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How Are Amish Different?

#1 How Are Amish Bishops Selected? Amish Church leaders are nominated and then elected through a democratic voting system within the congregation. They are chosen in a similar way to most Christian pastors/preachers – Through a popular vote and by standing out in the community as a great: Speaker Leader Inspirer Relayer of God’s word …

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Do Evangelicals?

#1 Do Evangelicals Celebrate Easter? Yes, Evangelicals celebrate Easter, but others choose to avoid holidays that feel ‘man-made,’ and are not supported by Scripture. The principal feasts or celebrations that are actively included in the Evangelical calendar include: Ascension Christmas Easter Good Friday Pentecost Many Evangelicals will participate in secular additions such as Easter egg …

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4 Interesting Things About Southern Baptists

#1 Can Southern Baptists Perform Weddings? Yes, Southern Baptists pastors can officiate marriages of believers of Christianity. An SBC pastor may not officiate the weddings of: Non-Christians Polygamist unions Or same-sex marriages There will typically be a pre-counseling service with the pastor in which the future-newlyweds will determine a religious plan for their future as …

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