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The Best 5 Legendary Borderlands 3 Shields

The Best 5 Legendary Borderlands 3 Shields

Borderlands 3 has some of the best Legendary shields in the series. They come with all sorts of weird effects that can protect and damage your foes, while some even give a boost to your teammates. So what are the five best Legendary Borderlands 3 Shields?

The amount of swag in Borderlands is a huge part of the gameplay. Items are hidden and tucked away in everything from piles of skag excrement to elaborately decorated boxes and treasure chests. Unfortunately, no matter where you look for the Legendary items, they could be hard to acquire. Read on and learn what the best Legendary Shields in Borderlands 3 are!

The Best Legendary Borderlands 3 Shields

It is no understatement to say that Borderlands added several wrinkles to using/having shields that penetrated all other gaming types. They had some of the first shields that attacked an enemy and used different energy, like lightning and fire, to power them. Some of these Legendaries are just sitting around waiting on you. Others will take luck and hard work.

Big Boom Blaster is an Explosive Shield with High Damage

When someone attacks you, there is an inherent need to attack them back. When you are shot with the Big Boom Blaster shield, a drop occurs that gives you a grenade and some ammo for your rocket launcher. This could come in handy if you are in a boss battle and could use some extra ordinance to take them out.

A Plus Ultra Has Hidden Abilities that Make it Very Valuable.

There is nothing like having more health. So when your shields fail, and they will, this Pangolin shield will double your health meter. It is available in one of the many DLCs available for Borderlands 3. It comes as a random drop or from the booty after the face-off with Dr. Benedict. It can also drop from any source on the DLC map, so rummage as much as possible.

The Stinger is Dropped in a Boss Battle and is a Fantastic Shield

Stinger is a Legendary shield that is dropped in the boss battle with Anathema the Relentless. It is an excellent melee shield as it punishes anyone who dares to melee with a powerful sting that can explode lower-level enemies. Sting works perfectly for your Moze, who likes to use her Gunzerker-type abilities up close.

Equipping a Version 0.m Shield is an Elemental Nightmare for Enemies.

Version 0.m is an elemental shield that will attack your attacker with some elemental energy when the shield depletes. The elements can be configured by you to pick and choose which types of energy best suit your situation. Anshin Shields are known for having high capacities, and this one is no different. It is found in the Maliwan Takedown.

The Faulty Star is One of the Highest Attacking Shields in the Game

The Faulty Star is just plain ole video game fun! The great thing about it is that the first time you are attacked, a nova flare attacks with devastating damage. In addition, there’s a skill on Moze’s tree that allows you to attack continuously while firing off novas each time you are hit. That’s a combo that is sure to spin your XP meter!

An Old God is a Shield that Improves Your Offensive Stats

Hyperion makes some great shields and weaponry. The Old God is one of the best examples of what they do. It absorbs an energy type at 25% and places that back into the damage. So, for instance, if you fire on robots with a shock-charged shield, the bots will take 25% extra damage from shock weapons.

The StopGap is a Tacticians Dream

With shields, timing is everything. The StopGap is a shield that makes you invulnerable for five seconds. It has a recharge time of six seconds when a few upgrades are applied, which cuts the damage time down to around one or two seconds. All you have to do is scramble for that short amount of time, and your shields will be back to full health!


Borderlands goes out of its way to make some of the most imaginative weapons and shields to ever exist in video gaming. They pair high-capacity shielding with crazy upgrades like elemental damage to your attacker or bonus health for your character.

It takes time to farm some of the Legendary shields in the game. You should know that some of the Legendary drops only come with time, even with the DLC maps and extra money thrown into the game. Stay hunting and looting, and things will work out in your Vault hunter’s favor!