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Top 8 Hooked on Phonics Commercials

Top 8 Hooked on Phonics Commercials

Established in 1987, Hooked on Phonics has provided educational materials to improve children’s literacy for over 30 years. Throughout that time, they’ve released a fair number of commercials to the public that ensure parents and educators nationwide are aware of what Hooked on Phonics can do for them and their children/students.

In this article, we are going to list the top eight Hooked on Phonics commercials. These were chosen predominantly based on criteria regarding how relatable, informative, and persuasive they are, although a sprinkle of creativity certainly doesn’t hurt.

Our 8 Favorite Hooked on Phonics Commercials

We’ve decided is the perfect time to look back on all of those commercials and discuss the best ones. There were plenty of great ones to choose from!

Our favorite Hooked on Phonics commercials include the one featuring Jessica, a character that became “hooked” on Hooked on Phonics, and the 2014 ad that introduced the Hooked on Phonics app.

But stick around to find out the rest of our favorite Hooked on Phonics commercials, coming up next in the sections below.

When You’re Hooked on Phonics…

Our top-ranked Hooked on Phonics commercial is, hands-down, the newest one they released in 2022. This commercial is a fun and humorous twist on the typical family intervention where a young child is being confronted by her concerned parents who think she has become too “hooked” on Hooked on Phonics.

While the child demonstrates her mastery of the English language and even quotes Nietzsche, her astonished parents go on to detail how Hooked on Phonics has helped millions of kids, only costs $1 for the first month, and the new Hooked on Spelling comes with your subscription.

Hooked on Phonics Commercial (2000)

It might not be the most modern commercial, but what this 2000s commercial surprisingly maintains is a sense of relatability. As you watch, you hear how young Jessica was struggling with her reading and how this affected both her as well as her mother. This demonstrates that Hooked on Phonics understands how difficult these situations can be for the whole family, not just the child themselves.

Still, the child is the main focus, which is why an important note they make here is how closely reading is connected to both a child’s grades as well as their eagerness to learn and self-confidence. Once Jessica’s reading started to improve, thanks to Hooked on Phonics, her confidence grew while her mother’s concern for her daughter’s education and happiness ebbed.  

Introducing the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read App (Read)

In 2014, Hooked on Phonics created this commercial, demonstrating how far their learning materials and methods have come since 1987.

It starts with a bit of nostalgia by depicting its first commercial on television and how, in those days, subscribers received several workbooks to help them improve their reading skills. Now, Hooked on Phonics has modernized with its complete online digital reading program, complete with activities, songs, and stories that making learning more engaging for kids.

Learn Why Jamie Loves Hooked on Phonics

Most people are more comfortable investing in a product after seeing that someone they know and trust or can relate to has used it first. One way Hooked on Phonics helps connect you with these people is through parent testimonial commercials like this one.

Jamie is like many parents today. She, too, remember Hooked on Phonics from her childhood and decided to give it a try. As an elementary school teacher, she knows how important it is for children to be engaged in order to learn, and she claims Hooked on Phonics does this well by “meeting the modern parent where they are” with their new digital apps.

Another important note that is made in this commercial is the fact that Jamie didn’t invest in Hooked on Phonics as a reaction after her children started struggling in school. Instead, she introduced it to them early in their education to ensure they were reading at the appropriate level or even at an advanced level, demonstrating that Hooked on Phonics is for all children, not just those who have fallen behind.

Hooked on Phonics- Learn to Read by Level

The last four commercials we want to discuss are going to be mentioned as a group here because they are essentially continuous of each other.

Hooked on Phonics provides materials based on your child’s reading level, and so it created individual commercials for each level.

In each of these commercials, you’ll see children of that particular age group using Hooked on Phonics materials with the help of their parents. Amy Kraft from Hooked on Phonics will then walk you through what these materials aim to teach a child of that level and why these methods and contents are most effective for ensuring your child stays engaged and enhances their learning.

You’ll also learn how, as a parent or teaching, you can use Hooked on Phonics’ materials to the fullest, so your child enjoys this learning experience without sacrificing its constructiveness.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering starting a Hooked on Phonics subscription, we highly recommend watching some of these commercials to learn more. Each will give you a brief synopsis of what the program can do for you and your child, how it is beneficial, and what it requires, financially, to receive.

We also invite you to visit Hooked on Phonics YouTube channel for more informative and entertaining commercials and its official website for more information.