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5 Easy Ways to Preserve Zucchini | Essential Homestead

Want 5 easy ways to preserve zucchini?

Summer time is time to put up the extra veggies.  I’m always looking for ways to use the extra garden goodies so I created this post to share some ideas with you.  Zucchini and squash are usually in abundance this time of year. My two favorite ways to preserve zucchini is freezing and dehydrating.
Preserve Zucchini
Freezing zucchini is a simple process. I like grating it and storing it in 1 cup packages for bread.  I love zucchini bread, how about you?  We make it throughout the year with bananas and less sugar than most recipes.  You can view our recipes below.
preserve zucchini

Freezing Zucchini & Squash Recipe

preserve zucchini

Zucchini Banana Bread Recipe also freezes and dehydrates similar to my process but in the post below she’ll also tell you how to ferment and can zucchini.  Have you ever tried Zucchini pickles?
preserve zucchini

Preserving Zucchini Recipes give us a dehydrated zucchini recipe with a twist!  I can’t wait to try this recipe! I’ve never heard of putting zucchini and pineapple together.  The benefits to dehydrating is a longer shelf life and it uses less storage space.  Although, I can see my kids loving this recipe.  It may not last long!  
preserve zucchini

Dried Pineapple Zucchini Recipe

Over at she shares her summer sauce recipe with tomatoes, zucchini and onions.  I definitely want to give this sauce a try. I bet it’s delicious over noodles and chicken.
She says, “This sauce is more like a homemade passata – a tomato sauce to put in or on food before cooking it rather than a ketchup style sauce. A great ingredient in lasagna meat or mixed through pasta with some parmesan cheese, or poured over chicken (or rabbit!) before baking it.”
preserve zucchini
Summer Squash Sauce Recipe
That concludes our easy ways to preserve zucchini.  Do you have any favorite recipes?  We’d love to hear your ideas.  Comment below and share with us.
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