, you can consult your user manual

Try Restarting Your Device

If you have been unable to connect to the internet before but are now experiencing issues, you could try restarting your Polycom phone. You can do that by going to your phone’s screen and:

  1. Choose “Settings,” then “Basic,” and then “Restart Phone.”
  2. Select “Yes” when the screen says, “Are You Sure?”

Your device will have restarted when the normal home screen displays. If your phone does not automatically connect to the internet, try following the instructions in the previous section.   

Check Your Phone’s Warnings

As you attempt to connect to the internet, you may have noticed a small triangle with an exclamation point inside. This means that there is an error with your phone. It could mean a variety of things, ranging from hardware problems to Wi-Fi issues.

To check what the error sign means, go to the home display screen and:

  1. Choose “Settings.”
  2. Click “Status.”
  3. Select “Diagnostics.”
  4. Tap “Warnings.” 

Once you have reached this point, you will see a box that lists “Warnings.” Here, you could see the solution to your problem. For example, if there is a problem with your log-in credentials, it will tell you so.

If you believe that you have remedied the error but still see the warning, press “Clear Icon.” The warning will only go away if you have actually fixed the problem. Otherwise, it will remain.

Try Using a Wired Connection

You may be reluctant to use a wired cable, but it could ultimately be the solution to your problem. To set up an ethernet connection:

  1. Plug in an ethernet cable to the port in the back.
  2. Insert the other end of the ethernet cable into the wall.
  3. Go to the phone’s screen.
  4. Choose “Settings.”
  5. Choose your wired connection network.
  6. Choose the network that you want to connect to.
  7. Enter your Wi-Fi credentials (if prompted).
  8. Choose “Connect.”

In some instances (especially if you are using an unsecured network), you may not need to enter your credentials. You can learn more about using a wired connection by clicking here.

In Summary

If your Polycom phone doesn’t connect to the network, make sure that your OBiWifi adapter is plugged into the back of your phone, as it is integral to the device’s wired connection. If this does not work, you could try resetting your phone, using a wired connection, or calling customer service.