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Shark Apex Duoclean: A Guide and Review

Shark Apex Duoclean: A Guide and Review

If you have ever had to clean a house, you are probably already well aware of how important it is to have a quality vacuum. If you are still in the market, look no further! The Shark Apex Duoclean is going to offer you everything you need, and more!

Why Choose the Shark Apex Duoclean? When it comes to shopping for vacuums, the Shark Apex Duoclean is going to offer one of the most incredible values when it comes to advanced technology and cost. While cleaning is generally a very time-consuming task, it can become easier than ever when you have the proper cleaning equipment. Enter, the Shark Apex Duoclean. It offers zero dust left behind, multi-surface vacuum, and multi-functionality. What else could you want?

While purchasing a vacuum can seem like a big investment, it doesn’t have to! The Shark Apex Duoclean vacuum will offer you everything you need to keep your home clean as a whistle, at an incredibly affordable price. Plus, you can find this model in a number of different places.

If you aren’t convinced just yet that this is the one for your home, let’s take a deeper dive into the Shark Apex Duoclean and all of the talents it has to offer for you!

Top Features of the Shark Apex Duoclean

When you are shopping around for a vacuum, there are probably several different aspects that you are searching for. Some of these characteristics may be lightweight, multi-surface, and less noise, if possible. With the Shark Apex Duoclean, you are going to get all of that and even more.


Whether you are cleaning up after yourself or a whole entire family, it is important to have a vacuum that can handle a mess no matter how big or small. With the Shark Apex Duoclean, this vacuum offers technology that can clean up a mess, no matter how big it is. The vacuum comes with a dual-brush roll system that has both a bristle brush and a soft brush roll. With such a powerful system, this vacuum will be able to get through just about anything.

On top of the dual-brush system, the vacuum will also come with several different tools that we will go into depth later. With a number of different tools on your belt, you will be able to clean all different types of floors, whether you have wood floors or thick carpet areas.

The bristle brush on the vacuum was developed to help clean those carpet areas deeper than ever before. If you have smoother areas in your home, the soft brush roll is going to come into handy and will be beneficial in giving the smooth surfaces of your home a more “glazed” and clean appearance!

Dust-buster Tools

Have you ever been to the point in cleaning, where you spend hours cleaning the house, and when you finally sit down, you see you have missed a spot? There is nothing quite as annoying! With this vacuum, you can be assured that there will be no dust left behind! The Shark Apex Duoclean offers several different tools that were built specifically to tackle dust. You will find that the duster crevice tool and the under-appliance of the vacuum are going to be vital for your success.

Let me ask you something. When was the last time you vacuumed between your couch cushions? If you are scratching your head, it has been too long! Let’s face it; these little crevices can be incredibly awkward to get into and clean, so we like to skip it. With these incredible attachments with your vacuum, it makes it easier than ever before to fit into these tight spaces. When you have the proper tools, you may be amazed to find that this one vacuum can help clean all areas of your home, not just your floors!

Multi-surface Tool

In modern homes, you will find that they normally do not have the same floor throughout the entire home. If you have wood flooring in some rooms, carpet in others, you are going to need to find a vacuum that can handle both. I’m not talking about one that can just clean all surfaces, but one that is going to clean all of the surfaces of your home well!

If you are dealing with pet hair (or human hair!), this vacuum has a pet multi-tool that is going to make your life ten times easier. Often times, when we have pets, we turn a blind eye to all of the pet hair that builds upon the floor, carpet, and the couch. When you have the proper tools to deal with the mess, it will make cleaning the fur up easier than ever.

Keep it Down!

Growing up, what is one thing you remember most about your family vacuum? Most likely, you remember that it was incredibly noisy! While there are still vacuums on the market that are going to be rather loud, the Shark Apex Duoclean is not one of them.

If you have a baby in the house or perhaps a pet that is terrified of your current vacuum, it may be time for a change! Often times, people forget noise production when they are considering purchasing a new vacuum. While it may not be a necessity for you, there is always an advantage to having a quieter vacuum.


One of the major benefits of a Shark vacuum is that they come with a five-year warranty! While, of course, purchasing a vacuum can seem like a big investment, think about how many times during the week that you need to clean your home! A warranty can be beneficial, especially if you have never tried Shark products before.

With a warranty, you are going to find a number of different aspects that are going to be covered with this vacuum. First, the warranty will cover any non-wearable components that are deemed defective. This means that if you find a part is damaged, Shark will either repair or replace it for free! While, of course, you aren’t going to be covered for normal wear and tear, a warranty is always nice to have on your bigger purchases.

Other Pros of the Shark Apex Duoclean include

  • Easy Upright Style Vacuum
  • Extended Cord Reach (30 Ft)
  • Bag-less
  • Noise Control
  • Light Weight
  • Complete Seal Technology
  • Active-glide Technology
  • DuoClean Technology
  • Medium-sized Vacuum
  • Includes Storage Bag for Accessories

You may be telling yourself, well, that is great, but there has to be a downside.

Honestly, one of the only downfalls that some people find is the fact that this vacuum has a cord. If you are looking for something that is cordless, you may have to continue your search. However, please note that this vacuum comes with an extensive cord, so it truly should never become an issue!

Available Accessories for the Shark Apex Duoclean

While the vacuum itself is great, the amazing benefits of the Shark Apex Duoclean us all of the available accessories that come with it! Below, you will find the accessories and how they may benefit your cleaning schedule.

  • Under-Appliance Wand

Do you have hard-to-move furniture in your home? If you do, chances are that you may have never cleaned under them! The under-appliance wand is 36” and is built to reach under and behind all of these objects. Plus, if you flip the extension piece over, it can clean any underside surfaces.

  • Motorized Pet Tool

There are many families that have pets in their homes. While, of course, we love them, it can become quite a hassle cleaning up after them! With the Shark Apex Duoclean vacuum, one of the most beneficial tools it comes with is the motorized pet tool. This piece is compact and has a motorized brush that can remove any allergen, pet hair, or dirt that may have become embedded in any given surface.

  • Anti-Allergen Dust Brush

If you struggle with dust in your home, say goodbye to this issue with the Anti-allergen dust brush! This tool offered nylon fiber bristles that have been designed to remove the fine dust and allergen particles in your home. This tool is light enough to use on the most delicate surfaces in your home, making it extremely beneficial to just about anyone!

  • Pet Multi-tool

If the motorized pet tool doesn’t do it for you, there is the other pet multi-tool for you to test out. This brush offers a stiffer bristle brush to get into that hard-to-remove debris that may be stuck onto any surface. After you have scrubbed the mess with the bristle brush, you can remove the bristles to vacuum the mess up with ease!

How much Does the Shark Apex Duoclean Weigh?

When purchasing a new vacuum, an important aspect that you should keep in mind should be weight. If you sit back and think about it, the vacuum is one machine that you may need to carry around your house, including up and down the stairs. If this is the case for you, you definitely won’t want to be lugging around a brick!

One of the best aspects about purchasing a new tool for your home is having the ability to keep these aspects in mind. With the Shark Apex Duoclean, you will find that this vacuum weights around seventeen pounds. For the market, this is about average for an upright vacuum cleaner. Generally, vacuums can weigh anywhere from nine pounds to twenty-one pounds!

How to Clean Shark Apex Duoclean

When we use our vacuum, we often forget that this is yet another appliance that is going to need to be cleaned and maintained just like any other tool! This is easy to forget, as this tool is generally used to clean! But that mess goes somewhere! To help get the most life out of your Shark Apex Duoclean, be sure to clean it on a regular basis. Below, you will find some simple tips and tricks to accomplish this task.

Step One: Unplug the Vacuum

First things first, please always make sure that your vacuum is not plugged in! When you apply water to the vacuum or are cleaning, it can become a very hazardous job if it is plugged into the electric. Before you start any cleaning, be sure that the vacuum is not plugged in!

Step Two: Take Apart the Shark Apex Duoclean

When you have assured your safety, you will want to go ahead and take your vacuum apart. The first part I like to start with is the canister. To complete this task, you will simply need to find the lever that releases the canister from the vacuum and set it aside.

Once you have opened the canister, you will want to go ahead and drop all of the dust, dirt, and hair into a garbage bag. You may find that you will need to give the canister a little jostle to help empty the piece completely.

Step Three: Wipe down the Canister and Vacuum

When your vacuum is apart, go ahead and get out a mixing bowl and apply some all-purpose cleaner or vinegar to some water. From this point, you will want to use a wet cloth to rub-down the inside of the canister and the entire vacuum, including the cord and the hose.

Step Four: Cleaning the Brush Roll

Next, it is time to clean the brush roll on the bottom of the vacuum. Lucky for you, the Shark Apex Duoclean offers Zero-M Technology, which is designed to actively remove hair that has been wrapped around the brush roll, all while you vacuum! If you find the technology is lacking in this department, you may want to do so yourself.

To access the brush roll, you will want to open the garage and carefully slide the release buttons on the floor away from you and back toward the nozzle. As you do this, you should be able to lift the lid off from the vacuum. At this point, you will want to carefully use scissors to remove any hair from the brush roll. When you are set, insert the tabs back into place and click the lid back into place.

Step Five: Clean the Soft Roller

Last, but not least, you will want to take some time to clean the soft roller! To remove this roller, you will simply need to pull on the tab and lift it out of place. At this point, it should be easy enough to just tap the loose debris off or use a dry towel to wipe it down. If needed, you can also hand-wash the roller before popping it back into place.

How to Empty the Dust Cup of a Shark Apex Duoclean

Before you empty the dust cup of your vacuum, you will want to make sure that your appliance is unplugged! Even if you feel this is a simple task, it is important that you unplug the vacuum no matter what maintenance you may be performing.

  1. First, you are going to remove the dust cup by pressing the button that is located on top.
  2. Once you have hit the button, gently tilt the cup forward and lift it to remove.
  3. When you are set, carefully empty the debris into the trash. This can be accomplished by pressing the lever located on the bottom of the dust cup.
  4. Next, you will want to remove debris from the Lint Screen. To accomplish this task, simply press the release button on the top, lift the handle, and carefully brush the screen clean.
  5. Finally, you are going to click the dust cup back into place, tilt it back, and it should pop right back in!

Where to Buy a Shark Apex Duoclean

If you are just starting your search for a new vacuum, you may be unsure of where you can purchase your new appliance. Luckily for you, the Shark Apex Duoclean is offered in a number of different locations including

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • QVC
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Kohl’s
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • JCPenney
  • Wayfair

Of course, the price will vary from place to place, so make sure you do your homework before you jump into purchasing a Shark Apex Duoclean!

Final Review

All in all, the Shark Apex Duoclean vacuum can be an incredibly powerful tool for just about any home. Cleaning is hard enough as it is, especially if you have to clean up after multiple people. Why make it even harder by not having the proper tools?

The Shark Apex Duoclean vacuum is a strong contender among other vacuums for several reasons. It is easy to use, cleans multiple surfaces in the home, easy to access, and is one of the quieter vacuums. If you are looking for something that is simple yet powerful, this is going to be one of the best options for you to test out. And if it isn’t, there is always the warranty to save the day! What are you waiting for? You are steps away from having a cleaner house!