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What Is Little America Wyoming? (And Why You Should Stop There)

What Is Little America Wyoming? (And Why You Should Stop There)

Are you on Interstate 80 and wondering what the Little America signs mean? Let us fill you in!

Little America is a small town in Wyoming close to Rock Springs. The town was designed to fulfill the purpose of a travel center for travelers on Interstate 80. It was made in the 1950s and given the name to carry on the legacy of the first settlers who thought America was the land of opportunities. Today it serves a huge cohort of travelers every day. 

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Little America, Wyoming

Little America is a town and travel center in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, United States. It is situated close to Rock Springs. The city is known for its large travel center, including a hotel, restaurant, gift shop, and other amenities. Little America is a spot for travelers en route Interstate 80 to stop and take a break. 

To better understand how small Little America, Wyoming is, here is an aerial view of the place: Little America Wyoming Aerial Footage

Why Is It Called Little America?

Let us give you a quick history lesson into why Little America has its name and the purpose of its creation. A wealthy businessman named Robert Earl Holding bought the land that is now Little America to create a modern and well-equipped travel center for people who travel on Interstate 80. 

It was designed and built to be a modern oasis in Wyoming’s vast and remote landscape. He also gave it this name, inspired by how the original settlers saw America as a new and promising land of opportunity. 

The development has a distinctive Americana style, featuring red, white, and blue color schemes and various amenities. This included a large gas station, a motel, a restaurant, and a gift shop, among other facilities. 

Today, Little America continues to be a popular stop for travelers on the highway, and its distinctive style has made it a cultural icon of American road travel.

How To Get To Little America, Wyoming

Little America is located at the junction of Interstate 80 and US Route 30, about 10 miles east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. It is only accessible by road; i.e., you should travel by car, bus, or truck. 

You can easily reach Little America by taking Interstate 80 or US Route 30. If you are coming from the west, you can take Interstate 80 and exit at the Little America exit. Likewise, if you are coming from the east, you can also take Interstate 80 and exit at the Little America exit. 

If you are traveling by bus, you must take advantage of this because most bus services that operate on this route choose to take a long break here during the journey. If you are on a tour bus, Little America can be the best place to stop and add to the tourist attractions you will see. 

Why Should I Stop At Little America, Wyoming?

Little America provides a wonderful balance between comfort, convenience, adequate facilities, and cultural experience. We do not see a reason that holds you back from visiting the place. Let us discuss why you should stop at Little America. 

Give Yourself A Comfortable Break

Breaks are essential when traveling, especially on a longer route. A few long and comfortable breaks are better than many short and rushed breaks. If you wish to achieve that, Little America will cater to your every need and ensure you leave the place refreshed. 


Little America is located at the junction of Interstate 80 and US Route 30, making it a convenient stop for travelers crossing Wyoming. Whether driving across the country or exploring the local area, Little America offers easy access to major highways and nearby attractions. 


Little America offers many amenities, including a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, and gas station. These amenities make it easy to refuel, rest, and refresh before continuing your journey. 

Scenic Views

While we agree that Interstate 80 provides panoramic, scenic views of the beautiful Wyoming landscape, nothing is better than stopping to sit and admire the views. This is where Little America comes in. 

Wherever you turn here, scenic views of the surrounding landscape will meet your eyes. If you have some extra time, you can explore and enjoy the local area more. 

Cultural Significance

Little America’s rich cultural history has been a popular stop for travelers since the 1950s. Moreover, if not for the amenities, visit the place just to be able to see the set of a show or a music video! 

The travel center is a cultural icon of American road travel and has been featured in popular culture, including the song “Little America” by REM and the television series “Longmire.” 

How Much Time Do I Need To Explore Little America, Wyoming, Completely?

The time that you spend in Little America depends heavily on the purpose of the visit, whether you are here to rest or if you are here to explore. 

Little America is primarily a travel center, and it has few attractions or activities that require significant time to explore. Therefore, visiting and exploring Little America in just a few hours is possible.

If you simply stop at Little America to refuel, rest, or grab a meal, you can easily do so in an hour or two. However, you have more time and want to stay and explore the local area. In that case, you can spend half a day visiting nearby attractions, such as Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area or Fossil Butte National Monument.

In conclusion, if you are simply passing through, a brief stop will suffice, but if you want to explore the local area or take advantage of the amenities at Little America, you may want to plan for a longer visit. 

Final Thoughts

If you stop at Little America, you will do yourself and your family a huge favor. A better spot for a break will not appear on Interstate 80. 

Featured image from: WyomingTribuneEagle