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Top GPUs for 4K Gaming (Level Up Your Gaming Experience)

Top GPUs for 4K Gaming (Level Up Your Gaming Experience)

Technology is advancing fast, and it now means you can play games on ultra settings at 4K, complete with high framerates. To achieve that, you need a GPU with enough video ram to give you the power you need to level up your gaming experience. 

The GPU is the biggest decider in whether you can play games at 4K, so the rule of thumb is that a card with 8GB of video ram will allow you to play in 4K. You probably have some questions about which GPUs are the best for 4K. Don’t worry. We’ve rounded up some of the best below. 

NVIDIA 3080 Founders Edition

The NVIDIA 3080 Founders Edition is one of the newest GPUs on the market. It is so popular that there is a unique demand for it. It has some of the most coveted features in a GPU. Here are some of the features:

  • 10 GB Video Ram: This will allow for 4K gaming and be future-proof for years to come, meaning you can focus your time on which game you can play, not whether your GPU can run it. 
  • Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering: You might be familiar with these terms from the settings of your games. They allow you to make the image much sharper through a variety of techniques. 
  • DLSS Support: DLSS support is a newer feature, but in simple terms, it renders your game at a lower resolution then upscales it to the desired resolution, and it has been known to add a lot more frames and improve performance. 
  • Ray Tracing: Games are becoming more reliant on ray tracing to send the game’s look into the next generation. This is especially good for lighting effects, and with the 10 GB of video ram, you will have no issues. 
  • Run the latest games: You will be able to run the latest games at high framerates. 

ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3070

The ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3070 is another great GPU for 4K gaming that will allow you to play games with the latest features. Here are some details:

  • 8 GB Video Ram: This will enable you to play games at reasonable settings in 4K. 
  • IceStorm 2.0 Advanced Cooling: A surefire way to level up your gaming and keep the frame rates high is to have an excellent cooling solution. This card’s advanced cooling has garnered rave reviews because of the features. 
  • Lots of connections: With multiple display ports and HDMI ports, you will have peace of mind that all of your peripherals will be able to take advantage of the GPU. 
  • 8K Support: Many GPUs do not support 8K, but this one will allow you to dip your toes into it. 
  • VR Ready: If you want to play games on VR, this is the GPU for you. 

XFX Radeon RX 580 XXX Edition

The XFX Radeon 580 XXX Edition is another standout GPU with excellent results for 4K gaming. This particular model also gives a lot of bang for its buck because it comes in at a much lower price than the others on the list. It is still one of the best cards on the market. 

  • 8 GB Video Ram: This will allow you to play games in 4K at good settings with good framerates. 
  • XFX Double Dissipation Cooling Technology: This is another great way to cool the GPU and keep it chugging along through the most demanding titles. This also cools the memory. 
  • Radeon Chill: This allows you to change the power settings of the GPU to enable you to push it to the limit or keep it running at lower settings, but still with decent settings. 
  • VR Support: This device also supports VR, and AMD has some great features to help elevate your VR experience to new heights. 
  • Low Noise Inductors: PC games can be very loud because of all the components inside. This GPU is fitted with low noise inductors to allow you to spend less time worrying about the sound and more time gaming. 

Pick the Best GPU for Gaming in 4K

Playing games in 4K is excellent because it feels like you’re in the game. The technology continues to go from strength to strength, but when picking a GPU, you need to consider which features you want. 

Always check the minimum and recommended requirements for whichever games you will be playing. This will allow you to make sure the processor and ram installed in the PC will be able to keep up with the GPU. You don’t want to be bottlenecked by other components.