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Top 7 Ideas For Your Minecraft Town

Top 7 Ideas For Your Minecraft Town

Once you learn the basics of Minecraft, you’ll be sure to set your sights on larger horizons. Since the game has a long list of items and a history of creativity in the community, you won’t be short on ideas. Setting up your own town, in either single-player or co-op, can bring some interesting opportunities.

If it’s your first time planning a town or you’re looking for something new, you’ll want to hear about other people’s ideas. You can be surprised by what other players have made in all the years since the game first launched. Read on to find out what you’re building next for your town.

Have a Mine-Based Town

Anyone that’s played Minecraft for more than a day knows how important mining is in the game. After all, it’s in the name of the title. The importance of resources, especially iron, is present for all players, regardless of how advanced they are.

To guarantee a steady mining operation, you should consider setting your town on top of or even inside a mine. You can have your own underground world as long as you have enough torches to light the way. It’s recommended that you find a spot in the world with ample ore resources before setting up shop, or invest in a system of multiple locations to transport between.

Build a Barn and Farm

To ensure a solid food supply, you should take time to develop a farm and barn. For a farm, tilling soil, planting seeds, and keeping water nearby are the basics. For a barn, keeping animals of the same species nearby will allow them to reproduce. However, you’ll want to put more time into this and create a building around all this to protect the work and anyone working on it from mobs.

Make A Sliding Door

There’s more to Minecraft than meets the eye. Beyond dirt and stone blocks, there’s a layer of science and mechanics to bear in mind. By using redstone materials and pressure plates, you can make a door that slides open automatically. While it may not be the ultimate key to survival, it will help you give your town a modernized feel.

Create A Fountain

Another creation that goes past stacking blocks, fountains rely on the game’s water physics to create an aesthetically pleasing flow. All that’s needed is a visually-pleasing material, such as iron or stone blocks, to make a frame for your fountain and a bucket of water. Place the water at the top to create the flow. If you dislike how it comes out, you can just scoop up the water and try again.

Set Up Roads and Highways

In Minecraft, most people are concerned with the basics of farming, mining, and hunting, evoking themes of hard, hands-on work. This doesn’t mean you can’t get modern with it, however. Establishing roads or highways can be a great way to connect different parts of your world so that you won’t get lost.

Establish Landmarks

Once you have the fundamentals of survival and function taken care of, you’ll want to look for something a little more extravagant. If you want to test your artistic abilities, getting creative with a landmark can be an excellent task for you.

These landmarks can range from skyscrapers to elegant buildings. Possible ideas include the following:

  • Lighthouse
  • Cathedral
  • Volcano
  • Pyramid
  • Museum
  • Statues
  • Clock tower

Of course, you can always draw on inspiration from real life when making your plans.

Create A Secret Spot

Everybody has their secrets, and Minecraft doesn’t have to be any different. Whether you plan on hiding from your teammates or want to channel your inner superhero, having a secret lair can be a fun project for you. While it may not be for the community, being preoccupied with the town’s needs may lead to you needing a break. Building maze-like catacombs will make sure your secret stays a secret.


Once you’ve downloaded Minecraft, you’ve opened up a whole new world of possibilities. The game has been in use for about a decade, and people are still coming up with new ideas. If you’re up to it, taking on some of the taxing challenges others have gone through can yield some incredible designs.

Having your own town in Minecraft is one type of challenge that opens up other challenges. Ensuring you and your party are guaranteed the basics of survival is essential, as will be expanding on such facilities. Thankfully, you’ll never be short on ideas and can always have your next goal to set your sights on.