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The Best 7 Rocket League Cars (Ranked)

The Best 7 Rocket League Cars (Ranked)

If you are looking for some fun games that are also free to play, Rocket League is the place to start. This is a racing game that makes use of some enjoyable cars to whip around the court in. As you begin to explore the various options, you will undoubtedly want to know which cars are the best and why. 

In order to save you some time, we have reviewed many of the current Rocket League cars currently available and ranked them for you. Take a look and see which of them suits your driving style the best. You can be shooting the ball with ease on your computer in very short order. Continue reading to see what they have to offer. 

The 7 Top Rocket League Cars

Like virtually any type of franchise, some Rocket League cars help you score first, while others will leave you lagging far behind. The following list of the seven best Rocket League cars will get you where you want to go faster and with much better results. 

The Octane

This is considered by most to be the classic Rocket League Car, but it continues to be rated the best one for many reasons. Both beginner and advanced drivers alike appreciate the way The Octane maneuvers around the court. It is a tall car that handles well. It will leave you in the top tier of virtually any competition you enter, so be prepared to go fast and take no prisoners. 

The Merc

When it comes to unique-looking Rocket League Cars, The Merc is at the top of its class. It is built like a brick, so you know that it will get you through trouble should it arise. While it might not take the corners as well as you would like, it rates highly for aerial shots and ground play. You will find that you can play great defense with this car, with offense coming for those who can handle it. 

The Breakout

This is one of the most narrow and long Rocket League cars you will find on the circuit. In the real world, it would race right there alongside the Lamborghini Diablo GTR, so you know that you are in good company. If you like and can handle speed, The Breakout will be the best car for you. Just keep in mind that it might be a little weak at times on defense. 

The Batmobile

This one is designed just like you would expect. The Batmobile is a true fan favorite. It sits low to the ground, giving the driver some excellent control over its many features. It also does well with both ground and air shots, making it one of the best Rocket League cars by far. Because it is so short, it works well with defensive maneuvers but not with 50/50 driving. 

The Fennec

When you take one look at The Fennec, you will probably fall in love with its design. Drivers appreciate the way this car is built because it is designed to take sharp curves effortlessly. The handling features are among the top in the Rocket League. You may notice that it is a bit heavier than some of the other cars, so speed is probably not its best attribute. 

The Dominus

The Dominus just looks cool. It sits low to the ground and is great for those times when you need to aggressively attack other cars on the track. It does exceptionally well with aerial shots, and its fast speed can also help get you out of a jam. However, sitting so low to the ground means that it has a hard time staying on the defensive on the ground for very long, so keep that in mind. 

The Scarab

This is a difficult car to learn how to drive, and it certainly wins points for the most creative design. That being said, it is one that you are going to have to adjust should you decide to go with it. The Scarab has a round shape that makes it a bit more difficult to get air shots out of. You might also find some difficulty in controlling the direction of the car at times. 


Since you really cannot go wrong with any of the cars on this list, now is the time to stock up. Try out as many as you can and see which ones leave you coming out on top more times than not. The key is to have fun and select a Rocket League car that can bring you the most enjoyment possible.