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The Top 11 Valheim Weapons

The Top 11 Valheim Weapons

Novice and experienced Valheim players alike are constantly looking for the best weapons in the game. With such a wide range of crafting options, you may not be able to organize the top weapons for attacks, defense, and more. Plus, with different advantages, it can be challenging to decide which weapons to use. So, what are the top 11 Valheim weapons?

Continue reading to learn about the top 11 Valheim weapons. Each weapon has various attributes to give you an advantage in different fights. Depending on the battle, you might want to focus more on a specific power: slash, blunt, knockback, parry, and more. The weapons below make the list because of their capability in leading you to victory.

Iron Sledge

The Iron Sledge is a more basic weapon than some of the others in the list, but it performs mightily. It is fairly slow in battle, but it has the highest knockback of any Valheim weapon, making its area of effect, or “AoE,” an excellent choice for fighting multiple opponents. You will need a lot of Iron for this weapon, as well as Ancient Bark, Ymir Flesh, and one Draugr Elite Trophy.

Blackmetal Knife

The Blackmetal Knife is the best knife in Valheim. It has a 10x backstab power bonus. In a fight with a quicker opponent, knives can come in handy in Valheim. With the Blackmetal Knife and a good technique, you will have no problem finishing a fight. The Blackmetal Knife is not entirely difficult to craft; you need Black Metal, Fine Wood, and Linen Thread.

Blackmetal Axe

The Blackmetal Axe is another great weapon for agility during a fight. Since it is a one-handed weapon, it is also ideal for speed, even with a shield. At the same time, it wields a tremendous amount of power. It has an excellent slash damage of 95 with a sufficient knockback of 60. To craft a Blackmetal Axe, you need Black Metal, Fine Wood, and Linen Thread, just like the Blackmetal Knife.

Blackmetal Spear

The Blackmetal Spear is best for its piercing damage of 105. If you are in a fight that requires medium-range combat without being far enough for a bow, the Blackmetal Spear will not fail to impress. It is a two-handed weapon, meaning that you cannot use a shield with it. So, it may not be best for opponents who strike quickly and constantly. One of the most significant advantages, however, is its special, spinning attack.

Fang Spear

The Fang Spear is another spear weapon that is useful in combat. Of course, it has similarities to the Blackmetal Spear, but some qualities set it apart. For one, the Fang Spear deals 3x more damage than a basic spear. It only has a piercing power of 70, but its high durability makes it a threat for throwing long-distance as a secondary attack. To craft, you will need Wolf Fang, Ancient Bark, Leather Scraps, and Silver.

Silver Sword

The Silver Sword is one of the best swords in Valheim. Some players prefer the Blackmetal Sword, but the Silver Sword has higher base damage. With a durability rating of 200, you will have no problem wielding this sword in combat. You can also make the Silver Sword at a lower level than the Blackmetal Sword. All you need is Silver, Wood, Leather Scraps, and Iron.

Blackmetal Sword

As mentioned, the Blackmetal Sword is a competitor for the best sword in Valheim. With a slash of 95, it is quick for attacks and works great when paired with a shield for parries. The supplemental ratings make it one of the best overall-rated weapons in Valheim. For the Blackmetal Sword, you need Black Metal, Fine Wood, and Linen Thread. 

Frostner Hammer

The Frostner Hammer is one of the best weapons in all of Valheim. With a combination of blunt, frost, and spirit damage, the Frostner Hammer outlasts any other club in the game. Its uppercut swing sends a burst of power through your opponent. The Frostner Hammer is a rarer weapon, so it can be tough to craft. You will need Freeze Gland, Silver, Ymir Flesh, and Ancient Bark.

Draugr Fang

The Draugr Fang is the most advanced bow in Valheim. While different arrows can be helpful in different fights, they should all be strung in a Draugr Fang. Its biggest advantage is the ability to shoot poison arrows. When used at long-range, hitting an enemy far away can make any further attacks unnecessary. The Draugr Fang is another rare weapon. To craft, you need Deer Hide, Guck, Silver, and Ancient Bark.


The Porcupine might be the best weapon in Valheim. With 50 blunt damage and 45 piercing, an uppercut swing with the Porcupine pairs well with the parry of a shield. It also has a knockback rating of 90, making it all the more useful for fighting multiple enemies. It is by far the best mace in the game. To craft, you need Needle, Iron, Fine Wood, and Linen Thread.

Serpent-Scale Shield

Although it is not a weapon in the sense that you cannot use it to attack, the 90 blocking power of the Serpent Scale Shield makes it the best defense weapon in Valheim. Though it might be one of the most challenging weapons to get your hands on, you will not regret the struggle of finding the materials to craft it. You will need Serpent Scales, Iron, and Fine Wood.


You can craft several weapons in Valheim, but only a select few will benefit you to the fullest extent. Finding the materials for some weapons can be grueling, but the results of the power you will have at your disposal are worth it. Blackmetal weapons are some of the most high-quality weapons you can get, but other, rarer weapons are even better.