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The Best Web Browser for Android TV is… (Top 5 Rankings)

The Best Web Browser for Android TV is… (Top 5 Rankings)

Android TV gives users the ability to access and stream their favorite TV shows and movies right from the Google Play Store or third-party apps. . Nevertheless, if you want to use your TV to search the web, you will need to use a web browser since Android TV does not have its own.

To discover the best web browser for Android TV, you will need to understand what the options are and which one suits your needs the best. Keep reading to learn more about the top 5 best web browsers for Android TV.

Puffin TV Browser

When it comes to a web browser that is compatible with your Android TV, there are specific features that you are going to need. While Puffin has not been widely popular with smart devices, it may be the perfect choice for your Android TV web browsing experience.

Puffin is a remote web browser that is said to be faster than other browsers since it runs off of remote servers. It is a browser that was specifically designed to support iOS and Android devices and is fully compatible with the Android TV.

Since you can download apps directly from the Google Play Store, the Puffin TV browser can be added to your main screen. This makes it easy for users to access the web browser when they want to look something up.

While the free plan works great for most users, many have chosen to upgrade to the Pro Puffin plan to gain more access. This is because, on the free version, Puffin limits the amount of time you can use the app for browsing the web.

Google Chrome

For many, it seems like the most obvious choice for browsing on your Android TV would be Google Chrome since they are the creators. However, you may be surprised to learn that the web browser does not come natively equipped on your television.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers for those on computers, laptops, and smart devices. Although you cannot download the app for Android TV, you most likely can from a third party to be your web browser of choice.

Since most people are already familiar with how Chrome operates, it may be the best browser to use on your Android TV. This is because by downloading it and logging in, your previous browsing history and favorites are already there.

While Google Chrome has its upsides, the biggest downside is that since it does not come equipped and you cannot download it from the Play Store, it may not be compatible with your Android TV remote.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is another popular web browser that you may have heard of that is used by many people all over the world. If you prefer Firefox as your web browser, you may want to download it to use as the web browser on your Android TV.

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that takes an approach to privacy while browsing the internet to a higher level. This web browser is available for download from third-party apps since it does not come with an Android TV.

Like Google Chrome, if you typically use Firefox for your chosen browser on your computer and other devices, your login should import your information. This means that once you download the web browser onto your Android TV and sign into Firefox, you will have instant access to your profile.

The only downside to speak of with Mozilla Firefox is the inability to download it from the Google Play Store. This means you will need to go elsewhere to find your downloadable web browser.

TV Bro

While most people choose to go with a web browser they already know and trust, others tend to continue their search for a browser that has other features. TV Bro is a web browser that not many have heard of, but it has features that you may want to consider for your Android TV.

TV Bro is an open-source web browser that is compatible with the Android TV and remote for easy browsing. The seamless scrolling and ability to save your previous search tabs when you close out the app makes this browser top-notch.

While you cannot download TV Bro from the Google Play Store, you can find it through other third-party applications to sideload it. Since the browser is intuitive to use, the learning curve is not very steep.

Additionally, many people worry about the safety of certain browsers and how they protect their privacy while browsing the internet. Since TV Bro is open-source, you can easily look into it and see how their security and privacy are set up.

TV Web Browser

Another web browser that is not widely known but can be used with your Android TV is TV Web Browser. Even though the name does not inspire creativity, it is a browser that many enjoy using for its simplistic nature.

TV Web Browser is an option that was built specifically for the Android TV OS. This means that it is not only compatible but is also an easy-to-learn browser that works seamlessly with your TV.

Although it was specifically designed for the Android TV operating system, as previously mentioned, it does not come equipped with it. This means that you will need to download it. However, the download is offered for free.

The design of the TV Web Browser is extremely intuitive to use with its left-side navigation menu that directs you to wherever you need to go. Some features of the browser include voice-activated search, browsing history access, search engine options, and the ability to customize your search engine.

Overall, there are many choices for web browsers when it comes to your Android TV. Picking one does not mean that you are stuck with it, however, since you can switch at any time. It is recommended that you use different browsers until you find the one that works best for you.