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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Kamado Joe Success

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Kamado Joe Success

Are you a grilling novice looking to break into the barbeque scene? Have you been grilling for years but want to up your game? Look no further. In just a few minutes, you can learn about the ins and outs of using your Kamado Joe grill. That means no frustration and no worries when your big cookout (or small family gathering) rolls around.

Continue reading to learn about using your Kamado Joe, what accessories you can use, and how to get the perfect meal every time.

What Makes a Kamado Joe Different Than Other Grills?

Grilling is the oldest form of cooking, having been used for over 500,000 years. However, the kamado made its big debut about 3,000 years ago in China. The Chinese believed that this egg-shaped grill was hands-down the best way to cook rice.

Eventually, Japan took notice of this innovation and created its own version. Here, it was officially named the “kamado.” In World War II, American soldiers were in awe of the kamado, and after the war ended, they started popping up in hardware stores.

But what makes a Kamado Joe different than traditional grills? Well:

  • Kamado Joe traps heat, getting to and maintaining temperatures up to 800 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Kamado Joes are all-in-one devices. They can cook pizza, sear vegetables, and, of course, grill meat.
  • Because of their design, these grills are less likely to rust or break down over time.

Now that you’re on “Team Kamado,” you can start learning about how to use it.

How To Use Your Kamado Joe Grill

The first step starts with visualizing the end product. For instance, are you looking to gently sear thin cuts of fish, or are you looking to char a two-inch slab of meat?

When you’re ready to cook, you’ll need three things: your grill (of course), charcoal, and fire starters. Do not use liquid fire starters, as this will give your food a chemical flavor.

Now, follow these steps:

  • Open your Kamado Joe’s lid.
  • Remove the top grate.
  • Pour the goals into the grill.
  • Arrange the goal into a small hill; thinly spread on the outside, thickly spread in the middle.
  • Insert your fire starter and light it.
  • Wait until the coals catch.
  • Close the lid and open the bottom vent.
  • Wait until the grill gets to your desired temperature.

How To Control Your Kamado Joe Grill’s Temperature  

Unlike gas-powered or electric-powered grills, you can’t just turn a dial to turn the heat up. With the Kamado Joe grill, you control the temperature by opening the bottom vent. The more the vent door is open, the hotter the temperature will get. If you close the vent all the way, this will “choke” the coals and bring the temperature down.

You Can Outfit Your Kamado Joe with Various Accessories

When you bring your Kamado Joe home for the first time, you can start grilling immediately. However, there is a line of accessories you can get to pump up your experience.

Some accessories include:

  • The Kamado Joe Pizza Stone. Sure, you can put a pizza right on the grill and go from there. However, you might notice uneven heating or a burnt crust. You can get delivery-grade pizza with the Kamado Joe Pizza Stone. The stone absorbs the grill’s heat, so your crust is evenly cooked to perfection. It’s also easy to clean.
  • The Joetisserie. You don’t have to buy fresh rotisserie chicken anymore. The Joetisserie transforms your everyday grill into a lean, mean rotisserie machine. It works with six prongs and a motor. The meat will be so tender it’ll fall off the bone.
  • The Kamado Joe Cast Iron Griddle. With the cast iron griddle, you can use your grill for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s perfect for cooking eggs, sausage, bacon––you name it.

Want to control your grill using a smartphone? Consider getting the iKamand. This allows you to control your grill’s temperature, cook time, and other factors using an app.


Cleaning Your Kamado Joe Grill Is Easy

First things first: you don’t have to clean your grill every time you use it. Really, you only have to clean it once every few months. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the grill’s lid.
  • Remove the grate.
  • Suck out the charcoal using a Shop-Vac (or by hand).
  • Make a mixture of soap and warm water.
  • Rub the ash and soot off the ceramic interior.
  • Wash the grill grate in the sink (not the dishwasher!).
  • Re-assemble your grill.

Cleaning the outside of your grill isn’t necessary. Its design and coating make it resistant to rust. However, if you’re concerned about its exterior, you can always get the Kamado Joe grill cover.

A Final Word

Using your Kamado Joe is like riding a bike; the more you use it, the easier it’ll get, and once you master it, you’ll have that skill for the rest of your life.