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Why Do Mennonites Do That?

#1 Why Do Mennonites Say ‘Once?’ Commonly pronounced by Anabaptist groups as ‘wonst’ the term ‘once’ is extensively used as part of their dialect and vocabulary. The reasons why Mennonites often say ‘once’ are: It means ‘in the future, soon, imminently.’ It can also be substituted for the term ‘please.’ It can be seen as …

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Do Mennonites Believe That?

#1 Do Mennonites Drink Alcohol? Yes, Mennonites drink alcohol. In recent years, this has been a form of assimilation to the general public and mainstream culture. Historically, they have always enjoyed producing and distributing alcohol, only interrupted by temperance. Mennonites: Own wineries Own breweries Operate pubs and restaurants (Archbold’s in Ohio) They attend Rural Germans …

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