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The Three Best Gaming Monitors For PS4

The Three Best Gaming Monitors For PS4

Monitors are great alternatives to ordinary TVs when it comes to gaming since they’re cheaper, take little space, and some even offer better motion performance that provides excellent gaming. Choosing the right gaming monitor could dictate how you enjoy playing your PS4 games, and that’s why you only need the best. 

This article will look at some of the best PS4 gaming monitors, their key features, and their pros and cons. 

ViewSonic Elite XG270

It’s hard to talk about gaming monitors and not mention ViewSonic Elite XG270. The monitor is designed for gaming, and everything about it is elite, including the resolution and the frame design. The 27 inches display is crystal clear, enabling you to view all the details when playing. The backlight is also amazing, and that’s why this monitor has taken the first spot. 

Main Features


Motion blur is the enemy of gaming, and that’s why the manufacturers of this monitor have gone an extra mile to include the NVIDIA G-SYNC that reduced blurring significantly. The synchronized frame rates work together with the variable overdrive to ensure gaming isn’t slow or frustrating. 

Impeccable Resolution

The monitor supports 1080p resolution, providing you with a Full HD capability that is more than enough for gaming. To ensure you don’t miss a second of your gaming, the monitor comes equipped with an ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. It also supports HDMI and DisplayPort, making it a versatile monitor. 

Gaming Design Enhancement

Time and comfort are crucial to any gamer, and that’s why this monitor comes prepared to make your life easier. First, you get a reinforced headphone hook for proper auditory transfer. There is also the sight shield, ELITE RGB ambient lighting, and a built-in mouse bungee to keep you focused on gaming. 

Blur Buster Approved

Fast-moving objects could get hard to hit when gaming, and that’s why the monitor is equipped to handle this problem. PureXP blur reduction technology ensures that the picture remains crystal clear even in the event of high-speed gaming. 


  • It offers an amazing view an any angle
  • You can adjust the ergonomic stands for better viewing
  • The frame design allows for multi-monitor setting


  • The price is a little steep

Dell Alienware 240Hz

If you’re worried about the price and want to go for a monitor that offers similarly close features, but on a budget, then Dell Alienware 240Hz is the right option. It offers clear pictures, good refresh frames, but it’s only 25 inches. If you don’t mind the reduced size, you should get this monitor. 

Main Features

Impressive Native Refresh Rates

The monitor is among the few that come equipped with the IPS Technology and the 240Hz refresh rates to allow for optimal gaming. This ensures the pictures move in real-time as you game, and there is no necessary blurring. 

Proper Graphics Synchronization

The biggest problem all gamers face is picture lugging and distorted images. However, Dell has combined NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium to eliminate this problem. The graphics remain outstanding as they should during gaming. 

Advanced Cooling System

The monitor comes equipped with cooling systems around it to provide proper ventilation and avoid heating when gaming. 


  • Improved Full HD capability
  • It comes in a sleek design
  • It’s very affordable


  • The size is a little smaller

Acer Nitro XF243Y

The impeccable resolution, clear pictures, and speed is the reason behind the success of this monitor. You get a high-quality display on a budget that is capable of handling gaming, and that’s why it’s taking the third spot. 

Main Features

Impeccable Refresh Rate

Speed is of the essence when gaming, and the monitor comes equipped with 1ms VRB and 144Hz refresh rates. With such a feature, you don’t have to worry about the game dragging when you play. 

Outstanding Resolution

Only a few monitors of its class can outshine it in terms of resolution, as you get 2540p Full HD to give you crystal clear pictures. Additionally, it combines two technologies: AMD Radeon FreeSync and IPS Zero to stabilize the picture. 

Enough Space 

The 27 inches wide monitor is enough for any gamer as it doesn’t take up much space and is not too small for gaming. 


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s frameless
  • Two HDMI ports


  • The ergonomic stand isn’t great


PS4 gaming is only as amazing as the monitor you use, and that’s why you need to go for the best. The monitors mentioned here are worth the money as they’re packed with all the features you need for gaming.