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Why Is Steam Deck Not Charging? Troubleshooting Guide

Why Is Steam Deck Not Charging? Troubleshooting Guide

The Steam Deck is the latest portable gaming device, and it stands out for one specific reason. If you love PC games, you must have heard of Steam. However, there are many Steam games you can’t enjoy on other portable consoles. That is why this one-of-a-kind console is garnering a lot of attention. However, like any other console, you can run into issues with Steam Deck, particularly regarding the battery. 

When it comes to charging issues, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot this matter. Typically, you could look at a problem with the USB cable, the battery, or the Steam Deck software. You can fix this with solutions such as a forced restart, sustained charging, exchanging the cable, avoiding third-party chargers, cleaning the port, and finally, contacting the customer support team. 

Not being able to charge the Steam Deck is a major problem because the battery you have left can only last you so long. If you are concerned that there may be a problem at hand, follow this troubleshooting guide. We will explore the different charging issues you can encounter, what causes them, and how to solve them. 

Charging Issues With The Steam Deck

There are a few things you are likely to see when there is a charging issue with the Steam Deck. The most obvious one is that when you connect it to the charging cable, it does not charge, and there is no light to indicate that charging is happening. Aside from this, you may be unable to switch on the Steam Deck. Additionally, you may see a completely blank screen, and the system enters sleep mode and does not switch back on. 

You may be wondering why this even happens in the first place. Several issues can happen. However, three common things can lead to this outcome. For one, there may be an issue with the charging cable you are using. Alternatively, the problem may be with the Steam Deck’s power strip. In some scenarios, the problem can actually go back to software glitches that prevent charging. 

Now that we know what happens with charging issues and what the common causes are, let’s have a look at some of the best ways to troubleshoot and solve this problem.

Force Restart The Device

Before you try any other troubleshooting method, one of the best ways to tackle this is to restart your device. When you do a force restart, the system can override any software glitches preventing effective charging. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Hold down the Power button on the Steam Deck for 12 seconds. 
  2. Press the Power button again to switch the device back on.
  3. Connect the charger again and see if charging resumes. 

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Charge For Longer Periods

You will be able to tell your Steam Deck is charging if there is an indicator light that you see on the device. However, if the battery is significantly depleted, sometimes this light will not appear. To ensure the issue is not a completely discharged battery, try to charge your Steam Deck for at least one hour. You can also try and change the socket that you connect the charger to or avoid using third-party adapters and extensions. 

Look For Damage On The Cable

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While the adapter and cable you get with the Steam Deck are high-quality, they can sustain damage if it goes through enough. You can look for damage on the cable that may affect your ability to charge the Steam Deck. For example, one thing you may see is bends on the USB-C plug. This affects its ability to connect and adequately charge the Steam Deck. 

There may also be exposed wiring on the cable, which is not just bad for charging but also for your safety. Exposed wiring can lead to electric shocks and may even short-circuit the wire, the plug, the socket, and the device itself. Once you see any signs of damage to the cable and adapter, you should avoid using them. Instead, you can replace them with a new adapter and see if it can now charge. 

Use The Right Cable

I mentioned above that the Steam Deck device comes with an official charging cable and adapter. While there are great options out there, the best cable and adapter for you to use is the official one. This will help keep you safe while keeping the charging process reliable and effective. If you use any third-party cables, consider replacing them with the official thing. Third-party cables and adapters may get the job done, but they can slowly damage the Deck and even stop working at all.

Clean The USB Port

You charge your Steam Deck through the USB port, so it makes sense that debris in there can affect your ability to charge. Even a speck of dirt can cause problems, so there may be a need to clean the USB port carefully. You can use a cotton bud to clean the outside gently. Do not push the cotton bud in, and never use sharp objects to try and clean the USB port. This is because they can damage the smaller wires and components inside the port and affect your ability to charge even further. 

Reach Out To Customer Support

If none of these troubleshooting steps are helping you fix this charging issue, the best call is to reach out to the customer support team. They can help you analyze your problem more effectively. Additionally, you can ask them if you have a warranty and if this kind of circumstance is under warranty protection. In that case, you may even be able to get a replacement! 


Many different things can change your ability to charge your Steam Deck. If that is the case, we hope that this guide has helped you understand how you can take care of this problem.