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The Sony Bravia Best Picture Settings

The Sony Bravia Best Picture Settings

Whether you’re rocking an OLED Sony Bravia or you’re still using an earlier model, you want the best picture possible. Yet, the best picture settings ultimately depend on what you’re using your TV for. For instance, you would consider different settings for playing video games versus watching cable TV.

Continue reading to learn more about optimizing your Sony Bravia to get the best possible user experience. If you ever have questions about operating your TV, consult your user manual or check out this reference guide from Sony.

There Are Different Types of Picture Settings for Your Sony Bravia TV

When you’re configuring the best picture for your Sony Bravia, there are two main options to choose from:

  • General settings. This will allow you to alter basic things about your TV, such as its sharpness, contrast, picture mode, and color. You can experiment with different settings based on your personal preferences.
  • Advanced settings. Your TV’s advanced settings take your options a bit further. Here, you can control everything about your TV’s picture, down to its frames per second rate. While you can experiment with these settings, keep in mind that you shouldn’t make changes frivolously.

No matter what settings you implement on your TV, you can always erase them by restoring your TV to factory settings. To learn about how to do this, consult your user manual.

How Do I Get to General and Advanced Settings?

You can get to general and advanced settings by pressing the gear icon on your remote. This will allow you to make and save changes at any time. If you don’t have the remove for your Sony Bravia, you can always download the App Remote application. This would transform your smart device into a remote where you can control your TV.

What To Know About the Best Picture for Your Sony Bravia TV

As noted, the best picture for your TV depends on what you’re using it for. For instance, if you’re watching movies, then you should have your TV in cinema or movie mode. Yet, if you’re watching live sports, you should have your settings set to vivid or dynamic.

The best way to determine what picture quality works for you requires you to understand the menu options. Here’s what you need to know about:

Making General Changes to Your TV’s Picture

When making general changes, you’ll need to understand these terms:

  • Hue. This is the picture’s shade. Sometimes, this is called “tint.”
  • Sharpness. This enhances the outlines around people, places, and objects, making them more defined. Contrary to popular belief, this does not make your TV’s picture clearer.
  • Brightness. This is a no-brainer; this refers to how bright the TV’s screen is.
  • Color. This controls how defined the picture’s color is. Fun fact: you can actually watch modern TV shows in black and white.

These are just some of the controls you can customize on your Sony Bravia TV. Here’s one more important thing to note: no control will transform your $300 TV into a $2,000 one.

If you want a clearer picture (imagine like one offered by a high-definition TV), that’s controlled by how many pixels the TV has. For example, a 4k TV (meaning a TV with 4,000 pixels) will have a better picture than a standard 1080-pixel TV.

Making Advanced Settings to Your TV’s Picture

Your TV will already have some advanced settings enabled. For instance, when you plug your Nintendo Switch into your TV, it will immediately deliver images at a faster frame rate than if you were watching a show.

However, sources recommend that for the best possible picture, one should turn off:

  • Noise reduction
  • Live color
  • Edge enhancer
  • Black corrector
  • Motionflow
  • CineMotion
  • Reality Creation
  • Clear white
  • Live color
  • Detail enhancer

After turning some of these settings off, you may change your mind and want them on. Again, enabling these features is easy; simply return to the advanced settings menu and make your changes.

Troubleshooting Your Sony Bravia TV’s Picture

You might have tried reconfiguring your TV’s settings and still might have a hard time getting a clear picture. If so, the following measures could remedy your problem:

Change the HDMI Cables

If you’re using a device that needs an HDMI cable and you’re getting a blurry picture, you should use a different cord. The cord could be old, frayed, or have bent connectors.

Re-Screw in the Coax Cable

If you’re watching cable TV on your Sony Bravia, if the cable isn’t secured into the wall (and into the TV), you could experience lags, interruptions, and pixelated images. Sometimes, inclement weather conditions and other factors could prevent you from watching cable TV as desired.

Restore Your TV to Factory Settings

If you’ve been toggling with your TV’s settings for a while, you might have made configurations that cancel each other out or affect the screen. When you factory reset your TV, it’ll be as though you’re unboxing it for the first time.

How to reset your Sony Bravia largely depends on what TV you have. You can learn more about resetting your TV by visiting Sony’s website.

A Final Word

The best Sony Bravia picture settings depend on what you’re watching and how you’re watching it. By accessing the TV’s general and advanced settings, you can curate your user experience to meet your preferences.