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Why is my Samsung Buds Light Blinking? Explained

Why is my Samsung Buds Light Blinking? Explained

Samsung buds are the latest in the company’s earphone technology. Users of this device love it for the fantastic sound quality and comfortable wear it has to offer. However, some of these users have noticed a common issue with the Samsung buds – the lights keep blinking. It’s only reasonable for them to wonder why their Samsung Buds are lighting up constantly.

In most cases, the reason why your LED lights are flashing is because of the inability to charge correctly. In this case, this can also indicate a low battery if the flashing lights are red. Your Samsung buds may not be able to charge correctly because of issues with the temperature. 

Are you interested in finally learning more about this blinking light? In addition to that, we will discuss what all the light indicators from Samsung mean in this article. Along with this, keep reading to learn some of the tips you need to know when charging your Samsung buds. 

Why Your Samsung Buds Are Blinking

There are two main reasons why your Samsung buds will blink. And the answer can mean different things depending on where the buds are blinking. You may have noticed that your Samsung buds come with two indicator LEDs. There is one on the buds themselves, and one on the case. So, what does blinking light mean?

If you see a blinking light on either one, it will be blinking to a red color. Now, if you see this on the buds, it is an indication there is an issue with the charging temperature. If you try and charge your Samsung buds in extreme hot or cold, this can interfere with the charging process. As a result, the buds will not be charged, and the process will stall.

When you see a blinking or flashing red light on your buds case, there could be two meanings. If the blinking is happening slower, that is a sign that the buds are currently charging. However, if the blinking is happening fast, that shows that there is an issue with charging. Rapid blinking on your Samsung buds case shows a problem with charging due to extreme temperatures. 

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What Other Light Indicators Mean

There are plenty of other light indicators on your Samsung buds and case, and they can mean different things. To truly understand the message behind each indicator, here is a list of what the different colors can mean:

  • Red on the earbuds: this shows that the buds are charging.
  • Green on the earbuds: this light shows that the Samsung buds are fully charged and ready to use. 
  • Red on the bud case: the solid red indicator shows that the Samsung buds are still charging.
  • Green on the bud case: this color indicator is a sign that charging is over, and you can use your Samsung buds. 
  • Red (after closing the case): if you see red light right after closing the case, that means that the battery is lower than 30%.
  • Yellow (after closing the case): if you see a yellow light right after closing the case, that means that the battery is greater than 30% but higher than 60%.
  • Green (after closing the case): if you see green light right after closing the case, that means that the battery is above 60%.

What To Keep In Mind When Charging Your Buds

Photo: Samsung

When you are charging your Samsung buds, you need to consider some tips and recommendations. Using these, you can follow best practices and keep your buds working for their maximum battery life. However, if there is one singular tip that works for anyone, it is to note the temperature. 

Charging at the right temperature is a cornerstone in sustaining a healthy charge. Charging your phone at extremely high or low temperatures can affect the ability of the battery to retain the charge. This will, in the long run, affect the battery’s health and may require a replacement sooner than expected. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can improve battery health while using your Samsung buds. 

Charge Your Battery Fully

When you use your Samsung buds for the first time, the best practice is to actually charge the battery to the maximum level. You should also do this if you have not used the buds for an extended period of time. If you are using your buds after a while and they are completely uncharged, you will need to charge them for at least thirty minutes in all. Always put the earbuds in the right place within the case to charge them

Check Indicator Lights

Above, we discussed what many of the indicator lights on a Samsung bud can mean. As you may have noticed, pretty much all of them have something to do with the charging status of the buds. Therefore, it is important that you prioritize noting down the lights on the LED indicators. When you connect the case to a charger, make sure to check that the indicators show it is indeed charging correctly. 

Caring For The Battery

Maintaining the battery on your earbuds is an essential step in ensuring they work for a long time. Here are some tips to avoid serious damage to the battery as you use your Samsung buds. 

  • Always clean the buds before you place them in the case. This can help you proactively get rid of dirt or sweat that accumulates. 
  • Charging without a wall outlet and the charging cable may result in slower charges and can damage your buds in the long run.
  • Although normal fluctuations in temperature are normal when charging, if the battery overheats, unplug it and let it cool first.
  • Never charge the Samsung buds when there is water anywhere around the buds, the case, or the charging cable. 


So, if you are concerned after watching a light blink red on your Samsung earbuds, you now know what can be causing it! We hope this article has helped you understand what light indicators mean and how to use your earbuds more efficiently and responsibly.