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Why Is Steam Deck Microphone Not Working? Fixing Guide

Why Is Steam Deck Microphone Not Working? Fixing Guide

Steam Deck is a device through which you can play all of your favorite games from one convenient place. It has comfortable and powerful controls along with a portable design. However, when you play Steam games, a lot of the fun comes from talking to other players. Steam Deck does come with a microphone built into the System. What can you do when that microphone stops working?

When your Steam Deck microphone isn’t working, there are a few things you can try to solve the issue:

  • Charge the Steam Deck device fully.
  • Avoid using the 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • Clean up your Steam Deck.
  • Use the device within the proper temperature range.
  • Reset or restart your Steam Deck. 

Not being able to use a microphone severely limits what you can do on the Steam Deck. That is probably why you must be anxious to get to the bottom of this issue and resolve it soon. So keep reading to understand how to get sound on your microphone back! We’ve gone through available guides and developed a troubleshooting guide you can follow!

How To Fix Microphone Issues On Your Steam Deck

When your Steam Deck cannot pick up on what you are saying, that is a severe microphone issue. Because of this, while you may be able to play sounds, you won’t be able to record and transmit what you say to other players. If you want to fix this issue, you will need to troubleshoot using the steps in the following few sections. 

Requirements To Troubleshoot Microphone Issues

Before you start trying to diagnose the problem at hand, there are a few things you should do to get ahead of the problem. The first thing to consider is that you update Steam Deck to the latest software version. You can do this by going to the Settings menu, choosing System, and then looking for Software Updates. 

If there is an update pending, you can carry it out manually from this section. Also, if you are using any apps from other developers on the Steam Deck, you should disable them. Sometimes, conflicts from apps that you download using Desktop Mode can cause glitches in the Steam Deck’s hardware. 

Fully Charge The Steam Deck

One of the best ways to rule out more significant issues is to check the battery levels on whatever device you use. Because things like the microphone can take up a lot of battery power, they can be disabled when the battery level is low. So, first, check if the Steam Deck is charged, and if it isn’t, you need to connect it to the charger. 

Check the LED – it should be lit to indicate that it is indeed charging. When the device gas a full battery, the symbol will not be lit anymore. However, you should also avoid charging the battery for too long, as it will not be able to retain a full charge anymore. Once you charge it, let the battery discharge slowly, and then charge it again. 

Don’t Use The 3.5 mm Audio Port

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On the Steam Deck, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack where you can connect your headphones. However, when you use this jack, the built-in microphone on your device will not be functional. The only time the built-in microphone will work is if there are no headphones connected. One way to keep using headphones is to use a device that comes with a mic as well. However, if you use Bluetooth earbuds or headphones, you should not run into this problem.

Clean Up The Steam Deck Device

The accumulation of dirt and debris in and around your Steam Deck can affect the microphone. As a result, you may find that it is unable to work. This calls for cleaning of the device. You can use a dry microfibre cloth if you want to clean the display. To clean the plastic around the display, you can use some isopropyl alcohol with a dry cloth. 

However, do not use isopropyl alcohol if you are cleaning sensitive vents, buttons, and more. While many people have been using compressed air to clean out the inside of devices, this is not something we can recommend. Because there is sensitive wiring inside, you may damage the wiring and even small components. 

Use It In The Right Environments

The Steam Deck has specific environmental conditions that it can work within. If the device is kept in extreme situations, there is chance hardware such as the microphone can stop working. In terms of temperature, the deck will perform best between the range of –32 and 95 degrees F. You also want to avoid too much humidity, so if you are in a place with more than 85% humidity, there is a risk of damage to the device. If you are in such conditions, avoid using the Steam Deck until you can move into safer conditions. 

Restart Your Steam Deck

Sometimes, you may just not be able to access the Steam Deck microphone because of typical glitches that develop as the software runs. To disrupt this, you can restart your device by following these steps:

  1. On the Steam Deck, hold down the Power button.
  2. Keep holding down for a minimum of 12 seconds.
  3. Once the device shuts down, press the Power button again.
  4. Your Steam Deck will have gone through a restart. 

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Reset Your Steam Deck Device

If no other setting is helping, you can also reset the Steam Deck to the factory settings. However, do consider that because of this, you will get rid of some of your personal information. This includes the games that you install, your user data, and any apps that you add to the device. You can also download a backup of your information to a USB device with at least 8GB of space. 


Sometimes, no amount of troubleshooting can solve a problem when there is significant damage. You can either look for a replacement or contact Steam’s customer support.