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The Best Gamecube Controller for Switch

The Best Gamecube Controller for Switch

The Switch may be one of the hottest consoles on the market, but that doesn’t mean gamers should forget what came before. Luckily, one of the controllers of consoles past, the Gamecube, is still an amazing and nostalgic option that you can use to play your favorite games today.

Many people still use Gamecube controllers to this day because of the added comfort, the unique layout, and the throwback design. These controllers are not only stylish, they’re functional too. Perfect for games with long play sessions and quick intense motions like Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Check out the best one for you!

These are the Best Controllers You Can Use

The best Gamecube style controllers are the original controller, the Sades Joycon, the Hori Battle Pad, and the Power A wired and wireless controllers. Each of these options have their own pros and cons, but each will deliver a great gaming experience. 

The Original Gamecube Controller

The Original Gamecube Controller is easily one of the best choices. If you want a good Gamecube experience, why not go with the real deal? After all, the original is still widely regarded as one of the best controllers ever made. It’s easy to see why Nintendo still issues the controller to this very day, and most players agree that the original remains undefeated. 

Something to be aware of is that the original Gamecube controller can only be used on your Nintendo Switch with an Adapter, and lacks some of the buttons of more modern options. So you’ll have to keep a spare joycon handy, but the trade off is well worth it for the Gamecube experience the way it was always intended. 

Sades Gamecube Style Joycon 

The Sades Joycon are by far the most unique controllers on this list. While they look like GameCube controllers, they pack all the game cube functionality into a pair of joy cons. The left controller features a D pad and control stick, while the right features a layout highly reminiscent of the GameCube. 

These controllers are both cheaper and more comfortable than the original joy cons, and feature almost all their functionality as well. If you’re someone who primarily plays in handheld mode, but still wants a Gamecube touch, you probably won’t find a more appealing option. 

Power A Wireless Controller

The Power A Wireless Controller is a great modern day re-creation of the original that features buttons and modes that the original one lacked. This includes a home button, a screenshot button, and an extra shoulder button.

With these controllers you’ll have all the functionality of a switch pro controller, with the Gamecube style and form. This controller is also cheaper than a pro controller and even comes in bundles for your friends and family. For players who like to keep their controllers hassle free, the wireless option is definitely an advantage. 

Power A Wired Controller

In addition to the wireless controllers Power A also features a Wired Controller for those who really want to avoid input lag and battery concerns. These controllers can be plugged into the USB port on the switch dock directly so you don’t need to worry about an adapter. 

While this means you can’t use it in handheld mode, you’ll find that the upgraded buttons and good build quality are probably worth the sacrifice. These controllers are also officially licensed by Nintendo so you have a good guarantee on quality.

Hori Battle Pad

The Hori Controller is perfect for people who want both style and function. These controllers feature buttons not found in the original game cube controller for many alternatives that function as a quick access button that could really put you ahead in intense scenarios. They also feature a turbo function. 

One advantage that these controllers have are that they come in a variety of themes and colors so you can add a bit of personality to your controller. These are all themed after your favorite Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon. When playing with friends, or even just by yourself, these will definitely stand out. 

Why Consider a Gamecube Controller?

If you want to relive the thrills and excitement of the Gamecube while still enjoying all of the conveniences and features that current games have to offer, you should certainly consider adding a game cube controller to your arsenal. 

It’s easy to see why many gamers still choose this controller after all these years, and that’s unlikely to change even when the next system is out. These controllers may be the game changer you’ve been looking for if you want to maximize the potential of your games.