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What is Chilisleep, the Company in Mooresville, NC?

What is Chilisleep, the Company in Mooresville, NC?

When it comes to sleep problems, many people are constantly looking for solutions that will help them sleep better. With research showing that humans get a better sleep when the temperature is a constant 65℉, it is not surprising that companies like Chilisleep are coming up with new technologies to combat sleep issues.

Chilisleep is a sleep system company. Their sleep systems take advantage of water-powered cooling technology, giving users better sleep overall. Chilisleep offers a variety of products for anyone that’s interested in experiencing cooler sleep and an overall more restful night.

To learn more about Chilisleep and what they offer their customers to help them sleep better, you first need to know how the company got started and what they offer their customers. Keep reading to discover more about the Chilisleep company.

How Did Chilisleep Get Started?

With the business of the world today, more and more people suffer from sleep-related problems than ever before. This is mostly because it is hard to slow down once you are moving so quickly.

Chilisleep was created by a couple in North Carolina who were tired of the sleeping problems that were causing them to be tired all the time. Frustrated with this pattern, they set out to create a system that would help people combat sleep issues.

After much research and trial and error, the North Carolina couple, along with others, were able to understand that temperature control was one of the main components of better sleep. This is because when your body stays at around 65℉, the body can relax better.

With their expertise and the additional experience of an uncle who previously invented the waterbed, they set out to create a company that is focused on developing sleep systems to help people. Operating under the parent company, Kyros, Inc., the couple has expanded and created more and more products.

Pros and Cons of the Chilisleep System

Like with most companies and products, the Chilisleep System has both advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering before you decide to purchase one. While there are some cons, it is important to ensure that you read both sides before making your decision.

The pros and cons of the Chilisleep System include what sizes the systems come in, shipping, payments, and more. Even though there are pros and cons, most people agree that the Chilisleep System is a great investment.

Some of the advantages of purchasing the Chilisleep System include having built-in temperature control, the ability to control the system on your smartphone, free shipping, and installment plans. It is important to understand that these are not the only advantages, and you should do your research to discover more.

Disadvantages of the Chilisleep System include not having sizes for single, twin, or full-sized beds and not having many reports of the negative side of the products. This tends to make consumers somewhat skeptical about purchasing if there is not enough information.

What Are the Most Common Chilisleep Products?

The Chilisleep System has a wide variety of products that you can choose from depending on your personal preferences. This means that whether you have limited or unlimited space, you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

The most common Chilisleep products range from full systems to ChiliPads and blankets that help consumers get a better night’s sleep. Depending on your personal needs, you can typically find the right system for you.

Here are some of the most common Chilisleep products:

  • Ooler Sleep System
  • Cube Sleep System
  • Chilisleep ChiliPAD Sleep System
  • Chilisleep Chiliblanket

While these products are made by the same company, they are slightly different when you compare them. The full systems are designed to give consumers everything they need to sleep better at night.

The Chiliblanket is a weighted blanket that is also temperature-controlled to provide comfort even when you are lounging in the living room or somewhere else. The blanket is said to be the size of a throw that works perfectly for relaxing in front of the television.

Is the Chilisleep System Worth It?

Determining whether or not the Chilisleep System is worth it or not depends entirely on personal preference concerning several factors. In most cases, however, those who have used the Chilisleep System have boasted about the comfort they provide.

When it comes to the price of the Chilisleep system, many consumers do not like paying the expensive prices for the products. Although they are said to be great products, sometimes the price can be a deterrent for many.

The great thing about the Chilisleep company is that if you find paying the full price upfront difficult, they offer the opportunity to pay installment payments. Between that and the 90-night trial, it may be worth it to at least try it out.

If you struggle with sleeping challenges, then you may want to consider the Chilisleep System since they are proven to be effective. With the technologies and bonus of having warranties, you may want to give it a try.


Overall, the Chilisleep System was developed as a way to combat the effects of not getting enough sleep. Since the temperature has a direct impact on the ability to sleep well, then the Chilisleep System may be the perfect solution.