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What is Blue Origin?

What is Blue Origin?

If you are interested in space exploration, you may have seen the name Blue Origin frequenting space-related headlines across the world. Even if you have heard of it, you may be wondering what this company is and what they do.

Blue Origin is a company that manufacturers aerospace equipment and specializes in spaceflight services. It is currently owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

As more and more private companies enter the space exploration industry, it is normal to want to keep track of the leading names that exist. Keep reading to learn more about Blue Origin’s history and what they currently do.

Image Via Blue Origin

The History of Blue Origin

Blue Origin was founded in the year 2000. Founder Jeff Bezos has always had a lifelong interest in space. The company was created to foster space exploration and promote the continued development of the aerospace industry.

The following are some significant dates in the history of Blue Origin:

  • 2005: Plans for the first spaceship construction were made public through the company website.
  • 2015: The first test flight of Blue Origin’s first spaceship, named the New Shepard, was held.
  • 2021: The company launched its first private astronaut mission on July 20.

Although Blue Origin is a fairly new company, it has seen a large amount of growth since 2015. With the launches of spacecraft in 2021, it has become a popular discussion point in the global news.

The Goals of Blue Origin

In the beginning, Blue Origin’s plans and goals were not widely publicized and were open to a great deal of public scrutiny. However, in recent years, transparency through the website and a growing public presence have led to the establishment of Blue Origin’s goals in the public sphere.

Lowering the Cost of Spaceflight

One of the driving forces behind the creation and growth of Blue Origin has been to make spaceflight more accessible and less expensive. Blue Origin believes that reducing the cost of space exploration will make it more attainable and thereby increase interest in discoveries in the solar system and beyond.

Developing Space Tourism

A key component of Blue Origin’s company model is enabling private citizens to travel to space. Blue Origin focuses on the potential of growing a new industry, termed “space tourism,” to generate revenue and interest in the aerospace industry and also enrich the economy. 

In its 2021 launches, Blue Origin sold flight tickets to private citizens. These tickets cost tens of millions of dollars per seat but were considered a pivotal moment in launching the space tourism industry.

Humanitarian and Developmental Interests

Blue Origin also cites an interest in benefiting the future of human civilization as a reason for the company’s founding.

In particular, the following goals are stated:

  • Finding new sources of energy and resources
  • Investing in exploration and expansion that will benefit the future of humanity
  • Developing reusable spacecraft that make space exploration more cost-effective and promoting the growth of the space exploration industry

Beyond this, Blue Origin has also promoted youth development initiatives that encourage young people to be interested in space exploration.

Workforce and Location of Blue Origin

Although Blue Origin is most known for its founder, Jeff Bezos, you may still be wondering about the ownership and structure of the company.

Workforce and Leadership

Blue Origin was founded by Bezos and is currently under the direction of CEO Bob Smith.

As of 2021, Blue Origin currently employs more than 2,500 people. These individuals work in various areas related to aerospace engineering, publicity, and more.


Blue Origin is officially based out of Kent, Washington, but they have a variety of locations around the United States, including the following:

  • A rocket test facility in Texas
  • An engine factory in Alabama
  • A rocket factory in Florida
  • Offices in Arlington, Virginia, and Los Angeles, California

As Blue Origin continues to expand, more locations both for manufacturing and administration may appear across the country and the world.


Blue Origin hires people in multiple sectors that span business and engineering. Open positions are listed on their website and are based in several Blue Origin locations across the United States.


As more private companies take an interest in space exploration, the future of space seems more relevant than it has for many years. Blue Origin is one central player in the renewed interest in the aerospace industry and promises to be a company to watch in the coming years as it continues to make developments in the ways humans interact with the universe.