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The 5 Best Gaming Chairs for PS4

The 5 Best Gaming Chairs for PS4

When you get a new PS4 gaming system, the first thing you want to do is sit down and play. But, what are you supposed to sit in as you play? If you want to have the ultimate PlayStation gaming experience, an excellent chair is something you have to have. But, there are tons of options available. What do you choose?

We’re here to help! Although there are hundreds of chairs on the market, we’ve selected five that we think are ideal for playing on the PS4. By the time we’re done, you’ll hopefully have a solid idea of what you want in your next chair. There’s lots to talk about, so let’s get started!

X-Rocker Gaming Chair

First is the X-Rocker Gaming Chair, a quality gaming chair from a reliable company. Sitting in its modern, sleek design, you’ll have no trouble finding yourself immersed in whatever game you might play.

Some other aspects of the X-Rocker Gaming Chair include:

  • Complete media experience with noise and motion
  • Quality compatibility
  • Leather cushioned construction

Every gaming moment on the PS4 will be a great one with this chair.

The X-Rocker Gaming Chair will cost you about $230. It’s not cheap, but it will give you lots of bang for your buck. There’s so much to gain from investing in this X-Rocker.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Next comes from a competitive brand – the GTRACING Gaming Chair. This option comes in a classic design, structured to provide support and comfort at the same time.

Some other aspects of the GTRACING include:

  • Speakers below the feet
  • High-quality construction
  • Adjustability

You’ll get lots from this classic design.

This chair will cost you about $189. It’s a little pricey, but the GTRACING chair comes from a reputable company with plenty of experience.


RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is next. This chair boasts an ergonomic and competitive construction, ideal for the most intense gamers. You’ll always be ready for action on your PS4.

Some other aspects of the RESPAWN include:

  • Gamified seating for the ultimate experience
  • Excellent adjustability
  • Premium construction

This chair is one of the most high-quality options out there.

The RESPAWN will cost you about $162. It’s expensive but worth the money you pay. Your PS4 experience will be an excellent one.

Furmax Racing Chair

The Furmax Racing Chair is next on our list. This chair is best for those who prefer a more traditional office style rather than the wider style that the X-Rocker and other companies tend to produce. This chair fits both in a gaming space and in an office environment.

Some other aspects of the Furmax include:

  • High-quality material
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Ergonomic design

If you love classic, you’ll love all that this chair has to offer.

The Furmax Racing Chair costs about $100. For this price, you’ll get a solid structure that looks just as nice as it feels to sit inside. You have three colors to pick from with the Furmax, so you don’t have to stick with classic black. The world is your oyster with the Furmax Chair. It’s excellent for the PS4.


X-Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair

Last up is the X-Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Rocker Chair. This floor chair provides an ideal ergonomic structure for gamers, excellent for hours of playing at a time. Bluetooth speakers ensure you can hear everything at once.

Some other aspects of Extreme III include:

  • Rocking ability
  • Durable construction
  • AFM technology

It’s a wonderfully comfortable chair that will sustain you through hours of gaming.

The X-Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair will cost you $100. It’s one of the more affordable options on this list because it doesn’t have as many features. However, its simple design works as a benefit of the chair rather than a disadvantage. You’ll love the experience it provides.


Finding a solid gaming chair for a PS4 is easier said than done. Everyone has a different taste, and some chairs aren’t ideal for gameplay with this gaming system. All the options we talked about above are excellent for the PS4. No matter what game you play, you’ll have a grand time in one of these.

We hope this information was helpful in your quest for an ideal gaming chair! There’s an option here that will work for everyone, whether you want a floor gaming chair or something more elevated. With any luck, the ideal chair for you is one of the five we talked about here. Happy gaming!