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5 Reasons Your Redragon Keyboard Is Not Lighting Up

5 Reasons Your Redragon Keyboard Is Not Lighting Up

One of the coolest trends to hit the gaming industry in recent years is the use of backlit keyboards. In fact, this is something that has broken out of this community and has become a cool accessory for many other people as well. I know I love a good old RGB keyboard because it makes typing so much more enjoyable. One of my favorite brands is Redragon, but what do I do when the backlighting refuses to cooperate?

In most cases, there are a couple of reasons why your Redragon keyboard isn’t lighting up at all. This can happen either if you don’t have a keyboard with this capability or if the brightness is all the way down. In other cases, the issue is compatibility with your PC, which means you need to update drivers, run keyboard troubleshooting, or you may even need a restart. 

Are you trying to figure out how to get your keyboard to give you the fantastic backlit aesthetic? This is the right article to get to the bottom of this issue. We will explore how you can address these problems, what causes them, and even more, some other fun things you can do with a Redragon RGB keyboard.

Why Isn’t My Redragon Keyboard Lighting Up?

Most people opt for a backlit keyboard for the aesthetic. However, there is another function to these keyboards. You can use them to give you light when you work, especially if it is in low-light conditions. This way, you can see individual keys as you type, and this can make productivity go up too. 

However, like with any other device, the backlighting can sometimes stall and not show up at all. What does this mean, and how can you fix it? We explore the common reasons behind this issue in the following few headings.

They Don’t Have Backlit Capability

One of the first things to consider, especially if this is something you’re facing with a new keyboard – is that it just might not be backlit. While this may be upsetting to hear, there’s a chance you grabbed the wrong keyboard by mistake. An excellent way to make sure this isn’t the case is to examine the box or, better yet, open up the product listing on Redragon’s website.

You Need To Switch On Lights

In some cases, you might need to use a shortcut to switch on the lights in the first place. If you are completely sure, there should be lights at the back, and you can try switching them on. The way to do this is to hold down the Function (Fn) key, along with the spacebar, to switch the light on. If there is lighting, in most cases, this should resolve your problem. However, you can keep trying the troubleshooting steps below if this does not work. 

The Brightness Is All The Way Down

In some cases, you can accidentally set the brightness all the way down, which means the light is on; you just can’t see it anymore. There is a simple way to fix this with another keyboard shortcut. You can do this by holding down the Function (Fn) key and at the same time holding down the Up and Down arrow keys. The former will turn up the brightness, and the latter will lower it. 

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You Need To Upgrade Keyboard Drivers

Aside from problems with the keyboard itself, there are chances you are looking at a compatibility issue with your PC. The best way to address this is to check your keyboard driver. You may need to update the driver so your keyboard can give you the best possible results. Here’s what you need to do to make this happen:

  1. On your computer, open up the Device Manager.
  2. Click the Keyboard menu to expand it further. 
  3. Now, select the driver, and right-click to choose the option ‘Update driver.’

This will update your keyboard driver and most likely fix the issue of compatibility with your Windows PC. However, if it does not, you can try further steps below. 

You Need To Run Keyboard Troubleshooting Tool

Sometimes, just updating a driver is not enough to fix the problem of a keyboard not lighting up. In this case, there is a chance you need to let Windows troubleshoot the problem. Fortunately, there is software that is built into the operating system that you can try to fix this problem. Here’s how you can run this software:

  1. Open up the Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to the heading Update and Security.
  3. Over here, choose Troubleshoot, and then choose ‘Additional Troubleshooters.’
  4. Then, select the choice ‘Find and fix other problems.’
  5. From here, choose the keyboard.
  6. You will now see the option ‘Run the troubleshooter.
  7. Select this option.

The Windows PC will now troubleshoot possible issues with your keyboard. You can follow any additional instructions to address the issues that could impair the backlighting on your Redragon keyboard

How To Adjust Light Settings On A Redragon Keyboard

Now that we have all the troubleshooting out of the way, there are so many fun things you can do with a Redragon keyboard! Here are some of the fabulous tricks you can do with the keyboard!

Changing The Color

To change the color of the backlighting when you have a Redragon keyboard, you can use a keyboard combination. It would be best if you held down the Function key along with the Right arrow key. Then you can keep pressing till you find a color you like. 

How To Change Key Lighting

Aside from changing the color on the entire keyboard set, you can also do the same for individual keys. There are a couple of combinations you can try. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Hold down the Function key and the ~ keys twice.
  2. Now you will see the keys light up to the same color.
  3. Once again, hold down the Function key, this time with the Right arrow key.
  4. You will see some combinations you can choose from. 
  5. Hold down individual keys that you want to be one color.
  6. Finally, hold down the Function key and the ~ keys. 

This will save your settings, and you can have your own customized keyboard with just a few steps!

How To Switch Off Back Lighting

If you want the light on your Redragon keyboard, you can switch off the backlighting by taking down the brightness. You can do this by holding down the Function (Fn) key and the Down arrow key simultaneously. Keep pressing till the lights are completely off.


Now you know all there is to know about fixing lighting issues on a Redragon keyboard. We hope you get all the light combos you’re looking for, and all issues are taken care of!