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The Best Nerf snipers: Which one is best for you?

The Best Nerf snipers: Which one is best for you?

There are hundreds of models of Nerf guns to choose from. Among those many options is a plethora of Nerf sniper rifles to add some stealth and accuracy to your blaster arsenal.

However, with so many options making a final decision on which blasters to buy can prove to be quite difficult. Luckily, with a little help from us here at Blaster Pros making your blaster buy does not have to be a struggle anymore.

Learn more about the many Nerf guns at your disposal here: How many Nerf guns are there? (Hint: much more than you think!)

So what goes into purchasing a Nerf sniper rifle, which rifle models are the best available, how on earth with so many blasters will you know which model is the right one to choose?!

Keep reading to find out the best Nerf sniper rifles and everything you need to know about buying one to add to your blaster collection.

Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6

Nerf Longshot CS-6 Blue

The Longshot CS-6 was released in 2006 for purchase and although it is a little bit older, the Longshot is still one of the best Nerf rifles you can add to your collection.

When you buy a Nerf Longshot CS-6, you receive a quality blaster with several handy attachments and features. These features include folding rifle legs for added stability, an extendable stock, and a scope for increased accuracy. Another feature to help improve the Longshot’s blasting ability is a tactical rail located on top of the blaster. With this rail, you can add sights or any other accessories that will make the Longshot a better tool for you.

The Longshot CS-6 blaster was the first Nerf blaster to introduce a clip system. This revolutionary addition allowed for future Nerf blasters to carry larger amounts of darts as well as quicker reloading.

Learn more about the Nerf Longshot CS-6 here!

This blaster operates with a bolt action priming system and is able to fire darts at a rate of two per second. While advertised to only fire darts over a distance of 35 feet, in reality the Longshot CS-6 can blast darts up to 55 feet away!

In order for some Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6’s to fire Elite darts they require some modification. Some choose to modify the blaster while others simply modify the darts themselves. Read here to learn How to Mod a Nerf Dart to Fire in Your Longshot CS-6.

Although this is a common mod done with the Nerf Longshot CS-6, it is not the only modification you are able to do in order to improve your blaster’s firing abilities. To find more mods and how to do them click here: Nerf Longshot Modding Guide: The best mods for your longshot!.

Ready to add this classic Nerf rifle to your blaster collection? Click here to order your Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 off of Amazon here!

Nerf Centurion MEGA

Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion and other blasters

The Nerf MEGA series truly took the blaster world by storm. Not only do these blasters fire darts much larger than the standard Nerf dart but the blasters are truly MEGA sized as well!

The Nerf MEGA Centurion is no exception to the series larger sized blasters. Released in 2013 the Nerf MEGA Centurion features a 6 dart MEGA clip and a stabilizing folding bi-pod.

One unique fact about the Nerf MEGA Centurion is that the blaster is actually the successor to the Nerf Longshot CS-6 (mentioned above).

Along with bigger darts and bigger blasters, the Nerf MEGA Centurionalso boasts bigger blasting! This blaster fires one to two darts per second and is capable of firing MEGA darts over a distance of 100 feet! What is truly incredible about all of this power is that the blaster is not even motorized. This incredible distance is achieved simply with a bolt action system!

If you are looking for a rifle that is sure to nail your target no matter what the distance, then the Nerf MEGA Centurion is the perfect blaster of choice.

Learn more about the difference between the Nerf MEGA Series and other Nerf Series here!

Although these MEGA sized blasters offer a new level of blasting, blasters as big as the MEGA Centurion come with their own issues. One of these issues is the different ammunition. As aforementioned, Nerf MEGA blasters fire a dart that is much larger than the standard Nerf dart. This means that if you purchase only one MEGA blaster, you will only have the number of MEGA darts that come with that blaster.

In the case of the MEGA Centurion, you will only have the 6 darts that come with the blaster purchase. This makes reloading more difficult since you will need to collect those 6 darts before you can begin firing again. The only other option is to purchase more MEGA blasters or MEGA dart refill packs.

Click here to get a Nerf MEGA dart refill pack for your Centurion blaster!

Another issue that arises with Nerf MEGA blasters like the Centurion is tied to the very features that make them more desirable than other blasters. Their size!

While this bigger blaster provides more power it comes with a much higher blaster weight. Many MEGA blasters are so large that they are difficult for smaller, younger Nerfers to carry or maneuver during blaster battles.

However, if you are strong enough to carry this large blaster then the accuracy and power of the MEGA Centurion are well worth the extra weight.

With the Nerf Centurion MEGA in your blaster arsenal and your competitors will not know what hit them.

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike; Facebook Marketplace

One of the newer Nerf sniper rifles is the Nerf AccuStrike RaptorStrike. Released under the N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series in 2017 the RaptorStrike is yet another bolt action rifle designed by Nerf.

The new AccuStrike Series is designed to improve upon the accuracy of other blasters and darts. This Nerf Series is potentially the most accurate line of blasters ever before sold!

Like the previous two Nerf model rifles described, the Nerf AccuStrike RaptorStrike features a bipod for added stability and accuracy. However, instead of only folding up when not in use the AccuStrike RaptorStrike’s bipod is attached to a tactical. This means that when the bipod is not in use, you can use the tactical rail for another accessory that provides a battle benefit to your blaster.

While many other Nerf rifles feature a tactical rail on top of the blaster for scopes, the Accustrike RaptorStrike does not. Rather, the blaster has a built in, flip up sight located on top.

Although the clips that come with the blaster are only big enough to hold six darts, the stock of the AccuStrike RaptorStrike features storage space for an extra clip. This gives the RaptorStrike a dart capacity of 12 darts at a time.

Learn more about the Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike on Nerf Wiki here!

Some of the key features of a good Nerf rifle is distance and accuracy. The Nerf AccuStrike RaptorStrike is able to fire darts accurately over a difference of 75 feet.

Watch the video below to see the Nerf N-Srike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike and learn more about its blasting abilities!

Impressed by what you see in the incredibly accurate AccuStrike blaster series? Get the Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike for your blaster collection and never miss a target again!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Sonic Ice

Nerf Retaliator with clip and darts

When it comes to choosing a good blaster for your next Nerf war, there is no shame in choosing a blaster that not only performs well but looks amazing as well!

The Nerf Retaliator blaster is sold in its original white shell color scheme as well as the special edition, semi transparent Sonic Ice Series color scheme as well. These two blasters perform the same but the Sonic Ice has a unique look that you just can not pass up.

Released in 2012 the Nerf Retaliator succeeded the Nerf Recon CS-6. The Sonic Ice series blaster was not released until 2013.

The Sonic Ice Series was released with the only intention of reshelling blasters. Blasters in this series feature no tactical advantage over N-Strike Elite counterparts.

Read more about the Sonic Ice and Sonic Fire Series here!

The Retaliator features a 12 dart capacity clip as well as a detachable stock and barrel. These stock and barrel extensions allow the Nerfer to customize their blaster to meet their needs in each and every situation they come to.

Although the Nerf Retaliator is operated by a pump action priming system, the blaster can fire darts at a rate of 3 per second. Unfortunately this blaster does not feature slam fire capabilities.

Another important factor of the best Nerf rifle that the Retaliator checks off is power. Although a much smaller blaster than most other Nerf sniper rifles, the Nerf Retaliator is still able to launch darts over exceptional distances. With this blaster, one can blast darts up to 90 feet away!

Get the Nerf N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Retaliator to be the next functional and good looking blaster for your arsenal by clicking here!

Nerf Modulus Longstrike

Nerf Modulus blaster and accessories collection; Facebook Marketplace

One of the newer blasters in the Nerf rifle collection is the Nerf Modulus Longstrike. Released in 2018 the Longstrike features a scope for longer distance shooting, a barrel extension to improve accuracy, as well as a bipod for stability while shooting.

Looking for more room to place your Nerf blaster attachments? The Nerf Modulus Longstrike features not just one, but THREE tactical rails. Find the perfect attachments for your Nerf blaster here: The Best Attachments for Your Nerf Blaster: Upgrade Your Gear with These Mods!

Although the Nerf Modulus Longstrike clips only holds 6 darts, the blaster purchase includes three clips to make for quick and easy reloading. These extra clips are able to reside in the extra storage space located in the blaster’s stock.

Improving upon the prior internals, the Modulus Longstrike is just a rerelease of the predecessor, N-Strike Longstrike CS-6. The CS-6 featured a reverse plunger system. However, the Modulus version of this blaster includes a direct plunger system that is bolt action primed allowing for more powerful blasting.

The Modulus Longstrike also features a series of buttons meant to help Nerfers deal with dart jams. Read more about these jam buttons here: Nerf Modulus Longstrike Review.

Another interesting fact about the Modulus Longstrike predecessor, the Longstrike CS-6 is that today it is one of the most expensive Nerf guns available for purchase. Read more about the Longstrike CS-6 and other valuable blasters here: The 10 Most Expensive Nerf Guns Ever Made!

The original Longstrike was only able to launch darts over a distance of 35 feet. However, after the blaster rehaul, the Modulus Longstrike was able to reach distances twice those of the CS-6. As well as firing at an average rate of 71 feet per second this blaster is able to keep up with the best of all Nerf blasters.

Get the Nerf Modulus Longstrike for your blaster arsenal and start blasting away your competition today!

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10

Nerf Modulus tri-strike and Attachments

Last but certainly not least is the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10. Another member of the Modulus Series, this blaster is all about customization for Nerfers.

Customizing the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 is extremely easy seeing as the blaster comes with a small collection of blasting accessories to choose from. These attachments include a scope, removable stock, dual rail barrel, drop grip, and a banana clip.

Not sure there will be enough room on the blaster for each of these attachments? No need to fear! There are FIVE tactical rails with which you can add your blaster attachments. Mixing and matching these blaster attachments allows for 30 different battle configurations for this blaster!

The Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 was released in 2015 and operates with an electronic clip firing system. In order for the blaster to operate you will need four “AA” batteries (these are not included with your purchase). Although the blaster is smaller than other Nerf rifles, the semi automatic electronic firing systems helps the ECS-10 propel darts further without all the bulky internals.

With the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 you can easily blast competitors almost 100 feet away from you!

Order the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 off of Amazon here and you will be sure to hit your target every time.

What to consider when buying Nerf rifles

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18

Purchasing a Nerf gun might be a spontaneous buy while at the local toy store for some. However, for more dedicated Nerfers, a new blaster purchase requires a little bit more planning and consideration.

When purchasing a Nerf sniper rifle there are several factors that you should consider in order to get the correct blaster. These factors include rate of fire, firing range, accuracy, functionality, customization, and dart capacity. Learn more about what each of these factors means and find the perfect blaster for you today!

Rate of Fire

When you are in a heated battle situation your main goal is to get darts out fast. In technical terms, the ability of your blaster to fire darts fast is known as the “rate of fire.”

Rate of fire is measured in darts per second (dps). This number does not account for moments when the blaster jams.

The most common rate of fire for Nerf blasters is any where between one to four darts per second. However, if you want a blaster that is capable of firing darts rapidly then you will be looking for a rate of fire closer to three to four darts per second.

Firing Range

A key component to a sniper rifle is being able to hit targets from further away. The further away from your target the more stealth you are able to maintain and the more likely you are to get an easier shot at your target.

The firing range for blasters varies depending on the angle of the blaster, the quality of the darts, and the firing system inside the blaster.

Most Nerf rifle blasters are able to reach distances of 50 to 75 feet. While this is a good range of fire for a foam blaster, there are some Nerf blasters that blow that distance out of the water.

These blasters include those in the Nerf MEGA Series. Some of the Nerf MEGA blasters are able to launch darts over distances of nearly 120 feet!


No matter what kind of Nerf blaster you are looking to purchase you want to be sure the blaster you choose is accurate. There is no point in purchasing a blaster that is not capable of hitting its desired target.

The best way to find out if your blaster is accurate enough for your competition needs is to try it out! If you decide the blaster is not the right choice for you, there is always the option to sell it, regift it, or let your children use it!

If purchasing several Nerf guns until you find the right one is not a viable option try skimming through the blaster reviews and watching some YouTube videos to see how the blaster actually operates.


Earlier it was mentioned that the Nerf MEGA Series featured several blasters that were simply too large for many Nerfers to easily handle while in battle.

The ability to carry your blaster and maneuver it while in battle is a crucial factor of purchasing a Nerf blaster.

Before you purchase your next Nerf blaster check out the dimensions and weight of the blaster. Be sure that it is a comfortable size and weight for you!

People Also Ask

What is the best Nerf Series?

There are over fourty different Nerf Series in existence. Currently there are only 17 series still in production.

While some Nerf series are clearly better than others, choosing the best Nerf Series for each individual Nerfer is just that, an individual decision!

The most popular Nerf Series is the N-Strike blaster line. While these blasters resemble that classic Nerf look, this series does not feature many blasters with out standing blasting abilities. In fact, the N-Strike Series is commonly referred to as Nerf’s experimenting phase.

After N-Strike came the N-Strike Elite Series. The Elite blasters improved upon the original N-Strike Series’ experimentation and boasted bigger blasting.

However, no Nerf Series can provide a blaster bigger than that found in the Nerf MEGA Series. This Series features supersized blasters that fire darts much larger than Standard Nerf darts. Not only are the blasters in this series bigger but they can launch darts over 100 feet away!

After the N-Strike Elite Series came the Nerf N-Strike Modulus Series. Blasters sold under this line have the power of Elite blasters but feature extra tactical rails and attachments for customization.

Although there are many Nerf Series that us the standard Nerf dart there are several series that use a unique ammunition set of their own. These series include Vortex, Rival, and Nitro. The best of these blaster series is by far the Nerf Rival Series.

Many Nerf Rival Series blasters are electronic and propel their unique ammo over incredible distances. Another reason Rival blasters fire further is the ammunition itself. Rather than using light foam darts, Rival fires dense foam balls. This makes the darts more aerodynamic propelling them further while still keeping it safe for blasting people.

One downside to the greater power of the Nerf Rival series is that younger Nerfers are advised against using them. The age recommendation for Nerf Rival blasters are 14 years and older. This is because a stray shot to the eye, especially at a close range, could potentially harm someone. Therefore Rival blasters should only be used by older, more responsible Nerfers.

No matter who you are the Nerf Series best for you is not likely to be the same as the person sitting next to you. The best way to find out which blaster series you prefer? Test a few blasters out! Even if you decide to choose a blaster from a different series, you can use the other blasters with friends and family!

What is the rarest Nerf gun?

With over a thousand Nerf guns being released to date, chances are you have seen one or two large Nerf gun collections.

When determining the worth of a Nerf gun collection, blasters are often priced based on how common they are in circulation as well as how easy they are to locate or purchase.

When starting a Nerf gun collection, Nerfers try to find those blasters that are worth more. In other words, they try to collect the rarest Nerf guns. Not sure which Nerf blaster is the rarest? Think you may already have the rarest Nerf gun in your collection?

While you might think some records would have been kept of how common each blaster was, the reality could not be further from the truth. In reality, it is quite difficult to prove which Nerf blaster is truly the rarest.

After considering the facts, many Nerfers agree that there are two blasters that could claim the title as the rarest Nerf gun: the Super MAXX 1500 and the Nerf Longstrike CS-6.

The Nerf LongStrike CS-6 is the predecessor to the aforementioned Nerf Longshot. At the time of its release, the Nerf Longstrike CS-6 was the longest Nerf gun ever produced.

Because the Longstrike claimed this title, Nerfers rushed to clear these blasters from the shelves. Nerf collectors are also more reluctant to give up this crucial piece of their blaster arsenal making it quite difficult for new collectors to find.

As for the Super MAXX 1500 Rapid Fire Missile Blaster, this blaster is regarded by the majority of devoted Nerfers as the ACTUAL rarest blaster in existence.

This blaster, released in 1994 as a part of the Super MAXX Series, is also known as the Arrow blaster. This blaster is so rare that there are only three or four known Arrow blasters remaining in existence.

If you are able to locate a Super MAXX 1500 Rapid Fire Missile blaster it is unlikely you will be able to find one with the original missiles still intact.

In order to fire this classic blaster one needs to pump the slide several times in order to stock pile enough air to launch the dart a distance of 45 feet.


These foam dart rifles meet all the requirements a good rifle should have: accuracy, functionality, customization, and capacity. While there are hundreds of different foam dart rifle blasters on the market that meet these requirements, none are able to match the quality and power of the Nerf rifles.

The Nerf Longshot CS-6, MEGA Centurion, N-Strike Elite Accustrike RapidStrike, N-Strike Elite Retaliator Sonic Ice, Modulus LongStrike, and the N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 are among the best sniper rifle blasters available. These blasters are the perfect choice for Nerfers of all ages, sizes, and skill levels and therefore take the title as the BEST Nerf sniper rifles.

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