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How to Disconnect a Controller From Steam?

When Steam controllers first became available, they were a hit in the gaming community because of their unique customizability to playing different games. The great thing about these controllers is that you can add settings for each game and use them the next time you play. But what if you get the settings wrong? How …

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Open Airways Naturally! | Essential Homestead

Do you want to open airways naturally?  Without nose sprays and chemicals? This easy DIY method will open airways naturally and clear that tickle in the throat. Steam it UP! The key to soothing that ticklish throat and opening the airways.  Have you tried the steam method?  It’s a simple method with great results.   …

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Microwave Steam Cleaner Recipe

Are you looking for a natural microwave steam cleaner recipe? I’ve never been good at remembering to cover food when using the microwave.  I usually have to clean my microwave a few times a month and this simple microwave steam cleaner recipe works great every time.  All you need is a little vinegar and water! …

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