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What Is League of Legends PBE (Everything You Need to Know)

What Is League of Legends PBE (Everything You Need to Know)

If you’re new to League of Legends, you might have heard about PBE but don’t know what it is. Joining the PBE server can give you access to items in League of Legends you wouldn’t have the chance to use otherwise. 

League of Legends PBE is the public beta server for League of Legends that Riot Games uses to publicly beta-test new game content. Players can earn RP daily towards purchases in the PBE store while helping to improve the next round of League of Legends content before it officially drops. 

The PBE server for League of Legends operates similarly to the live server, but there are a few notable differences. Keep reading to learn more about League of Legends PBE and what it means for the players. 

League of Legends PBE is a Public Beta Server

In League of Legends, PBE stands for Public Beta Environment. Essentially, it’s a public beta testing server that allows players to access upcoming content early in exchange for their bug reports. While the quality of the PBE experience isn’t as polished as the experience in the live version of League of Legends, PBE players do have some advantages over live players. 

What Is the Purpose of the League of Legends PBE?

The main purpose of the League of Legends PBE is for Riot Games to have an environment where they can beta test the game. Beta testing allows game developers to test the game’s newest content against real users before releasing it to the general public. (Source: Product Plan)

By submitting bug reports or descriptions of errors in the software, PBE players give game developers the tools they need to go into the game’s code and fix any problems that might crop up during play. The League of Legends client has built-in bug reporting to make the process easier for players. (Source: League of Legends Support)

While Riot Games uses testers and quality assurance staff to go through the game and test it, a multiplayer live service game like League of Legends is better served by a public beta test. Public beta testing is a much more efficient way of gathering necessary bug data for such a large set of interconnected mechanics and systems. 

A large server full of players testing the software can collect far more data in a much shorter amount of time. Another practical advantage for the developer is that the game can be thoroughly tested at no cost to them. However, this requires the developer to offer players rewards for engaging in a less-than-optimal experience with the game. 

What is the Advantage of Using the PBE for Players? 

If the League of Legends PBE server is just a buggy League of Legends server, why would players want to engage with it? Luckily, Riot Games offers players several incentives for playing on the PBE server versus the live server. Here are just a few of the benefits that PBE players can enjoy: 

  • Level jump: All players on the League of Legends PBE start out at Level 30, allowing players to experience the bulk of what the game offers even if they haven’t advanced that far with their main on the live server. 
  • Automatic currency: Rather than grinding for cosmetics and loot, players on the PBE server are automatically allotted a certain amount of currency each day (3,000 RP). (Source: GFinity eSports) This gives players access to content without a serious time investment. 
  • Latest content: The PBE server offers players the newest features in League of Legends. 

PBE players may run into a bug or two while playing, but they get access to many exclusive features that make it well worth the effort to play a match or two on the PBE server each day. Just playing one match on the PBE server each day earns you 3,000 RP daily.  

Requirements for a PBE Account on League of Legends

To register for a PBE account on League of Legends, you have to have an account on the live League of Legends server that can be linked to it. There are also a few other requirements for you to be able to play on the PBE server (Source: Rift Herald): 

  • Honor 3: Players must be at Honor Level 3 to access the PBE server. This requirement generally means you need to be a frequent or long-term player to gain access. In addition, honor resets each season, so players have to re-earn their PBE access every season through live server play.  
  • Good standing: To access the PBE server, League of Legend players have to have a live server account without any current bans attached to it. Riot Games actively deters toxic players from the PBE server. 

League of Legends PBE Offers Unique Content

Since a League of Legends PBE account doesn’t cost anything, there’s nothing for players to lose by trying out the PBE server if they meet the requirements to access it. So while players might run into a bug or two while they test out the new features, they also get to try out skins and cosmetics they wouldn’t get the chance to try out otherwise.