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What Are the Rules of a Nerf War? We provide the complete guidelines

What Are the Rules of a Nerf War? We provide the complete guidelines
  • There are many different variations of Nerf Wars/games for you to play
  • Before starting any Nerf competition all players should be aware of the rules
  • Knowing and playing by the rules will get you invited to more Nerf battles
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Nerf wars can be a great source of fun for people of all ages. While participating in a nerf battle may sound as simple as point and shoot, there can be more rules for certain variations of a nerf war.

Before you and your friends go get trigger happy be sure to review the many different variations and rules you can choose from.

Nerf wars can take place between either two or more people. The number of people participating in a nerf war can limit what types of games you and your group are able to play.

Want to change up the game you and your friends play with your nerf guns? Keep on reading to learn about the many different versions of Nerf wars for you to play!

Death Match

Number of Players: 3+

Playing a death match is a great way to get every player warmed up and ready for the real fun to begin. There are a few different kinds of death matches you can use to get everyone ready to play!

Rapid Fire

The easiest version of a death match game is rapid fire.

In rapid fire you choose a neutral spawn point for all players, choose a length of time to play for, and then begin! When a player is a shot, they return to the spawn point and then immediately return to game play.

The only goal for a rapid fire match is to shoot as many players as possible. While it is not necessary, players can keep track of their score, but this match is best used as a fun warm-up to get everyone excited.


An elimination match works similar to the rapid shoot. The only difference is that in this version once you are shot, you do not respawn. Players who have been shot stay off to the side until the match is complete.

If needed you can set a time frame to play just in case the battle drags on. The goal in this match is to be the last player standing!

Capture the Flag

Number of Players: 4+

Capture the flag is an active and exciting nerf war variation to play.

Divide your group into two teams. Each team is given a flag to defend and a territory. Use a few markers to indicate where one team’s territory ends and the other’s begins.

When players cross into their opponent’s territory they become active targets. If a player is shot they return to their team’s spawn point and then return to play.

The first team to get the other team’s flag to their own base wins!


Number of Players: 5+

Zombies is one of the most popular Nerf war variations.

Before starting the match, randomly assign one to three players to be zombies (you can do so with a deck of playing cards). All the rest of the players are armed with nerf guns.

The goal is for the zombies to tag all the humans (changing them into zombies) or for the humans to eliminate all of the zombies.

This type of match several times changing up who is the zombies each time!

Protect the VIP

Number of Players: 6+

Protect the VIP is fun variation of a team Nerf war.

In this version, the group is divided into two teams (you can do three teams if the group is large enough). The two teams then chose a certain player to be their VIP.

The goal of this match is to then protect the VIP. The team whose VIP is last standing wins! Individual players can be eliminated as well and once they are hit they simply stand off to the side out of the way for the rest of the game play.

When the round begins VIPs are given a 15 to 30 second head start to either hide or move to a more advantageous point. After those 15 seconds are up the VIPs are then viable targets and can be eliminated.

Be sure to mark your VIP with a colored bandana or something so that all players can see the target!

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