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What Is The Best Permanent Makeup Pigment?

What Is The Best Permanent Makeup Pigment?

The best permanent makeup pigment depends on your skin tone and preference. Do you wish your makeup was perfect and stayed on for longer than a couple of hours? Then check out permanent makeup pigment or micro-pigmentation, and find out what the best types are below. 

What is the best permanent makeup pigment? There isn’t one “best” type of permanent makeup pigment, because colors vary from person to person based on preference and skin tone. Permanent pigmentation is a permanent makeup that can be applied to the face.

 You can have your eyebrows, eyelids, skin or lips enhanced with this method. Read below to find out more about permanent makeup. 

What Is Micro-pigmentation?

Permanent make-up (PMU) or micro-pigmentation is a method where mineral pigmentation is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. The eyebrows, lips or eyes are enhanced. Another name for it is cosmetic tattooing, however, this name is misleading since a tattoo artist does not perform these procedures. Nouveau Contour goes into great detail about this, check it out

The machine used for PMU is a digital device and 20 needle formations to choose from depending on what type of makeup is chosen. The pigments are put in these needles, which penetrates the skin and inserts the pigment. This method is what helps the pigment last longer. Nouveau Contour gives some great examples of devices and pigments they use here.

PMU can benefit both men and women. It can subtly or dramatically enhance facial features, depending on personal preference. It allows you to wear makeup in all settings without the worry of it smudging or wearing off. It also helps those who have a makeup allergy but still want the makeup look. 

Here are some examples of PMU: 

•Eyebrow hairstroke

•Eyebrow shading

•Lash liners


•Designer, smudgy and dual color eyeliners

•Lip liner

•Full lips

•Soft full lips with contrasting lip line

•Glossy lips


What Kind of Options Are There?

There are vast color options for whichever permanent make-up you would like to get. 

For skin tones, you can get multiple shades to match your skin tone. It would be best to consult a PMU technician to match your skin tone exactly so that it does not look obvious or out of place on your skin. Check out a pigment package that a technician could buy on Amazon

For eyebrows, there are also multiple shades you can choose. You can go dramatic or natural for shading as well as the thickness of the brow. A consultation with a PMU technician can help you choose the best for what look you’re going for. Check out an eyebrow package someone could buy on Amazon

For lips, you can choose a variety of lips colors. Whether you want a more natural color, or you want more poppable color, you can do either with permanent makeup. Again, consulting with a PMU technician will let you know what color works best for your image. Look at some of the lip colors on Amazon

For eyeshadow, you are also free to choose a variety of colors. You can go for more dramatic, eye-catching colors or rock the natural look. Talking with a PMU technician will help lead you in the right direction. Check out some colors and recommendations based on skin tone by Painful Pleasures

Who Can Get PMU?

You can get permanent make-up if you want to take the time back from putting on make-up. Or, if you want to smooth over a scar or birthmark. There really are a multitude of reasons to get it. 

If you are an athlete or someone who sweats a lot, or around a lot of water, permanent make-up takes the work out of looking your best at any moment. You won’t need to worry about your make-up smearing or staining your workout gear. 

If you’re someone who has trouble seeing or has poor motor abilities, permanent make-up can help. You won’t need to worry about how good your application looks, or hire someone to put your make-up on. It will help boost self-esteem as well as save time. 

If you have scarring or birthmarks that you want to be covered, permanent make-up can be the way to go. It can be a self-esteem boost as well as a confidence booster.  

Anyone who is healthy and not allergic to the pigments can get permanent make-up. It is recommended to wait a few days to get any kind of Botox or lift to allow time for the skin to heal from the make-up. 

Micro-pigmentation versus Makeup Tattoos

Cosmetic tattooing is also inserted less deeply and has a different composition than a traditional tattoo. The Costmetic tattooing goes through the dermal layer, while tattoos go through the dermis layer. The dermal layer is just under the top layer of skin, while the dermis layer is on the same level as nerves and blood vessels. 

The machines and techniques used are also different for PMU compared to traditional tattooing. A PMU technician goes through different schooling compared to a tattoo artist. Which means you would need to go to a PMU facility, and not get it done through a tattoo artist.

Testimonals also state that micro-pigmentation is not painful, like tattooing can be. Because the pigmentation is inserted in a lower skin layer than tattoos do, so it is also less painful. You may feel a light tickle as the procedure is happening, however it will never get to a painful level. 

Types of Micro-pigmentation

There are various types of PMU procedures that you can choose from. Whether it’s shapely eyebrows or scar correction, you can choose from a wide variety. It also works for a variety of colors and tones, so you can have a dramatic or more natural look. You can talk to a PMU technician to get recommendations and plan out your best look before committing. 


Eyes can be the windows to the soul, and one of the few things people first notice about you. So, you will naturally want to enhance those features. 

One of the options you can choose is various eyeliners for permanent makeup. You can choose any color that you prefer, or ask your PMU technician for suggestions. You can get eyeliner on your top lids, lower lids, or both. They will judge what color works best with your makeup as well as your skin tone.

Another option is eyeshadow via PMU. Similar to eyeliner, you can choose any color you prefer or ask for suggestions. You can go for a more natural look or a cat-eye for a more dramatic look. 

You can also add lash liners through PMU, which makes your lashes look naturally longer. It enhances your lashes, and by default your eyes, too. It is a more natural option if you don’t wear much makeup, but do want some enhancement. 

 Lastly, you can choose to enhance your eyebrows with permanent makeup. You have quite a lot of options for your eyebrows. Whether you want to add a couple of hairs or some shading, you can. You can also have your whole eyebrow pigmented on to enhance the shape and thickness. 


Full, sultry lips are often idolized in media and social networks. Plumping products, lipsticks, and surgeries are used to make them larger and eyecatching. PMU is another method that can be used to make your lips more enticing and fuller. 

Lip liners with PMU will trace the shape of your lips to enhance the shape. You can choose natural or dramatic colors depending on your preferences and skin tone. Your PMU technician can help you choose the best color based on your lifestyle and desired look. 

PMU can also give you fuller lips through color and shading. You can choose dramatic or natural colors, depending on your preferences and skin tones. This will decrease your need to wear lipstick and will have perfectly colored lips that won’t smudge. 


Permanent make-up can also be used on the skin. It can help even out skin tone or cover scar tissue. 

Scar tissue can be covered up or smoothed out with permanent makeup. Scars from acne marks or even cleft palate surgeries can be covered or smoothed over. It can also be used after breast augmentation to help make it look more natural. 

Foundation can also be put on the skin via permanent makeup. You will need to talk to a PMU technician to find the right color for your skin. Then they can put a light layer to even out your skin tone and give the appearance of wearing foundation. 


Permanent make-up is a good alternative if you are allergic to chemicals or minerals in regular make-up. PMU allows you to still wear make-up, and enjoy the benefits of it without the allergic reaction. 

Poor Vision 

PMU is also good for those who wear eyeglasses or have poor vision to put on make-up themselves. Instead of paying someone to put make-up on for you, or worrying about applying it poorly yourself, you can have it on at all times. 

Motor Issues 

Permanent make-up also helps those with motor issues, who may be unable to apply make-up themselves. This will give them a self-confidence boost knowing their make-up looks good and they don’t need to worry about applying it themselves. 

Who Can Perform PMU?

A PMU technician can perform permanent makeup and is specially trained to do so safely. Nouveau Contour is one of the academies that specialize and train in various PMU methods. Check out their website to learn more about their academy

The academy keeps classes small so that the technicians can be properly supervised and trained. The trainers guide students through extensive courses and practice rounds to guarantee they understand how it all works. 

Each course focuses on one method on one body part and the trainer helps students become proficient in that one method before teaching the next. There are VIP trainings also offered by specialists for more techniques. 

Check out some of the courses here

Where Can You Go To Get PMU?

You can go to a PMU technician through a physician’s office or specialty clinic. These places often have higher quality machines and pigments. They are most likely trained more proficiently as well. They will also cost more because of those qualifications. 

You can also go to a technician through a spa or salon that offers PMU services as well. They are a more cost-effective way to go about getting permanent make-up. Typically they will charge less or per hour rather than a flat rate. 

How to Set Up A PMU Treatment

First, you need to set up a consultation with a PMU technician. They will talk you through the options and find out what your preferences are. 

The PMU technician will talk through what colors and options would work best for you. Then, they will draw up what the options would look like on you. The technician will do this to ensure that you like how it looks and will be happy with the result. 

Once you feel that permanent make-up is for you, you can make an appointment for the treatment. The treatment will take 1-1 ½ hours, which includes:

  • Consultation
  • Drawing the shape
  • Choosing the colors
  • Pigment procedure

Is It Safe? 

The PMU method is safe and regulated by Health Authorities. Technicians are also specially trained before they are allowed to perform any procedures. This ensures that clients will be happy with the results, as well as safe. 

Nouveau Contour reported that they always sterilize their devices and sterilized needles are thrown away after each procedure. Testimonials also go over how safe the procedures were, as well as how informative the teachings were. Check them out! 

However, just like any surgery or procedure, there are risks. Since the skin layer on the face, eyes, and lips are thin, there is a chance the needles can go too deep and damage the skin. If it is being performed on the eyelids, it can cause irritation or pigment migration. 

Pigment migration is when the inserted pigment particles move to unwanted places, which cause blurring or bright spots. PMU International gives more detail to this point, check it out here. Migration can happen if: 

  • Poor quality pigments 
  • Defective devices
  • Poor technique 
  • Using dark black pigments 

How Soon Can You See Results? 

You can see optimal results about a week after the procedure. It will be much darker immediately after your procedure, and it will get softer with time. As the cells heal and regenerate, the makeup will fade into the desired color after 3-5 weeks. You will need to periodically get touch-ups done to keep the color. 

There is no post-procedure protocol unless instructed by the PMU technician. They may give you skin cream or other products to decrease the risk of irritation or bruising. You can wear make-up on top of the permanent makeup if desired. 

Another risk is dissatisfaction with the end result. Whether it’s a pigment change, irritation or just dislike of the color or style. You can get laser removal if you really don’t like it, but the make-up is intended to be permanent, so choose wisely. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

A procedure can cost between $200-$800 depending on the procedure. The doc shop gives more detail on the different costs, check it out. This cost covers the procedure as well as a follow-up appointment to guarantee that you are satisfied with the results. The cost goes up if you go through a physician’s office or specialized clinic, compared to a spa or salon. However, insurance can cover it if it is used for a scar after an accident or cancer treatment, 

Now, the cost may sound like a lot when you compare it to regular make-up. You should also take into account the amount of time you are saving by having permanent make-up. No need to re-apply after a couple of hours, or worry about it smearing or staining clothes or towels. 

You also won’t need to pay a make-up artist to come and apply make-up for special events or daily ones if you get it done professionally for work. 

How Long Does It Last?

Permanent make-up can last for 3-5 years. The Permanent Line goes into more detail about the timeline here. Some colors may not even fade for up to 10 years. Periodic touch-ups will keep the make-up looking like new for that duration. The colors can also be modified if you decide to change your look over time. 

The initial cost will be the most you will pay upfront. Touch-ups are cheaper and take less time. The technique and quality of the pigments will also affect how long the permanent make-up lasts. 

One of the biggest benefits of permanent make-up is that it lasts through variations of conditions. It stays on after getting wet, sweating, or wiped with make-up remover. It can also stay on through cold or heat, making it optimal for day or night. 


 Permanent make-up is an investment. It can be costly upfront, but cost-effective in the long run if you spend a lot of money on make-up. Or, it can help if you have allergies or have trouble putting on make-up. It can also be beneficial for covering up scars or reconstruction surgery scars. 

Make sure to schedule a consultation with a PMU technician to get the best look for you!

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