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The Three Best Keyboards And Mouse For Xbox

The Three Best Keyboards And Mouse For Xbox

If you fancy using a keyboard and a mouse to play your favorite games, you’re in luck as Xbox consoles can support these gadgets. However, you should only choose the ones recommended by Xbox and other gamers for immersive gameplay. It’s also important to know that not all games can support using such gadgets, hence limiting you to fewer games. 

This article will review some of the best Xbox keyboards and mice, highlight their main features, and comment on the areas that need improving, which you will learn if you read on. 

Razer Turret Keyboard and Mouse

Razer is a household name in the gaming space, and it makes perfect sense why Xbox would agree to partner with them as the only licensed Xbox’s keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is specifically designed for Xbox gaming, making it easy for you to find your way around it. 

Main Features

Wireless – Razer Turret keyboards and mice are wireless, allowing you to play your favorite game across the room without worrying about hanging cables. To top it up, the gadgets are the only wireless keyboard and mouse combo supported by the console, making it unique. 

Xbox dashboard key – As mentioned, the keyboard is specifically designed for Xbox use since a dedicated Xbox dashboard key enables you to interact with the console’s interface, where you can change settings and view messages. 

Customized mouse – Speed is everything in gaming, and you can experience this with the mouse’s quick response. There are two thumb buttons that you can use to map an area within the game. The battery lifespan is also impressive able to last 50 hours. 

Mechanical Keyboard – Traditional keyboards are good, but they can slow down the gameplay. Razer Turret designed their keyboards with mechanical switches that offer quick feedback and speedy gaming to handle this issue. 


  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Xbox dashboard key
  • Licensed by Xbox


  • Very expensive
  • Shorter battery life if you use the lighting option more
  • It fits right-handed gamers only

HyperX Alloy FPS

Every gamer’s dream is to have durable gadgets capable of withstanding impact and pressure from other objects, and that’s what HyperX has banked on when designing this keyboard

Main Features 

Durable – Firstly, the chassis is made of steel strong enough to withstand pressure or accidents. Secondly, although the keyboard uses a cable connection, you’ll find the USB cable easy to unplug with little pressure. It’s a safety measure to prevent the console from falling in case you trip on the cable. 

Secondary Mouse – Although you only get a keyboard, you’ll find the device working well with Corsair M65 Elite, which is among the best gaming mice available. 

Media Control – This gaming keyboard comes equipped with media control buttons that enable you to mute, increase or decrease the game’s volume. 


  • Detachable USB cable
  • Steel frame for durability
  • Plug and play functionality


  • Only wired connection
  • No lap pad

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED

Logitech has been building a strong reputation in the gaming world, and its wireless Xbox keyboard is an excellent example. As the world is moving away from wired gadgets, Logitech saw the potential of a wireless gaming keyboard, which is doing incredible in the market. 

Main Features

Speed is everything – Gaming speed has always been the main issue for gamers using keyboards. However, the LIGHTSPEED capabilities ensure you get accurate and speedy feedback after pressing the gaming keys. 

Programmable keys – The keyboard comes equipped with six programmable G keys, which makes it possible to customize in-app commands. 

Bluetooth capabilities – The keyboard comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities to allow a wireless connection. However, this feature might not be as useful with Xbox one since Microsoft has ceased to include it. 

Mechanical switches – If you enjoy a quiet gaming experience, you’ll love this keyboard since it has Romer G mechanical switches that suppress noises, providing you with a quiet gaming experience without much interruption. 

Third-party Mouse – The keyboard doesn’t include a mouse, but you can use it with the renowned Razer Lancehead TE mouse that many gamers have come to love and praise. The mouse comes with a 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor with impressive sensitivity, allowing you to game easily. 


  • One year battery life
  • Romer G mechanical switches
  • Wireless connection


  • It’s a little bigger


Xbox is taking gaming to a whole new level by introducing keyboard and mouse gaming. The gadgets are perfect for people who don’t like using traditional controls. However, not all games support using these gadgets, and you should check with the game developers to know if you can play.