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What is the Average Age to Find Your Soulmate?

We have always been interested in whether there is any kind of soulmate for each of us? And if there is a soulmate, when is the right time for us to meet them? And finally most important, how to recognize our soulmate when we meet her? So I invested more than 40 hours to study this topic and decided to look for answers from some of famous authors who devoted their lives to study true love and whether soulmates exist.

So What is the Average Age to Find Your Soulmate? Each of us is different, so every life is unique. But according to the biggest research from over 10,000 men and women, the average women finds her life partner at the age of 25, while for men, they’re more likely to find their soulmate at 29.

As everyone’s life different, in terms of free time, obligations, and where we are moving, this gives us an answer that we can’t define the average age when one of us should find his own soulmate. But first of all, to find a soulmate, we need to know how to recognize it and even more, what really is a soulmate. Also, when we talk about true love, I wrote article that explains completely How Can You Recognize True Love.

What Really is a Soulmate?

Your life partner and soulmate do not have to be the same person. First of all, the relationship with your life partner are not as deep like as with your soulmate, and sometimes our life partner can also be our soulmate. People often mix soulmates with life partners. Because a related soulmate enters our lives to teach us and encourage us to be the best version of ourselves. A life partner is our companion to whom we trust and we depend on each other.

Seems like people sometimes make mistakes when they are crawling for a soulmate, and they are not really aware of what their life needs. The pursuit for soulmate is a desire for growth and development of consciousness and persistent search for a soulmate actually blocks the energy needed to find areal soulmate.

It is important to tap into the depths of yourself – to understand what we really want and need. Only then we can feel the real vibrations needed to attract our soulmate. And we need to be aware that we are changing through life and with that our needs are changing also. That’s another reason why we should always listen to our soul and what is needed at a certain moment.

How to Find a Soulmate ?

The conclusion is the following: soulmates exist, but the thing is that a soulmate will not come to you, but both of you must find yourself on the half way, and both of you have to pass your „thorny path“.

Reason why? Because we’re looking for soulmate in various places and looking for soulmate longer, we’re less hopeful we can find a soulmate. This quest exhausts us because it leads us into different life experiences, some of them very unpleasant. This quest in us is a great hope because it is based on great desires and every time we are disappointed, the hope more and more falls in us, our desire is losing more and more, and we become unhappy.

The recipe is:
If you want to find your soulmate to get something that will completely fill you- you will NEVER find it, you can only find what you ALREADY HAVE. With that you can only find what you WANT and you can GIVE to someone else. Love is first of all – GIVING, and after that only receiving. You can’t expect receiving quality, without giving quality. We always receive only what we give. In other words – most of us are ALWAYS with our ideal partners, but there is a little bit of us who are with our SOULMATES.  If you are now in a relationship and you’re not happy, look good at your partner because he is a reflection of you. He is a perfect example for you, because you learn about yourself through it.

Does Soulmates Always Stay Together ?

Relationships of soulmates are often not long-lasting. Seems like the divorce comes because the relationship was intense and because his role was fulfilled, the lessons needed were learned. Related souls can also be friends and relatives. Soulmates do not have to be loving or romantic partners. Nevertheless, above all you will always feel strong and energetic.

Many people spend the years in panic searching for a soulmate, so they do not even notice what they really need. When we look for a soulmate, we are actually looking for GROWTH and developing awareness, and constant focus on searching can also block energy and make it harder to get to it.

If you really want to associate with a soulmate, you first need to align yourself with your own soul. You need to find out who you are, to respect yourself and follow your heart. When you fill that, your vibrations will attract what you are looking for.

What are the Differences Between Life Partner and Soulmate?


• Feel a deep, spiritual connection with this person, as if you have known him for a long time. 
• Understand each other and have a similar way of thinking. 
• The relationship is emotional, challenging, and can awaken in you something that you did not know that exist.  
• There may be a huge change in you and your life when you first meet that person. 
• Relationship may not last forever, but love will always be present.

Life partner

• You are Attracted, both physically and with all the other values which are important to you both.  
• Learning from each other. You never get bored, you always have talk topics and entertainment activities.
• Agree as you are best friends, your relationship is not extreme. 
• Your ideas and beliefs are in line. 
• Feeling the need to marry this person and create a family.

5 Signs That Your Soulmate Will Appear Soon

When your soulmate is near you, your spirit feels its energy and this is 5 most common signals you will get:

1)Feel a Sudden Urge to Improve Yourself. If you feel the sudden urge to be attracted from inside and out, first of all this is probably a clear sign of inspiration that gives you the proximity of your soulmate is near you. Focus that you have is on personal development, because you feel you have to attract someone.

2)Begin to See Clearly Your Purpose in Life. The closeness of your soulmate makes you clearly see your life purpose. What looked like empty existence suddenly gets a meaningful direction. You will even more feel alive and excited.

3)Understand What you Want From Your Ideal Partner. You probably have an idea of your future relationship. You know all the details about how your ideal partner should look, how to talk, etc.

4)Opening to New Possibilities. Since you feel ready to welcome new love in your life, you are opening up opportunities to meet with new people. You often receive calls from family and friends.

5)After All, You Learn the Lessons That Have Brought Your Love Life. So far things certainly become clear and you no longer see the mistakes of your past relationships as something bad. Instead, you begin to see them as experiences from which you can draw lessons.

Related Questions

Do people believe in Soulmates? A very large research that was conducted in 2015 shows us a percentage of how many people believe in soulmates.

• 73% of people believe in soulmates 
• Women less believe in soulmates then men, and to find their soulmate in life (males: 74%, females: 71%) 
• 78% of people younger than 43 believe in soulmates, while only 69% over 45 don’t believe in soulmates.

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