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The Best Nerf Rival Guns: Which One is Best for You?

The Best Nerf Rival Guns: Which One is Best for You?

Released in 2015, the Nerf Rival series is different than any other commonly known Nerf gun. Besides firing a unique projectile, these Nerf guns have a uniquely designed tactical rail and have a few exclusive add-ons. However, individual models within the series offer specific features that may not be found in others in the line, so how do you determine which one is best for you?

Below, we’ll take a look at the best blasters the Nerf Rival series has to offer!

Nerf Rival Kronos XVII-500

Nerf Rival Kronos XVII-500 with both team flags attached

The Nerf Rival Kronos XVII-500 is one of the more affordable Nerf Rival options that still gives you plenty of bang or your buck! While the blaster only has an ammo capacity of five foam balls, the blaster has plenty of other features to offer. The Kronos uses a spring action system that can launch foam balls up to 90 feet per second.

Looking to get some team action in during your next Nerf war? The Nerf Rival Kronos can be purchased in either red or blue color schemes. Making them (and other Rival series guns) the perfect use for team play. However, with the release of the new Phantom Nerf Rival color schemes, you may be wondering how you will use this white blaster in the upcoming team match.

No need to worry; Phantom Rival blasters include blue and red flags to help you distinguish which team you are on. All you have to do is simply clip your team’s color onto the handle ring of the blaster and join the battle! Even if you are not using them for team play, you can attach both flags on the end of your blaster to give the Kronos a bit more flare.

One of the newest crazes with Nerf blasters is being able to modify them and customize it to make it truly yours. You may be wondering, however, which blaster will be the easiest to modify. The answer is the Nerf Rival Kronos! Whether you are looking to add attachments on the tactical rail, convert the spring system for more power, or complete any other customization the Nerf Rival Kronos is the perfect blaster to do so on.

Easy to load and prime, the Nerf Rival Kronos XVII-500 is a great blaster for anyone who may be younger, looking for a compact blaster, or is looking for something to easily customize!.

Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200

Nerf Atlas and Magazine; Facebook Marketplace

The Nerf Rival Atlas, one of the more elite Nerf Rival blasters, has been given a unique nickname. This blaster is known as the Rival Shotgun, and for good reason too! Also built with a spring powered system, the Nerf Rival Atlas can fire foam balls 80 feet per second. While this blaster may be slower than many of the other Nerf Rival blasters, the Nerf Rival Atlas stands out because it fires not only one foam balls at a time but two!

Load 12 foam balls into the magazine and easily start blasting your way to victory. While you may worry that having two barrels will make the blaster less accurate, the Nerf Rival Atlas fires foam balls with precision and accuracy.

The magazine can be easily inserted on the top of the blaster but does come with some difficulties. At the front of the magazine you will see two smalls button releases. If these buttons are bumped while the magazine is being loaded the magazine will drop several foam balls and may even lead to jamming.

However, this can be avoided by taking our time while loading to find the perfect angle. Once you find this angle you can start to speed up the process with less error!

Not only does this blaster fire well, but it includes a safety feature. Simply press the trigger lock in and you can run across the blaster course without worrying about losing any of your foam balls to accidental misfires.

Get the Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 for your Rival arsenal here!

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200

Nerf Rival Zeus still in box; Facebook Marketplace

Looking for a bit more power than the Nerf Rival Kronos or the Rival Atlas? With the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200, you can get more power through the machine powered firing system. Since this blaster is machine powered it will require 6 C batteries which are not included in the purchase of the blasters itself.

With a bit larger ammo capacity of 12 foam balls, the added power helps give you an edge over the rest of the competition. The best part of loading this blaster is that you can load it from either the left or right sides. This means it is the perfect ambidextrous Rival blaster.

Want to work on your aim? Built in on the front of the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV- 1200 is a flip up sight! Want to add some more attachments to help improve your battle skills? The Nerf Rival Zeus features not one, but two tactical rails to pimp out your battle blaster!

Watch the Hasbro promotional video for the Nerf Rival Zeus below!

The Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 is the perfect blaster for those looking for an easy loading system. This is especially true for left handed Nerf enthusiasts. Since most Nerf guns are typically designed for right handed use, left handed Nerfers might be frustrated while trying to load or reload quickly in Nerf battles.

Since the Nerf Rival Zeus can be loaded from either side it is the perfect ambidextrous blaster (the perfect choice or those who are left or right handed).

Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000

Nerf Rival Artemis; Facebook Marketplace

Next up we have the Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000. Once again climbing in capacity, this blaster can hold up to 30 rounds of foam balls. When you open the packaging, there is no assembly required. All you need to do is fill the blaster with the included foam baalls and you are ready to start shooting!

This blaster does not use magazines like the other Nerf Rival series blasters instead it uses a permanent barrel. Pull the hopper slide back and fill it with the foam balls. Once the hopper is full let go of the hopper slide, pump the front action slide and pull the trigger.

One of the unique features of this blaster is the unique rotating barrel. Each time you pull the trigger watch the front barrel rotate! While this does not serve any tactical purpose, it does lead to a more unique blaster for your next Nerf battle.

Like many other Nerf blasters, the Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 includes the slam fire function. This means that you can pull the front slide back and then hold down the trigger without having to pump the slide for each shot. While this function may not add to your blaster’s accuracy, it can come in handy for firing at multiple targets.

Watch this unboxing video to learn about all the many features of the Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000!

Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000

Nerf Rival Corps Hades; Facebook Marketplace

The Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000 has the third largest ammo capacity of any of the Rival blasters. With sixty foam darts in your arsenal, you can be ensured you’re prepared for every obstacle you encounter in your Nerf battles.

Like the Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000, this blaster is built with its own integrated magazine system. This means that you can not remove the magazines or swap them out with others while in battle. The Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades is loaded and reloaded the same way as the Artemis! Pull back on the upper slide to open the ammo chamber and fill it with the foam balls, release the slide, pump the front slide and start firing!

No batteries needed, this spring powered blaster packs a punch without any of the extra set-up or wiring. The Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVII-6000 fires foam balls at a rate of 100 feet per second!

This Rival blaster is the ultimate Nerf rifle. Watch the following video to see the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades in action!

While this blaster is not available in the classic red or blue color schemes, this blaster is available in the sleek Phantom Corps colors of white and black.

Like the rest of the Rival Phantom Corps series blasters, this blaster includes two flags–one red and one blue–so that you can continue team play with the new and improved smooth look!

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Nerf Rival Nemesis unloaded

The Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is one of the largest capacity, motorized Nerf Rival blasters. With an ammo chamber built to hold 100 foam balls. It gives both high capacity and ultimate precision making it the perfect blaster for anyone looking to up their game in their next Nerf battle.

Since the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is motorized, it requires 6 D batteries in order for use; however, if you do not want to spend money and time continually replacing these batteries as you use your blaster, you can invest in the Nerf Rival rechargeable battery pack! Having one or two of these battery packs is the perfect addition for any long-duration blaster battle. Have one battery pack charging while you play so you are ready to simply swap it out and keep playing!

Not only does this battery pack make for easier charging, but the Nerf Rival rechargeable battery pack increases the rate of fire! This battery pack is compatible with all motorized Nerf rival blasters except for the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 (mentioned above).

With 100 rounds of ammo, it is unlikely that you will need to buy any more for quite some time. One of the cool features of the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10k is the large clear hopper. Watch the foam balls fly out of the hopper and always know before you need to reload! Not only is the hopper clear but it is easy to load too, making it the perfect blaster for quick loading!

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

Nerf Rival Prometheus still in box; Facebook Marketplace

Finally, we have the ultimate Nerf Rival blaster. With the largest ammo carrying capacity of 200 rounds of foam balls and high-powered firing, the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K is the perfect blaster for all competitive Nerfers.

Unlike other Nerf guns where the handle is located on the bottom, the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K has two handles that are located on top of the blaster. This makes the blaster perfect for firing at targets around waist height.

Once again featuring the large clear ammunition hopper, the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K not only operates efficiently but looks great while doing so! Easily load the hopper from the top, close the hopper door, and start playing. The super-powerful firing system of this blaster can shoot foam up to 8 foam balls at a rate of 100 feet per second.

Skip adding the batteries; the Nerf Rival Prometheus includes the Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack. Due to the larger size of the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K, it also comes with a neck and shoulder strap in order to give you easy carrying while in battle.

Once again, this blaster is only available in the Phantom Corps color scheme (white and black). However, if you are looking to continue with team play, the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20k comes with both the red and blue colored team flags. However, the flag clip goes on the front of the blaster which could cause problems if it gets in the way of the barrel.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Nerf Rival

Now that you know which Nerf Rival blasters are the best for general use, it’s time to look a little more in-depth to find the perfect Rival blaster match for you.

When purchasing the perfect Rival blaster for your next battle, be sure to consider firing capacity, blasting power, size, and even the color scheme!

Firing Capacity

When we refer to the firing capacity, we mean the total amount of foam balls the blaster can hold. Depending on the blaster the ammunition will be stored in either magazines, a hopper system, or single ball loading.

  • The easiest loading system is the magazine system. With these blasters, you can easily switch out an empty magazine for a preloaded magazine. However, these blasters tend to have a smaller firing capacity.
  • If you are hoping to be able to fire for a longer time period without having to reload then a hopper system is the right way to go.
  • As for single ball loading systems, these types of blasters are better for younger Nerf users or for those who are focusing more on precision targets rather than firing at multiple targets at once.

Which Nerf Gun Holds the Most Bullets?

When preparing for any type of Nerf battle, you most likely do everything you can to have the most ammunition prepared as possible. However, it would be much easier to feel prepared whhile in a Nerf battle if your blaster simply could hold more bullets than the rest of your competitors.

Currently, the blaster with the highest ammunition capacity is the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20k. This blaster is sold claiming it can hold up to 200 foam balls; however, this blaster can hold an astonishing 275 balls and still fire properly!

When it comes to holding just regular Nerf darts the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail Fire takes the title of largest ammo capacity. This blaster can hold a whopping 144 darts.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are several Nerf blasters that can only hold one dart at a time. These blasters include the Nerf Alpha Strike, Stinger Nerf Alpha Strike, Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster, and the Nerf N-Strike Nanofire.

Blasting Power

The blasting power is the rate of how many feet per second it can fire the ammunition.

The ability of the blaster to fire with large amounts of power is a desirable quality for all types of Nerf guns, especially Nerf Rival blasters. The more power the blaster has, the more likely it is to be accurate at both short or long distances. The blasters with the most blasting power are the motorized systems. These include the Prometheus, Nemesis, and Zeus.

If you want a non-motor-powered option that still provides lots of blasting power, the best spring-powered system is the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000. It fires at 100 feet per second, the same rate as many of the motorized Nerf Rival blasters.


Size is an important factor to consider when purchasing any type of Nerf blaster. No one wants a foam dart blaster that is so big it is difficult to carry or even to shoot. On the other hand, a blaster that is too small can be just as difficult to use as a blaster that is too big.

This means that before you purchase a blaster you should determine what grip size or type you prefer. Those with big hands might prefer the handle style of the Nerf Rival Prometheus; meanwhile, those who have smaller hands or shorter fingers may prefer the smaller design of the Nerf Rival Kronos.

Color Scheme

The final factor to consider when purchasing a Nerf Rival blaster is the color! If you and your Nerf friends enjoy team play, then purchasing an equal amount of Nerf blasters in both red and blue will allow you to easily know who is on what team.

However, as mentioned above, some blasters are only offered in the Nerf Phantom Corps color scheme. Since the colored flags on these blasters are a bit smaller, it may be a bit more difficult to determine which team someone is on at a glance.

It will also make one player stand out among the others if they are the only one with the white Nerf Rival blaster. Solve this problem by determining as a group to all get the Phantom Corps. By doing this you can easily switch the teams without having to change blasters. Another way to solve this color problem is modify your blaster to look unique to you! This does mean, however, that you will need to distinguish teams in some other way than by blaster color.


The classic Nerf design is great for users of all ages; however, for older Nerf enthusiasts the plain old foam darts may get boring. To give these more mature Nerf users the same fun and excitement, Nerf began the Nerf Rival series. This series provides more power and distance than the other Nerf guns and allows these older, more mature Nerf enthusiasts to consider pursuing their Nerf blaster hobby.

Some of the blasters may come at a higher price than a classic Nerf blaster but are well worth the added costs. With a new sleek look, the Nerf Rival Series gives you powerful blasting with both spring-powered systems and motorized blasters.