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The 3 Most Expensive Gaming PCs (Take My Money)

The 3 Most Expensive Gaming PCs (Take My Money)

Gaming PCs are expensive; the average gaming PC costs $800 to $1200. However, there are many more expensive gaming computers—some with a price tag going into the tens of thousands—that will surely wow any avid gamer out there. 

Are you a gamer interested in the latest gaming PCs? Are you curious about the most expensive gaming computers and how much they cost? Read on to learn more about the top three most expensive gaming PCs.

8Pack Orion-X2 

The 8Pack Orion-X2 is the world’s most expensive gaming PC as of April 2021. It is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire of gaming PCs. This incredible computer can take on any gaming situation as well as any other computer needs. 

The Orion X2 has:

  • Two systems: A primary and secondary system; one is for gaming, and one is for work tasks. These are both built into the Ethno Elite Phanteks Case. 
  • The most powerful  Superflower 2000w 8pack power supply unit available
  • Custom Water Cooling units by EK and OCUK to ensure the systems do not overheat
  • AquaComputer Aquaero 6 cooling fans for the primary and secondary systems

The primary system enclosed in the Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega motherboard boasts Intel’s Core i9-7980 XE processor. This processor has 18 cores that superspeed the system to 4.6ghz.  

This extreme gaming PC has “36 terabytes of storage” combined from both primary and secondary systems. The Orion X2 can be purchased for approximately $45,000; this is closely followed by the Orion X, which goes for $41,000.

The Scorpion

This $30,000 PC setup will leave you drooling! It has a cockpit that looks like a giant scorpion. Within the cockpit, there are five monitors. The computer is huge and a work of art in itself. 

So, what is it? This gaming PC setup was designed by Unbox Therapy. The Scorpion computer cockpit is made by Culvens. It is a zero-gravity chair that looks like a giant scorpion. The Scorpion:

  • Will hold up to three monitors
  • Has remote controls 
  • Has graphic lighting of 100-watt 16-color LED Strips
  • Can be posed in 6 different configurations

The Culvens’ Scorpion cockpit is huge, weighing 265 pounds. Luckily, it can be adjusted from an upright position to a full recline. If you are limited on space, you can practically sleep in this ultimate chair.

Unbox Therapy added an amazing custom-built PC to this. The computer sits on the floor and is completely open for the viewer to see the important components. It has:

  • Rog Thor Power supplies that show the power consumption
  • Replaced Braided Custom Cables and cable holders
  • Water Blocks
  • RTX 3090s with a dual setup
  • RGB on the Ram modules
  • Liquid cooling on the CPU and three stitched together on the bottom side of the Nvidia
  • Display port
  • 144 hertz

When the room lights are turned off, the scorpion chair and computer light up in an alluring graphic display. It looks as though the entire system can transport you and protect you in any world you encounter.

XBOX Game Pass Signature Rig

This $20,000 custom desktop PC was designed for basketball player Karl-Anthony Towns. The computer is designed to resemble a basketball. You will need a huge desk to hold this eyecatcher!

The custom XBOX Game Pass Signature Rig was designed with inspiration from the Atlas Statue and a basketball. 

It has:

The entire computer sits on a display box. It has an open spherical cage that fits over the top of it that rotates while it is on. When it is turned on, the liquid flows through the clear hardline cooling tubes. These tubes take more time to configure into the shape wanted, but the results are worth the effort.

At $20,000 to build this PC, it is among the world’s top three most expensive gaming computers.

Final Thoughts

Gaming PCs are the ultimate workhorses and can perform many tasks—sometimes, at the same time—while functioning as amazing artwork. Any PC from this list, or a close resemblance, will wow anyone! So, if you have tens of thousands of dollars to build an amazing gaming PC, hopefully, this short list has inspired you.