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Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming Without Graphics Card

Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming Without Graphics Card

PC gaming without a graphics card, or GPU, is becoming a challenge. Companies seek to make games that are usually on the cusp of what your standard computer will handle. This gave rise to the iGPU and gaming PC market, which caters to high-end games on the personal computer platform. Can you PC game without a graphics card?

Computer graphic cards are some of the most in-demand items in all of computing. However, they are made in Asia and could present a huge barrier to people looking to upgrade their pc to handle the high FPS rate of competitive games like Fortnite. Read on for the ultimate guide to pc gaming without a graphics card!

PC Gaming Without a Graphics Card

Gaming rigs are all the rage now. They come with catchy designs for the towers and bright lights for the inside of the cabinets. Unfortunately, these things look and perform like they have gigantic price tags. For the regular gamer, learning to run these same games on your standard home pc can be a bit of an uphill battle.

The most used games by teams and professional gamers have a threshold of around 4GB for graphics cards. That means you need at least that much ROM space on your card to run the games without significant issues like pixelation and crashing.

Strategies to Run Games Without a Graphics Card

Running games with the graphic card missing don’t mean that the games will work perfectly. The games are designed to run on specific machines that provide the best platform for the game to perform as designed. There are ways and hacks to make the games function, but you should expect that some of these solutions will only give you base functionality.

Clearing Temporary Files is a Fast Fix for GPU Problems

One of the best places to start when running a game with which you could have a processing problem is to clear the temporary files. These files are cookies and other things that eat up tiny bits of processing power. Little bits add up to big problems. Clearing the cache will free up space which means a higher probability of running the game program.

The bad news is that Intel users are often getting the lowest speed processors. The slower GPUs make the desktops more affordable and bring them into more homes. However, these processors could fail to run the program even after being cleared and might need an upgrade to make them work as required.

Replacing the GPU is Your Best Bet

As hard as they are to acquire, GPUs could be the only answer to your performance questions. Installing a new one will take a bit of work and computer building know-how. The extra slot for a graphics card will be directly next to the old one. You should check the rating for the card slots to ensure that you don’t have the wrong card.

Replacing is an extreme measure. You should know that there are other ways to get the performance that could require installing additional software. New software is much less of an invasion on the inside of your computer and can often produce the same results.

Computer Programs can Free Up Space and Memory.

One of the things you might not have thought about is installing a program to bypass your computer’s graphic settings. These programs work to increase memory while gaming and return your machine to standard settings when you finish. This creates just enough room to run the program but shouldn’t be expected to run flawlessly.

These programs can come with a wealth of spyware and malware. Some have well-established names and provide programs that work strictly to increase the performance of your graphics unit. Do your homework before selecting a random program that could further cripple your graphics processor.


There are several ways to run games on your pc with no graphics card. First, you should take the time and study the parameters of the games you want to run and the performance of your machine. Once you know the version you need, installing a program or freeing up some memory should get you in the game.

Be careful that other bits of spyware and malware aren’t infecting your system. These can sneak in with apps designed to increase performance and be a pain to remove. Read the fine print of the apps before downloading and ensure that you aren’t giving yourself more problems while trying to fix the main one.