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The 10 Most Expensive Nerf Blasters Ever Made!

The 10 Most Expensive Nerf Blasters Ever Made!

Nerf blasters are made in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and are designed for completely separate functions. But with a vast variety of products also comes a vast array of prices. On the Nerf website, the lowest marked gun is priced at $2.99; meanwhile, the highest marked gun (Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K) comes in at a more expensive $199.99!

While the information above proves irrefutably that Nerf guns can run up quite a price tag, these prices do not include the price that many collectible Nerf guns that are no longer on the shelves are priced at. With collectibles factored in, we have compiled a list of the 10 most expensive Nerf blasters.

Nerf Vortex Pyragon Blaster

Released for sale in 2012 the Nerf Vortex Pyragon became the first Vortex blaster equipped with the “slam fire” function. This meant that by pulling the rigger you could fire multiple discs without ever letting go of the trigger.

You may have noticed that I said discs, not darts. The Vortex series of Nerf blasters do not fire the classic orange and black darts. Instead, each vortex blaster shoots brightly colored, orange discs. The discs are compatible with all other Vortex series blasters; however, the classic Nerf darts cannot be used in Vortex blasters.

The Nerf Vortex Pyragon Blaster comes with 40 orange Vortex discs and the large 40 disc drum magazine to hold them all! This gives the Nerf Vortex Pyragon the highest firing capacity of any other Vortex series blaster!

Not only is this blaster capable of firing more discs than any of the other Vortex series blasters, but the Pyragon fires with a much higher performance level as well!

Originally sold for as low as $40 the Nerf Vortex Pyragon Blaster now can be purchased from third parties at a price of $200! Find a Nerf Vortex Pyragon Blaster for your Nerf arsenal here!

While the classic Vortex Pyragon runs for a much higher price nowadays, Nerf has released a “re-skin” of this blaster called the Nerf Vortex VTX Pyragon for the same price the original was released! The shell of the VTX looks quite different from the original Pyragon blaster, but Nerf Vortex VTX Pyragon fires with the same capabilities as the blaster it is descended from. Check out the Nerf Vortex VTX Pyragon here!

Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35

Released in 2009, the N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 fired darts at speeds unlike any other Nerf gun.

One unique fact about this blaster is that the N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 was the first to be released on the infamous Nerf release date of 9-9-09. After this blaster was released on September 9th of 2009, Nerf began releasing their more important blaster on September 9th each year.

Note: If you try finding this Nerf blaster online you will have to search under just the name “N-Strike Raider CS-35” as the blaster was renamed shortly after the original blaster’s release.

One of the classic, air-powered Nerf blasters, the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 is equipped with a 35 dart drum that can also be used in any other N-Strike blaster! This also means that any N-Strike drums or clips can be used with the Raider Rapid Fire! So stock up on your magazines and prepare for the ultimate battle!

Like most Nerf guns, the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 has two tactical rails so that you can add Nerf brand attachments to help the gun function beyond its original capabilities.

This Nerf blaster is capable of being modified in nearly every way! With the adjustable tactical rails and detachable shoulder stocks, you can design your Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 to be the perfect blaster for your next competition.

This air-powered blaster can be used in two different functions: Single shot or Slam fire. As mentioned with the Vortex Pyragon, slam fire allows you to hold the trigger and pump the slide to fire darts at a faster rate rather than having to repeat both actions before firing.

The bonus pack of this gun includes two 35 dart drums so that you do not have to worry about refilling a drum in the middle of a battle. While the gun itself is a collector’s item, the blaster with the bonus pack is even rarer to find!

The bonus pack and blaster were only on the shelves for one week in 2011! If you are able to find a Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 bonus pack still in the box, you would have one of the rarest Nerf finds out there.

Get your Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 (with Bonus Pack) and start blasting by clicking here!

Nerf Lasertag System

Laser tag is a fun pass time for people of all ages. While the Nerf Lasertag system is different from any other Nerf blaster, they still are a great way to have fun!

The Nerf Lasertag system comes with rumble and recoil features to give you the ultimate laser tag experience. You can set up pinpoint systems on the Nerf Lasertag system as well so that you can fire more accurately. The pinpoint sights are included in the system.

The Nerf Lasertag system does not come with only one individual blaster, in fact, the system comes in a set of two for you and one other person to play with.

Perhaps the most alluring part of this Nerf blaster set is that you can have hours of fun without any pauses or breaks to collect your darts! Can you imagine a Nerf battle that did not require constant stops to reload? Well, now that is possible with the Nerf Lasertag System!

  • Easily reload your Nerf Lasertag Blaster by popping out and then pushing in the ammo core located in the handle of the blaster.
  • Located near the trigger is a shield button. Hold this down to protect yourself from incoming shots; however, remember that while holding down the shield you cannot use the trigger.
  • Keep track of how many times you have been hit by looking at the lights located on the side of the blaster gun.

All the fun of this laser tag set comes at the price of $250! Click here to get your own Nerf Lasertag System!

Nerf Terrascout Recon RC Drone

The Nerf Terrascout Recon RC Drone is the ultimate blaster addition for all of your stealth missions! Similar to the Nerf Air Defender X Drone in recon capabilities, the Nerf Terrascout takes recon missions to the next level by adding a blaster to the equation! The Nerf Terrascout is essentially a Nerf blaster on wheels.

Want to remain hidden while using the blaster takes out your opponents? No worries! This blaster comes with an 18 dart drum and is controlled by a remote with an LCD screen. Simply send the Nerf Terrascout Recon RC Drone into the battlefield and keep a blaster with you in case your location is compromised.

The drone transmits live video feed and can even record video or take pictures. This is a sure way to capture all the action of you and your friends’ ultimate Nerf battles!

No matter where your Nerf battle takes you, the Nerf Terrascout Recon RC Drone can handle most terrains in order to capture all the excitement. With a powerful rechargeable battery, you will not have to miss a minute of the battle. Want to make this Nerf drone even cooler to use? With an N-Strike attachment barrel, you can add any compatible N-Strike attachments to this drone.

As you can see above, this blaster is the ultimate addition to your Nerf collection and blaster arsenal.

This blaster drone is typically sold for as low as $230 and as high as $315! Click here to start using the Nerf Terrascout Recon RC Drone in all of your stealth missions!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire shows some resemblance to the N-Strike Vulcan; however, instead of using a single 25 dart belt to hold ammunition the Rhino Fire uses two 25 dart drums.

The bonus pack for this blaster includes four 25 dart drums and 100 darts in combination with the double-barreled blaster. With 4 drums, you should never have to find yourself stopping to refill a drum in the middle of the battle! Want to use your own dart clips with the Nerf Rhino Fire? Good news, the clips are interchangeable with the dart drums!

One unique feature of this double-barreled system is that the barrel being fired from recoils when the trigger is pulled. While this does not add any tactical advantage to the gun, it does give it a unique look especially when firing.

Just like the Nerf Vulcan, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire comes with a detachable tripod so you can have a more stable shot and easy carrying when on the run. Want to keep the tripod attached while on the go? The tripod folds up under the front of the blaster so it can quickly be unfolded when you are ready to use it.

The Nerf N-Strike Rhino Fire is battery-powered to provide a faster, further shot. This blaster can fire up to 90 feet. Watch this video to see the blaster in action!

Since this blaster packs quite a punch it also packs quite the hefty price tag! You can get the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire Blaster for $300 to $350. Get a Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire Blaster (with Bonus Pack) and you will surely come out on top of every blaster battle you play in.

Nerf Max Force Manta

Originally released in 1996, the Nerf Max Force Manta is one of the most unique Nerf guns one can add to their Nerf collection. As one of the original Nerf guns, this blaster not only has worth for its unique designs but because this blaster is part of what started it all for the Nerf brand.

Like the rest of the Max Force product line, the Nerf Max Force Manta is specifically designed to look like a predatory animal. To make the blaster even more unique, the Nerf Max Force Manta is only one of two marine animal blasters sold in the Max Force series!

The Nerf Max Force Manta, which resembles a Manta Ray, is built as a combination shield and dart blaster. With multiple barrels, this blaster/shield combination is the perfect defensive and offensive blaster for your next Nerf war. This two-in-one gives you both power and protection!

The blaster is made in two different color schemes: teal and black, and purple and black. It is rumored that the purple and black is the more rare of the two color schemes available.

Since the entire Max Force series has been discontinued each of the blasters has greatly increased in value. Today, the Nerf Max Force Manta can be seen being sold for as much as $425.

Find a Nerf Max Force Manta for your next Nerf battle, or simply add it to your collection!

Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18

We all know that Nerf guns are fun to play with during the day. But what if you want to play after the sun has set? While going indoors is an option, continuing the outdoor battle would be much more fun. Nerf thought of this and designed the N-Strike Rayven CS-18 to be your perfect late-night blaster!

There are few Nerf blasters that fire Nerf’s glow-in-the-dark darts, making this super-powered Rayven not only an awesome addition to your arsenal but a rare one as well.

The N-Strike Rayven CS-18 fires glow in the dark darts from its 18 dart clip. The clip uses battery-powered technology to “charge” the glowing part of the dart. Once the trigger is pulled, darts are fired through a powerful electronic system and you can see your darts go flying towards their target no matter how dark the room may be.

Want to see how well these darts really glow? While the room needs to be quite dark for the full glow effect to work, these darts glow rather well. Watch this video to see for yourself!

After the Rayven CS-18 was discontinued, the prices began to soar. After some time, Nerf released a new version due to high consumer demand. However, the new version, the Nerf Elite Rayvenfire, did not feature glow-in-the-dark technology. An original N-Strike Rayven CS-18 with glow-in-the-dark technology now sells for upwards of $430. Click here to view the Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 on amazon!

Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6

In the N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 box, your purchase includes several different attachments, such as: a barrel extension, a flip-up sight, a 6 dart clip, and then, of course, 6 N-Strike darts.

At the time of the blaster’s release, the N-Strike Longstrikes CS-6 was the longest of the Nerf blasters ever built making it a must-have for every competitive Nerfer. The blaster was also released in 3 different color schemes so collectors could choose their favorite or even collect all three! The three original color schemes for the N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 were the N-Strike, Sonic Series, and Whiteout Series.

With 4 tactical rails, you can modify this blaster to be the ultimate battle weapon. You can use the tactical rails to hold any N-Strike attachments. In the stock of the Longstrike CS-6, you will also find storage space for up to two 6 dart clips so that you are “stocked up” for the entire battle!

Want to further customize this blaster? The pump action of this gun can be swapped out for a flashlight attachment for late-night blaster sessions if desired.

While there were claims that the gun did not function as well as consumers had hoped, the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 quickly made its way to the top of every Nerf collector’s wish list. When still in the blaster’s original packaging, the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 costs up to $600!

Click this link to order the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 for your blaster arsenal!

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

The N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 was regarded for quite some time by many Nerf enthusiasts as the most expensive Nerf blaster. Depending on what model or version you find for the Nerf Vulcan, the price tag ould vary from anywhere between $400 and $990 (However, there are now Nerf guns being sold at a higher price than this. Read number 10 to see the most sought after Nerf gun on the market today!).

This blaster was released in 2008 and later discontinued by the company in 2010. After the product was discontinued by Nerf, the price tag suddenly rose for those trying to find one for their collection.

The blaster is battery-powered, has a tripod for stability, and has a 25 dart belt to finish off the machine gun look. Firing darts 3 per second, this collectible is a must for any Nerf competitor or collector.

There are several different versions of this blaster. A clear version was even released so that you can see the inner workings of the blaster while firing! Check out the clear N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 here!

The N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 also comes in a Havoc fire version. This is perhaps the most expensive model of the blaster and therefore the hardest to find. This version of the Vulcan has a classy white and gray look rather than the bright yellow Nerf colors. Order this blaster by clicking here!

Nerf Fortnite AR-goosebumps

We have finally reached the most sought-after, most expensive Nerf blaster on the market today, the Nerf Fortnite AR-goosebumps.

This blaster is simply a “re-wrap” (as in the same gun just a different-looking shell) of the Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster. In fact, this re-wrap of the AR-L Elite Dart Blaster has not even been released to stores for purchase yet!

While the blaster is not set to be released until Fall 2020, dozens have already purchased an AR-goosebumps to add to their Nerf blaster collection or to resell to someone else. Even though the Fortnite AR-goosebumps has only been available for pre-sale for a short time, the blaster is already being resold for outrageous prices!

The main inspiration of this blaster is to help promote the game, Fortnite. Nerf and Fortnite combined forces to bring the game’s blasters to the real world in a fun and creative way.

In April of 2020, Travis Scott teamed with Fortnite to perform an online concert. After the concert, Nerf, Fortnite, and Travis Scott all united to create a unique blaster: the AR-goosebumps.

Want to learn more about the firing capabilities of this blaster? Watch the following unboxing and review of the Nerf Fortnite AR-L!

While the blaster is being presold for around $100 to $200, this blaster is likely to become one of the most expensive Nerf collectibles on the market seeing as it is being sold on eBay for up to $2000 already! Check out the listing on eBay by clicking here!

Why is Nerf So Expensive?

Nerf has been producing foam dart blasters for approximately the last 40 years. In that time, they have been able to create a brand name known for quality and consistency, and their prices reflect that.

Other dart blaster brands do not often match the quality provided by Nerf guns and that is reflected in the price tag. When you purchase a Nerf gun you know that your gun is going to function well, suit the needs of your battle, and under normal usage, will last for quite a long time. Nerf does not cut corners to provide a cheaper blaster; they spare no expense to provide the top-notch products the brand has come to be known for.

Not only does Nerf continue producing more Nerf guns, but with each new Nerf gun comes a new innovation. When you purchase a Nerf gun you know you are getting a product that is unlike any other blasters available on the market. That fact alone could justify the higher price tags for Nerf guns.


While there are hundreds of Nerf guns that have been released since the company first started in the 1970s, there are some guns that will always be considered collector’s items. These guns will continue to rise in value as fewer and fewer can be found in mint condition.

If you happen to have one of these Nerf guns just lying around and are thinking about selling your blasters, consider keeping the blaster and letting the value rise a bit more. Or you can play with the blaster and really get a “bang” for your buck!