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The Best 6 SD Cards for Nintendo Switch (Safe and Reliable)

The Best 6 SD Cards for Nintendo Switch (Safe and Reliable)

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy Nintendo Switch games the way they were intended to be played, you will want to have one of the best SD cards available on the market today. This will provide you with the storage space that you need to carry all of your favorite games along with you, and it will also ensure that those games load quickly when you are ready to play. 

While plenty of SD cards out there will work with your Nintendo Switch system, it is essential to know that not all of them are created equal. Since you are making an investment in your gaming hobby, it is crucial that you buy one of the best cards available. Continue reading to learn more about six of the best SD cards that you can buy today. 

6 Great SD Cards for Nintendo Switch

When looking for an SD card for Nintendo Switch, you do not want to consider anything lower than 256GB of capacity. Speed is also important. With that in mind, the following six cards should serve your purposes well. Take a look and see what you think. 

Samsung EVO 256GB

The EVO 256GB by Samsung is probably the best SD card on our list. Even with all of its many features, it still comes with a reasonable price tag. In addition to its respectable size, it loads games rather quickly. As it is under the Samsung brand, you can also count on this card to be reliable and durable. 

Beyond all of the characteristics just mentioned, the Samsung EVO is also water-resistant. This is great considering the portable nature of the Nintendo Switch. Users will also appreciate the fact that this card is not hampered by temperature fluctuations or x-ray and magnet use. 

SanDisk 256GB Micros SDXC

If you are looking for a card certified explicitly by Nintendo, this one by SanDisk fits the bill. It has a great warranty to boot, although you will pay a bit more for this card. It is rated to load games quickly, so you will not be waiting around when you are ready to play. This card is fully compatible with your Nintendo Switch and ready for you to load tons of games on it. 

SanDisk Ultra 400GB

Of all the cards on this list, this one by SanDisk probably packs the best value for you. At 400GB, it has a high storage capacity that users with a lot of games in their library will appreciate. You can use this card with your Nintendo Switch, smartphone, or any number of other mobile devices. That adds to its appeal for many users. 

SanDisk Ultra PLUS 256 GB

Given that 256GB is more than enough storage capacity for most Nintendo Switch users, this SanDisk card will serve its purpose. This is a card that continues to get rave reviews by users, year after year. It comes with a great warranty, so you know that SanDisk is backing up the quality of the product. 

In addition to its rugged design, this card will stand up to being dropped on most types of surfaces. It can also be briefly submerged in water without compromising its data. In addition to that, the Ultra Plus SD card is temperature and X-ray-proof. 

SanDisk 1TB Extreme MicroSDXC

If you are the type of player who enjoys going from game to game, you will love this card’s storage capacity by SanDisk. With a whopping 1TB capacity, you can load just about every game imaginable on your card. Beyond that, the card comes with an incredibly fast load time for each game, so you will not be left waiting around very long. 

Lexar Professional 666x

This card has the smallest capacity on our list, but it is also an incredible value. If you are on a strict budget but still want to play your favorite Nintendo Switch games, you will want to consider this card. It comes with speedy load times for your game, as well as a great warranty offered up by Lexar. 


This list should help you decide on an excellent SD card that will serve you and your Nintendo Switch well. The key is to get a card that works for you and the way you game. If you only play a few games and are happy with that, one with limited storage is fine. However, go for a bigger capacity if you plan on adding quite a few games to your library.