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Should Guys Buy Women Drinks?

Is it necessary to buy a drink to a girl you just met outside? We’ve all been there. This is the question that we are asking ourselves every time we go out, but we did not think to much about that. Instead every time we bought a drink for a girl is because everyone else around us did it. So I decided to find out should you buy girl a drink.

Should Guys Buy Women Drinks? Do not buy her a drink: It is a general rule – but it does not always have to be so,do not offer yourself to pay a girl drink. If she asks you to pay her a drink, refuse. Although you may sometimes overcome this rule, it is desirable to hunt in such a way that she pay you a drink.

Remember that there are girls when they come out, they have the following idea in the head: “If the guys are stupid enough to buy me a drink, I’m smart enough to accept that drink.” So you need to be careful. Of course, not all girls are like that, but what almost all girls have in common is that they love challenging guys around them, where they also must put an effort to win them. Girls got used to men that are running around them all the time.

In Which Scenario Should You Buy Her a Drink?

There are a lot of guys who will buy the drink for a girls in the club, so girls stay longer and talk to them. While it may pass sometimes, so that the girls may stay a little longer with you and talk, most of them will go and leave you or some of them will stay because they will feel sorry because you have bought them a drinks, but over time they will leave you and go their way. So my advice is that you do not buy a drink to a girl. I did that mistake before and to tell you something about it, it really does not work. Girls will sit with you and listen to you for couple of minutes, but after a few minutes, they will just pick up and return to their friends and you will not see them again during the night.

I do not say that every girl is acting like this, but I know a lot of girls who go out and seek for guys at the bar to buy them a drink. Actually, there are a lot of girls who already have boyfriends but want to get a free alcohol, so they flirt with guys and wait for them to get a free drink, and that’s easy task for them. That’s why you can never know which girl you can trust and who is the girl who really wants to talk to you or the type of girl who just wants to get a free drink and return to their friends. What you need to do is to achieve her interest in you.

Indicator That She is Interested in You

So this is what you need to do:when you approach a girl and start talking to her, do not buy her a drink. At least not in the first 30 minutes. I know it’s a long time, but 30 minutes will at least guarantee that the girl is interested in you. I do not think a lot of girls are ready to wait 30 minutes just to get a free drink. So in the first 30 minutes, start an excellent talk topic, flirt with her, but do not buy her a drink. And after that 30 minutes of conversation with that girl, you can start the topic that you can drink something together and make a relaxing atmosphere. Article about: How to Approach a Women In A Club

At that point, buying a girl drink is justified, then you act like a real gentleman. But everything less then 30 min, it’s not good idea to buy her a drink. Buying a girl drink at the bar is the same as buying her love. It’s like a red flag, that’s the girl you do not want to be with, because she only takes advantage of situation for a free drinks. Therefore if she asks you for a drink, answer this: “You buy the first one, and I’ll buy the next one”. You will actually test her to see if she have the real intention talking with you, if she does not want to accept that conditions, it’s pretty clear that she is taking advantage of you.

How to Know What a Girl Wants From You?

Keep in mind that girls can pretend that they like you and lie to you. For example, a girl can send you a signals if she wants you to buy her a drink. You’re not attractive to her but she is trying to manipulate you. And, of course, if it’s easy to manipulate you, she will find you less attractive. She could also send you the signals just to stay with her to entertain her.

Also, the girl will sometimes send you the signals just to see if she can make you to repay them. If you respond too EASILY to her signals without having earned it before, then you have only become one more men on her list and she will look for more challenges in the second place with other men. Therefore you should be calm and evaluate these signals to see what she really wants of you.

How to Find Out if Girl on the Bar is Taken?

One of the harder things is to find out is the girl at a bar free or taken.  Your best chance to find out is to call the waiter and ask him if she came alone or if she’s there with someone. They, however have more experience in these things to estimate what the situation is, better than you do.

It’s not wise when you spot a girl on the bar and then immediately buy her a drink. First you must established eye contact with her and also you must exchange smiles beforehand. So, as you prepare to find out if this girl is free, put on a smile and see if she will replay with smile.

Her Indicators of Interest in You

A woman can deliberately discover her own interest indicators but also unconsciously.
Examples of this are:
• She starts talking again when you stop talking.
• She touches you.
• Trying to trigger a reaction from you and relax you.
• Looks at you almost every minute.
• Shakes hair (to see if you will look at it).
• If eye contact occurs at a certain distance, she keeps it for a moment.
• She smiles at you.
• Stand near you.
• Break your conversation or laugh at something you said.
• She asks you for your name.
• She asks you for your age. (let her hit it!)
• Give you a compliment.
• Gives you a nickname.
• She mentions your girlfriend, but she does not know if you even have a girlfriend.
• Call you a player or a heart breaker. 
• When you try to go home, she asks you where you are going. (Invite her to come with you.)

Sometimes it does not matter what she is doing, but what she doesn’t work, and in this way shows you your interest.

Related Questions:

What if She Rejects the Drink or You? The general rule for this situation is to behave normally and not get angry. Girls are allowed to reject you. When you buy drink to a girl that does not mean that she is obliged to talk to you or have sex.

What Women Think When you Don’t Buy Her a Drink? The situation is that most women EXPECT a man to pay for a drink.
• “I don’t like cheap men.”
• “A gentleman will always pay for a lady.”
• “I don’t want a guy who can’t afford to take me out.”

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