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This Is How To Sell Your League Of Legends Account (Safe and Easy)

This Is How To Sell Your League Of Legends Account (Safe and Easy)

Many times you play a game and become so good that you want to start over. Or maybe you just want to retire that account. You can sell these accounts for quite some money instead of deleting it or resetting it. 

Your best option at selling your account is to go through an account sales platform. These make it easier for you to sell your account without worrying too much about dealing with issues. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your account.

You will need to take many steps to sell your account, but with so many online platforms and companies providing guarantees, you can sell your account with no worries.

This Is How To Sell Your League Of Legends Account (Safe and Easy)

Selling your account is pretty easy, especially today when you can connect with so many interested buyers. Before you sell your account, there are many steps you need to take to make the process easier and safer for you. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Attach a temporary email to the account you want to sell.
  • Be detailed in the description of the account.
  • Search for the account sales platform you want to sell through.
  • Create an account with that platform
  • Find a buyer and finalize the sale.

Attach A Temporary Email

You will want to create a temporary email that you don’t really care for so that you can give the seller access to it. You don’t want to expose your personal email address that may have private information in it. You also don’t want that information getting hacked.

To make sure you are protected, create this temporary email. Ensure the email doesn’t have any personal information in it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Be Detailed

You will need to make a detailed description of the account. Add all the customizations that will be given and any inventory you might have added to it. This will better your chances of selling the account and it will prove that you are a credible seller.

Ensure that you have provided a list of champions, skins, and other information. You may also want to include the liabilities that may come with selling the account. These will not be covered during the sale and will provide you with no responsibility if something happens after the buyer’s purchase.

Search For Account Sales Platform

There are many account sales platforms you can choose from. Refrain from selling it yourself unless you know the buyer personally. Even then, you may not get your money when you hand over the account, and you will not be receiving any support to get your money.

Account sales platforms ensure that you will receive your money so that when the transaction occurs, you don’t have to worry that the person buying your account just disappears. There are still risks, but these platforms reduce that risk.

Here are some account sales platforms you may want to look at to sell your account safely and easily:

Create An Account

Once you pick the sales platform you would like to go with, you will create an account with them. They may ask you to attach a payment method or your bank account. To get your money, you will have to attach this information.

If you don’t want to attach your bank account, most platforms will allow you to attach a PayPal account. This will help protect your bank account information if you are still worried that the website isn’t completely reliable.

Finalize Sale

You will then complete the process of selling your account once you find an interested buyer. Each platform may have a different process but it is pretty straightforward and they will guide you through their process.

Is It Illegal To Sell Your Account?

It is not illegal to sell your League of Legends account but it is frowned upon. If the company does find out that your account was sold or bought, they may suspend the account or even ban it. This is why you must let the buyer know of the liabilities they may face upon purchasing your account.

Risks To Selling Your Account

Any time you are selling anything, there are some risks involved. If you try to sell independently without a platform, you may find yourself handing over your account without ever receiving the money. A sales platform will help reduce this risk to get your money.

If Riot does find out that your account was sold, they can suspend your account based on your email or the account that was sold. It is not prohibited, but they don’t like it. There is very little chance of this happening because it technically isn’t prohibited, but there is always a chance.


You can now sell your account safely and easily without much hassle. Hey, you may even have it sold by the time it took you to read this article. Many buyers want a high-level account without going through the hassle of playing for so many hours.