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The 7 Best Keyboard Switches for Gaming

The 7 Best Keyboard Switches for Gaming

Having a mechanical keyboard with a good switch can make all the difference in gaming. Switches were designed to provide consistent movement controls, and gamers have come to value their quickness, durability, and adaptability. 

However, with such a diverse range of keyboard switches to pick from, finding the best can be overwhelming. How many types of mechanical switches are there? Which brands should you consider? Keep reading for our recommendations on the 7 best keyboard switches for gaming. 

Cherry MX Red Switches

Cherry XM reds are some of the most popular mechanical keyboard switches. With a 45g force and 4mm total travel distance, these switches are perfect for gamers who are looking for fast actions with minimal resistance. 

Some Cherry MX Red Keyboards to consider:

The fast actuation point and short travel distance, make keyboards of this switch type a favorite among gamers. If you’re looking for a smooth and pleasant keyboard experience, then a Cherry MX red might be just what you need. 

Razer Green Switches

Razer greens are a classic for those who want a clicky switch with a heavy feel. The switch features a tactile bump and optimized actuation that caters to the demands of competitive gaming. 

Keyboards with Razer greens to consider:

These keyboards offer a crisp click that’s not too loud or too heavy, so you don’t have to push too hard. With a 1.9mm actuation point a 4mm travel distance, these are perfect for both gaming and typing purposes. 

Razer Yellow Switches

Razer Yellow switches are best for rapid key presses and fast-paced gaming. With actuation of 1.2mm, you’ll be able to hit the keys at higher speeds

Some Cherry MX Red Keyboards to consider:

These are linear and silent keyboards designed specifically for gaming. If you love fast actuation, then a yellow switch is a good option. 

Romer-G Tactile

Slightly tactile, light feel. 45g force. 1.5mm actuation point. Quiet. 3mm travel distance. 

Designed for perk performance, Romer-G Tactile switches from Logitech are more on the quiet side. With a 1.5mm actuation point and 3mm travel distance, it doesn’t take much for these to hit their click point, resulting in more comfort and speed. 

Some Romer-G Tactile compatible keyboards to consider:

These keyboards offer the comfort of ergonomic design with the responsiveness and reliability of a mechanical switch. If you prefer a quieter switch, these are definitely worth checking out. 

Cherry MX Black

Cherry XM black offers some the best fast-paced gameplay. These are perfect for spamming, with a 60g actuating force and 4mm total travel distance. The increased spring force grants smooth movements which is great for long gaming sessions. 

Some Cherry MX Black Keyboards to consider:

These linear switches make virtually no sound, making them an excellent choice for those who aren’t a fan of clicking.

Cherry MX Speed

Cherry MX Speed switches of the best choice for fast-paced gaming and is the only switch in the Cherry MX family that isn’t categorized as a color. This is a linear switch with a light feel and 4mm total travel distance. 

Cherry MX Speed Keyboards to try out:

Because of the low spring resistance, these switches are some of the fastest on the market, making for a great gaming session.

SteelSeries QS1

This low-profile switch not only feels light but is one of the fastest on the market. It has an actuation point 1.5mm, 45g force, and 3mm travel distance making it perfect for quiet, fast-paced gaming. The Short travel distance helps the keys rebound quicker, allowing for easy spamming. 

The QS1 mechanical switches can be found on the Apex M800 gaming keyboard from SteelSeries. This keyboard has a smooth, linear design and registers 25% faster than traditional mechanical switches. If you are one for fast games, the QS1 might be for you. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully one of the options above stands out to you. Razer greens and Cherry MX reds typically rank high and have a wide range to choose from.

Ultimately, the type of switch you choose is going to depend on your preference. Do you want linear or tactile? Quiet or clicky? Determining these factors will help narrow down your search and help you find the switch that is best for you.