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Top 10 Headsets with a Good Mic

Top 10 Headsets with a Good Mic

One of the top things you need to get the full effect of the game is access to the sound in the highest quality possible. Playing a game with sound effects can fully immerse you in the experience of gaming. It makes you feel like you are an actual part of the video game. 

Hundreds of different headsets meet these guidelines, but here are the ten best. 

Wasart Over-Ear Gaming Headphones

These gaming headphones are at the top of their class.  Not only are they comfortable and well-engineered, but they are also pleasing to view. The headphones are black with blue and silver accents. However, they have LED-lighted ear cups that help make them extremely attractive when playing. 

The headphones are an over-the-ear headband style with memory foam padding for extra comfort. The microphone on the headphones can be moved, so it is not in the way when you are using the headphones without the mic. You will also find a volume control button conveniently located on the cord for easy volume adjustment during play. You can purchase these headphones for between $30-$40.

Bengoo G9700 Gaming Headphones

The Bengoo gaming headphones are a great option, no matter what gaming system you are using.  They are white over-the-ear headphones with an LED light on the ear cups. The headphones also feature immersive 3D surround sound to allow the player to feel part of the game. There is a flexible, noise-isolating microphone that can be adjusted while playing. 

You will find the headphones are for any gamer. They are easy to adjust for the perfect fit and come equipped with an inline switch to control the volume, mic and LED light feature. These headphones can provide a hands-free gaming experience with epic sound. You can buy these headphones for between $20-$30. 

Astro Gaming Headset

These headphones offer a great sound system, including a flexible microphone.  They can be custom purchased to fit your gaming system and are wired headsets. The headphones have comfort fit so they do not sit too tightly on your head, yet they will provide enough coverage to block external sound. You will find an adjustable microphone as well as an included mix amp.

The included mix amp will help provide a customized sound experience during gaming. Because this headset is wired, you will have limited mobility, but it is made up for the stellar audio components. You can purchase this headset for between $250 – $300. 

NUBWO Gaming Headset

This budget headset checks all of the boxes for a quality device with a strong microphone.  You can choose between a black or red headset. The headset offers surround sound and a noise-canceling, adjustable microphone. The design of the headband is ergonomic so the fit will be comfortable for long-wearing. You can buy these headphones for between $15 -$20.

BEAVIIOO Gaming Headset

The BEAVIIOO headset has surround sound as well as a noise-canceling microphone.  You can find these headphones in both wired and wireless options. They are compatible with most systems, but you need to make sure an extra adaptor is not needed before purchasing. 

There is inline volume control, so you do not have to stop playing to adjust the volume. If you are playing a game that does not require a microphone, you can easily position it out of the way. This headset can be bought for between $15-$40. You can expect to pay more for the wireless/Bluetooth option. 

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

This headset option is ideal for a gamer that prefers a lightweight headset.  The Aluminum construction of this headset makes it both lightweight and comfortable with gel-infused cushioning. You will find surround sound as well as a retractable noise-canceling microphone. For ease of use, there is also an inline control for volume. You will pay between $100 – $150 for this headset. 


The BlueDee headset will provide a gaming experience you aren’t likely to forget. This over-the-ear headset has breathable ear pads, surround sound, and a noise-canceling microphone. The headband is retractable, which means it can fit all sizes comfortably. With universal compatibility, it will work with all systems. You can buy these headphones for between $40 – $50. 

ESKA USB Gaming Headset

This wired headset will give you the ultimate gaming experience. The headset comes in four color options with a noise-canceling microphone and surround sound. The headband offers a secure fit without discomfort and the earmuffs are padded with memory protein for added comfort. As an added feature, there is a gradient RGB light on each of the earpieces. The volume is controlled inline. You can buy these headphones for between $30-$40. 

NIVAVA Gaming Headset

The NIVAVA headset is a USB wired headset that is compatible with most devices. They have surround sound and a noise-canceling microphone. Because the ear pads are cushioned with a memory foam material, they are comfortable for long hours. An added feature to the headset is the ability to turn RGB lights on and off that will display on the earmuffs. The lights and volume can be controlled with an inline box. You can buy these headphones for between $20-$30. 

Pacrate Gaming Headset

This wired headset comes in four different color options, LED lights, a noise-canceling microphone, and surround sound.  The ergonomic and retractable headband ensures a comfortable fit for hours of playing time. A unique feature of these headphones is the ability for sound to play in real-time. This means you feel like you are fully immersed in the game setting. Some of the surround sound features will not work with all devices. You can buy these headphones for between $25-$40. 

Final Thoughts

Not all gaming headsets are created equal.  When choosing a headset, you not only want to look for quality, but you also want to find an appropriate fit. It is best to look at the return policy and warranty when purchasing a headset so you can return or exchange it if necessary.