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This is How to Move a Sleep Number Bed

This is How to Move a Sleep Number Bed

Having a Sleep Number Bed can be great for anyone who has trouble sleeping or has any type of back or other pain regularly. If you ever have to move, however, the task of breaking down and figuring out how to move the bed can seem overwhelming.

To discover how to move your Sleep Number Bed can depend on which model you have and whether or not you have a standard base or a different one. Keep reading to find out how to disassemble and move your Sleep Number Bed.

Break Down the Mattress

Taking the time to break down your Sleep Number mattress can ensure that your bed will get to its final destination without any damage. While moving a standard mattress is typically pretty simple, it is a bit more complicated when it comes to a Sleep Number Bed.

To break down your Sleep Number Bed’s mattress, you will need to follow a few simple steps to ensure that it gets broken down correctly. From opening up the mattress to removing the hoses and making sure all the parts stay together, it is important to take the job one step at a time.

The first step in breaking down your Sleep Number Bed’s mattress is to unzip the mattress completely. You will need to pay close attention to whether or not there is a secondary zipper on the bottom of the mattress. There is also typically a cover top that you should remove and place aside.

Secondly, whether you have a single or dual mattress, you will need to disconnect the hoses by pulling the gray tab. This will successfully release the hose from the air chamber. If you have a dual bed, you will need to follow the step on the other side as well.

Next, you can now begin removing all of the various components for the bed and begin folding them, if possible, and packing them. You may want to take a picture of each component as you are breaking it down so you will remember how to put it back together later.

The last step in breaking down your mattress is to pack your pump. It is important to keep in mind that the pump is a sensitive piece of equipment and should be handled with care. It is best to carefully pack it in a box that is secured with proper packing materials to avoid the pump moving around.

Prepare and Pack Your Mattress

One of the difficult parts of moving a bed is figuring out how to prepare and pack your mattress to avoid any damage. When moving a standard mattress, all you have to do is place it in a protective plastic sleeve. With a Sleep Number mattress, it is quite a bit different.

Preparing and packing your mattress properly requires that you decide whether you are going to fold or roll it up. This, of course, depends on what kind of container you have to pack it in when it is ready to move.

The first thing you need to do when preparing your mattress to be packed for moving is to ensure that you have packing materials that will accommodate it. This is especially true if you no longer have the original packaging.

If this is the case, you just need to ensure that you have either a cardboard box or hard plastic container that is big enough to hold the folded or rolled-up foam mattress. You should also make sure you have plastic to cover it or a plastic sleeve that you can double wrap it in to avoid any moisture seeping through during the moving process.

Finally, roll or fold your foam mattress and then place it in the plastic you have prepared before placing it into the moving container. You will need to be careful to ensure that it does not get ripped or damaged in the process of packing.

Break Down the Base

Typically, breaking down the base can be difficult or easy depending on what type you purchased when you acquired your Sleep Number Bed. With standard beds, it is pretty simple to break apart the base. However, with this type of base, it is a bit more complex.

Breaking down the base of your Sleep Number Bed, while extremely complicated, it is still important to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual. Additionally, breaking down your base depends on what type you purchased.

If you have the standard modular base, you will need to remove the decking panels by sliding them off of the frame of the base. After that, you can remove the center beam and then the panels of the base. It is important to keep in mind that this base is typically pretty heavy, so you should have help with this step.

The FlexFit Base can be a bit more complicated since it is motorized and is designed to raise, lower, and provide massaging options. This means that you are not only dealing with the base itself but also the power source that is used to operate the motor.

Follow these steps to break down your FlexFit Base according to the manufacturer’s specifications:

  • Disconnect the mattress retainers
  • Remove the decking panels
  • Disconnect the power supply
  • Disassemble the bed straps if you have them

Overall, moving a Sleep Number Bed may be more complicated than moving a standard bed. However, if you follow the proper steps, it can be done easily. It is important to note that this is a job that should not be done by yourself. Make sure you have someone helping you to avoid injury and damaging your bed.