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The Best 11 PS1 Games Ever Made (And What Makes Them Great)

The Best 11 PS1 Games Ever Made (And What Makes Them Great)

Since 1994, Sony has built on the success of their console, PlayStation. With five models having been released, it is no surprise that their progress has led to some of the best graphics, plotlines, and interactions within games. However, they had to start somewhere. So, what are the best PS1 games?

Read on to learn more about the best 11 PS1 games ever made. The games below make the list for several reasons, including popularity, graphics, gameplay, and more. Whether you are looking to reboot your old PlayStation, want to see if your old games might sell for big bucks, or anything else, looking back at PS1’s best games is sure to come with its fair share of bittersweet nostalgia.

Final Fantasy VII

The Final Fantasy franchise is one of Sony’s most successful endeavors. Over the years, Final Fantasy has created one of the most exciting storylines for a video game. Final Fantasy VII is a staple of the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy VII graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, and more set the pace for the franchise’s success.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Even if you are not a skater, you have likely heard of Tony Hawk. Likely, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater might ring a bell even if you are not a gamer. Tony Hawk’s Pros Skater 2 is one of the most successful video game sequels to preview in the PS1 franchise. Creators mixed extreme creativity with extreme skill and produced one of the most enjoyable sports games in the world.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped continues the legacy of the all-too-familiar Crash and his adventures. The first two Crash Bandicoot releases are similar to the 3rd version. Warped builds on the qualities of its predecessors to provide for an all-inclusive, interactive game.

Ape Escape

Ape Escape is famous for having set the tone for many other PS1 games. It made both analog sticks on the PS1 controller essential for gameplay. Additionally, Ape Escape is one of the select, kid-friendly PS1 games that encouraged people of all ages to get their own PS1. Chasing and defending against apes is exciting for children and adults alike.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is one of the best examples of a sequel that sticks with certain tropes but makes a name for itself. The apocalyptic horror is sure to entice any thriller-lover. One of the best things about Resident Evil 2 is its success in creating a game where different decisions result in different outcomes. This way, players interact with as suspenseful of a game as possible.

Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage

As another kid-friendly game, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage does not fail to disappoint. If you are familiar with video games, you know the excitement of Spyro’s adventures. Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage builds on the first game’s fun while including an all-new plotline and style. With hidden treasures, complex missions, and more, Spyro has continued its legacy through the years.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

What once began as a popular arcade game has now hit the headlines as one of the best combat games of all time. Street Fighter games always provide a mix of technique, skill, and enjoyment. Street Fighter Alpha 3 brought these qualities to the next level with more characters, better graphics, and more. Street Fighter Alpha 3 proved that you did not need a three-dimensional video game to have a great time.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is one of the most popular PS1 games of all time. It is one of the first to incorporate a cinematic style through a video game. The storyline runs much like the conflicts, themes, and various qualities of a movie. With insane 3D graphics for the time and an immense amount of unheard-of detail, Metal Gear Solid laid a foundation for strategy, boss fights, and complex gameplay.


Of course, the first Spider-Man may not contain the quality of newer Spider-Man games, but what a job it did of creating a starting point for one of the best adventure franchises in gaming. Spider-Man takes the qualities of the comic and intertwines skills from the cinema to make for a delightful gameplay style.

Driver: You Are The Wheelman

Another cinematic-driven video game, Driver: You are the Wheelman turned away from traditional driving games. Rather than races, Driver: You are the Wheelman focuses on chases. Playing the getaway runs on this game is much like late 20th century movies. You get the suspense, the requirement of skill, and an overall combination of plotline and graphics that make for a successful round of gaming.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

The linear gameplay of Castlevania was modified for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. With a new perspective, gamers get the feel of an arcade-style game while being able to explore new features. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is likely Castlevania’s most successful release, and it paved the way for a changing video game style.


With the hundreds of PS1 games out there, you may not have a clue where to look to find the best ones. Depending on popularity, success, graphics, gameplay, and more, different PS1 games have been heralded as the best of the best. If you have any of the above games, it might be worth plugging your PS1 back in. If you are looking to get rid of games, you could make an extra buck with games such as those listed.