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The Best Attachments for Your Nerf Blaster: Upgrade Your Gear with These Mods!

The Best Attachments for Your Nerf Blaster: Upgrade Your Gear with These Mods!

Nerf guns have been a fun pass time for people of all ages for years and will continue to bring fun for years to come. Each Nerf gun comes equipped with the basic features needed for firing darts.

However, sometimes when we want to push our Nerf guns a little further, they need some added modifications. Luckily, each Nerf gun is built to have the right modifications added in order to make the gun perfect for what you want to use it for!

With a few modifications, your Nerf gun can shoot more darts before needing to be reloaded, a further distance, and more accurately! Keep reading to find out our favorite modifications to upgrade your Nerf gear!

Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit

Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls of a Nerf blaster is that there is a very limited range. This means that in order to hit your desired target you will need to be within a certain (and rather short) distance.

However, with the Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit you can modify your Nerf Modulus to be the perfect long range weapon!

The long range upgrade kit comes with three different modifications. Use them all together or use only one in combination with your other Nerf modifications!

The three modifications in this kit are the long distance scope, long barrel, and a folding bipod!

Use the scope in combination with the long barrel in order to see targets more clearly and be able to hit them more accurately!

With the folding bipod, you can stabilize your shot. Further increasing your accuracy and aim!

Is your blaster arsenal mising the Nerf Modulus? Add one to your arsenal by ordering one off of Amazon here!

Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit

In a lot of Nerf games, being stealthy is a necessary asset. Unfortunately, you may find that your basic Nerf gun is not covert enough for your next mission.

Make your Nerf Modulus the perfect weapon for covert missions or games by using the Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit!

This kit also comes with three separate attachments: the Red Dot sighting, Proximity Barrel, and the Pivot Grip.

Not quite sure where your dart is going to hit? With the red dot sight you can see exactly where you are aiming and where your dart is going to hit!

Make your Nerf Modulus even more accurate in close ranges by using the proximity barrel attachment. Achieve a more stable shot by using the pivot grip handle attachment!

Mix and match this Nerf Modulus upgrade kit with your other modifications to create the perfect weapon for whatever game you are playing!

Nerf 25 Dart Drum Blaster Accessory

A Nerf gun on its own can hold anywhere from one dart to ten darts or so. After those darts run out you will find yourself pausing the game to collect more ammunition, or even worse, you will be caught by your opponents without any ammunition to fight back!

However, with the Nerf 25 Dart Drum Blaster you can go even longer before needing to reload. This means there will be even more time for you to have fun with your crew without picking up darts!

While your opponents spend their time collecting their darts, you can focus on winning the game!

This Nerf blaster attachment is only compatible with guns that use a clip attachment. It is not compatible with revolver or barrel loaded blasters. Be sure to double check that this modification will work with your Nerf blasters before purchasing it!

Do you need more darts to fill you and your friends’ dart drums? Get 200 more darts for your Nerf arsenal by clicking here on amazon!

Nerf Modulus Grip Blaster

Have you ever been in a Nerf war and just could not seem to get darts out fast enough? Most Nerf guns only have one barrel and therefore can only shoot one dart at a time.

While some Nerf guns can fire darts fairly rapidly, it still might not be fast enough for the Nerf game you are playing.

If this is the case, add an extra barrel to your Nerf Modulus blaster with the Nerf Modulus Grip Blaster attachment!

The Nerf Modulus Grip Blaster is simply a second gun attached to the underside of your Nerf gun. This modification is not just an extra barrel controlled by the same trigger that controls your primary barrel, it has its own handle and trigger system too!

Since the attachment gives your gun a second grip point, not only does it give you more firing capability, but it gives you more stability as well!

Not only does this attachment work great with the Nerf Modulus, but it functions on its own as well! So use it yourself or pass it on to another player for more fun!

Nerf Rival Red Dot Sight

With any Nerf gun, it can be difficult to tell exactly where you are aiming and where the dart is going to hit. With the assistance of a sighting scope, you can get a better idea of where your shot is going to go!

Use the Nerf Rival Red Dot Sighting scope in order to achieve the best aim possible. This sighting scope is equipped with adjustable sighting features and an anti reflective lens to ensure you will not miss any of your shots due to glare.

Powered by two AA batteries, the Nerf Rival Red Dot Sight is the perfect attachment to increase your accuracy and aim! Just be sure to check that you do not need to replace the batteries before entering each of your Nerf battles.

Do you not already have a Nerf Rival gun in your blaster collection? Get one for your next Nerf war on Amazon by clicking here!

Nerf Modulus Blast Shield Upgrade

While most Nerf modifications and attachments are designed to help you fire darts farther or more accurately, for some Nerf games you may want to try out some less offensive modifications for your Nerf gun.

The perfect defensive modification for your next Nerf battle is the Nerf Modulus Blast Shield Upgrade!

No matter what Nerf game your and your crew are playing, chances are you will become a target. Turn your Nerf gun into a shield and block every shot taken by attaching the Nerf Modulus Blast Shield!

This modification will not work with scope modifications and attachments. With this in mind, if the Nerf game you are playing will require long distance shots, you may want to choose a scope attachment instead of the shield. However, if the Nerf game will include many close up shots that you may have a harder time dodging, use the blast shield to up your game!

Nerf-N-Strike Spectre Rev 5 Barrel Extension

The Nerf Spectre Barrel Extension was released in 2010 and is a simple front end attachment compatible with many versions of Nerf guns.

The spectre barrel attachment is designed to look like a suppressor and adds a little bit of noise cancellation to your Nerf gun (disclaimer: your Nerf gun will still make quite a bit of noise; this attachment is only designed to LOOK like a suppressor not operate as one).

The Nerf-N-Strike Spectre Rev 5 Barrel Extension is designed to give your Nerf gun a more accurate shot over a longer distance.

With a wider inner diameter, the barrel allows your Nerf darts to pass through seamlessly without any interference. It is this feature that allows darts to fly farther and straighter.

According to Nerf Fandom this is the only Nerf “barrel attachment that does not hinder darts fired through it.” So take advantage of this one of a kind attachment and order yours by clicking here!

What to Consider When Buying Nerf Attachments / Modifications

When you decide to purchase some attachments or modifications for your Nerf guns, there are a few things you are going to want to consider beforehand.

First and foremost, you need to know what guns and attachments you already have in your arsenal.

Do not waste money accidentally buying a gun or scope you already had just because you did not take the time o check first. Put that towards modding your Nerf guns in new ways!

So before you even look online at new attachments, do a quick inventory of what you have on hand. Do not be afraid to make a list so you do not end up forgetting about an item you already have while shopping!

The second thing to consider when modding your Nerf guns, is what you are going to be primarily using each gun for.

Let’s be honest, we all favor one gun over another when it comes to certain games! There is no shame in sticking to the same gun for one or even all your Nerf battles!

So after you know what gun you prefer to use in each Nerf battle, you can start to determine which modifications will be most helpful in that specific game’s situation. For example, a scope might be helpful in a game of Gladiator but may not come in handy while playing Mafia.

Be sure each modification you purchase is going to benefit you in your Nerf wars, not get in he way of winning!

After purchasing a few modifications for your guns, you may find that one gun now works better than your go to choice. Do not be afraid to try out a new set up and mix and match your modifications!

How to Use Nerf Modifications / Attachments

Each modification and attachment you purchase for your Nerf gun should come with a set of instructions for use.

However, as we all know, instructions can often be confusing and may even feel counterintuitive to our goal.

On both the top and bottom of your Nerf blaster you will see some rails. For most attachments you will simply slide i on he rails until it clicks into place.

For others, set up may be a little more complicated than just sliding hem on. For example, any battery powered attachments will require you to remove the screwed on battery plate before you can attach it to the Nerf gun.

If you are still struggling to get your Nerf attachment to work, reread the included instructions manual and consult the Nerf manufacturer.

People Often Ask:

Can you build your own Nerf modifications and attachments?

While Nerf sells high quality modifications and attachments for each Nerf gun, you may be looking for a specific result from the modification and you just can not seem to find it with the store bought mods. In this case, it is perfectly fine to take a swing at building your own Nerf modifications!

Before you start to build your own personal Nerf attachments be sure to do some planning and sketching before hand. Measure the dimensions that your attachment will need to be and determine where it will fit best on the gun. Once you have a confident idea of how you will build your attachment, start collecting the materials and get building!

Need some inspiration for your first build? Check out this video on how to build your own flashlight attachment for a Nerf gun! Take your most epic Nerf battles from the day time to the night time as well!

Not feeling confident in your abilities to design and build your won Nerf modifications? No worries! Take a look at the modifications Nerf has designed specifically for your gun in order to up your game at the next Nerf war!

Are all Nerf modifications and attachments universal?

When looking at Nerf modifications online or in the sore you may notice that many of their attachment systems look very similar. Well the truth is, many of the Nerf attachments are cross compatible between guns.

However, this does not mean that ALL Nerf modifications and attachments will be universal. Each line of Nerf guns has its own line of attachments. At the beginning of each attachment name, you will notice the line it belongs to is listed. For example, the Nerf Modulus Blaster Shield will be compatible with any guns that belong to the Modulus line.

Be careful not to assume that just because the attachments are all made by Nerf that they will work with all other Nerf guns. Look to see that the attachment systems or the Nerf gun line match that of your gun before investing in new attachments.


Nerf guns have been and always will be fun to use on heir own, but with a few modifications, your Nerf battles can be even more fun and strategic!

Be sure to check the compatibility of each modification with the guns you own and how well each modification and attachment will alter your Nerf gun in battle before purchasing them. You certainly would not want to purchase a modification that makes it harder for you to win in the middle of a Nerf war!

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