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The Best Settings for Your Samsung Soundbar

The Best Settings for Your Samsung Soundbar

Using a soundbar can go a long way to enhancing the sound quality of your television and give you that theater-like experience. If you have just purchased your Samsung Soundbar, then you will want to ensure that you have everything set up to get the best experience possible.

Knowing how to set up your Samsung Soundbar will depend heavily on your purpose for buying it in the first place. Keep reading to discover the best settings for your Samsung Soundbar so you can have the best experience when watching television.

HDMI Connectivity

One of the most important parts of setting up your Samsung Soundbar is getting it connected in the right way. While there are many different options available for you to connect your soundbar, you may be wondering if HDMI connectivity is the best option.

Connecting your Samsung Soundbar with the HDMI is not only the most popular choice but is also the best option in most cases. HDMI gives the best resolution for your audio and provides you with the most advanced technological features available.

To use this option for your soundbar, all you have to do is unplug and turn off both your television and soundbar. Plug the HDMI cord into both devices and then turn them back on to complete the connection.

Once this is done, you should have your Samsung Soundbar connected to your television through the HDMI cable. This will allow you to receive the highest quality resolution for your listening experience.

Calibration Feature

The biggest reason people purchase a soundbar is to increase the quality of the audio coming from their television. Getting the sound settings adjusted to what works best for you and your needs is one of the most important steps.

Calibration of your Samsung Soundbar can be done in a couple of ways, depending on what works best for you. Adjusting the sound coming from your soundbar can mean the difference between a great listening experience and one that is just mediocre.

One way to calibrate your soundbar is to activate the auto-calibration setting on the menu so that it can make the adjustments that are recommended by the unit itself. Typically this is done by making default settings based on the sound coming through the television and soundbar.

If you do not want to adjust the settings automatically, you can manually calibrate your Samsung Soundbar based on your preferences. Many people prefer to do this themselves since they can get the sound exactly the way they want it.

Audio Syncing

One of the worst things that can happen when installing a new soundbar on your television is that the sound and video are not working properly together. This means that your soundbar is not properly synced to your television. 

Audio synchronization is one of the ways you can set up your listening experience without any type of interference. Getting this done properly means that your audio and video match and are not out of sync.

Most soundbars have an auto lip-sync correction feature that is built into the unit that will correct the issue should it arise. However, there are times when these things can be set up incorrectly, which can cause frustration.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI cable can sometimes fix the issue. However, in other cases, you may have to troubleshoot other options. With your Samsung Soundbar, when you follow these steps to connect the device, you should be able to eliminate the issue.

Soundbar Position

Like in real estate, location is extremely important when it comes to positioning your soundbar for optimal sound quality. This means finding the best place to place it so that you get the best resolution possible.

The best placement for your Samsung Soundbar depends partly on where your television is located. If you have your television inside of a cabinet, it is best to place your soundbar on top of the cabinet. This is because soundbars work best when they have ample room surrounding them.

In most cases, the positioning of the soundbar will also depend on where the speakers are located. This means that if they are on the ends of the bar, then you will want to ensure that nothing is blocking them from producing the best sound. If the speakers are in the middle of the unit, then you may have more flexibility.

Additionally, you may consider mounting your soundbar on the wall above the television, especially if the speakers are found below the bar itself. Keep in mind that positioning the bar as close to the television as possible will give a more realistic sound experience.

Turn Off In-Built Speakers

Have you ever been in an electronic store when the televisions are all on the same channel, and it sounds like they are all at different points in a program? This is because no two speakers and units render the sound at the same time. This can happen with your Samsung Soundbar if you have the in-built speakers still activated on your television.

When setting up your Samsung Soundbar, you will want to ensure that you have turned off the in-built speakers on your televisions. Although some people think this gives a better sound quality, it can cause equalizing problems.

When the two speakers are working at the same time, it will often result in an echo-type sound coming from the units. This is because the sound from each may not be rendering at the same time and can cause the sound quality to lower.

To fix this problem, best practices say to turn the in-built speakers on your television completely off to get the best sound quality possible on your Samsung Soundbar.

The bottom line is that the best settings for your Samsung Soundbar depend on your personal preference is. However, many experts suggest that you follow the above settings to get the best sound quality from your device.